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The dimensions of hand Luggage on the plane - the size and weight, baggage rules

Between hand Luggage and baggage, who rents the passenger when boarding the plane, there is a big difference. If to understand it can save.

Requirements for hand Luggage

Hand Luggage is called the loadwith which the passenger comes on Board and does not hand in the Luggage compartment. Most often it is – a small bag.

The salon is allowed to take:

  1. The necessary medicines. Mainly they include only those that may be needed by the passenger during the flight. However, a person must submit to customs a certificate that he these medicines really required;
  2. Valuables – electronics, jewelry and documents. Moreover, they must be put in a bag so no one else got hold of these items;
  3. Baby food. Should be a sealed plastic container, the volume of which can be more than 100 milliliters;
  4. Safe liquid in the packaging. The volume should not exceed 100 milliliters. However, not all airlines are allowed to take on Board these liquids;
  5. Products from DutyFree. Store sells cigarettes, alcohol and several other goods.

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Not allowed to carry:

  • Prohibited liquid. Among them are gels, aerosols, soups, deodorants and more.
  • Food, if it is not from DutyFree;
  • Perishable products;
  • Meat and dairy products;
  • Funds for personal travel, for example, gyrometer;
  • Firearms and edged weapons;
  • Explosives.

Each airline individually determines the number of seats in the cabin. Mainly used one seat for Luggage. In first and business class you can carry hand Luggage in the quantity of two units.

When you travel with a small child in your hand Luggage , you can put:

  1. Diapers and disposable diapers;
  2. Milk, juice and water;
  3. A change of clothes;
  4. Several Cutlery;
  5. Wet wipes;
  6. Food;
  7. Trash bags.

The hand baggage allowance

Standards, the maximum size of hand Luggage can be no more than 1 meters 26 centimeters. In other words:

  • Length is 56 inches;
  • Height – 45 inches;
  • Width – 25 inches.

But some airline options are:

  • Length – 55 cm;
  • Height – 40 cm;
  • Width – 20 inches.

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Weight also depends on the specific carrier, and is from three to fifteen pounds. In addition, depends on the classin which the passenger flies. In business you can carry up to 7 kgand in economyup to 5 kg.

According to the rules of certain air carriers, the options of a bag or suitcase as carry-on baggage must not exceed 115 cm and weighing up to 12 pounds.

If the passenger travels with a child under the age of two years, he has the right for free transport Luggage up to ten pounds.

When weight is more than that of shift in his pockets. Dimensions for clothing is not provided. Because of such situations manufacturers produce jackets with lots of pockets. Some can fit more than 10 pounds.

Light bags, and also clothes are usually put on the shelflocated above the passenger seat. Heavy Luggage can be neatly put on the floor. It is forbidden to put the stuff in the aisles, near the toilet or the exit. All bags must be kept next to him.

For international flights provide for certain rules of transportation of hand Luggage.

The passenger at registration of the ticket have to present all the Luggage for weighing. The exception are items that are required the person in the cabin. This includes:

  1. Briefcases and handbags;
  2. Floral bouquets;
  3. Laptops;
  4. Cameras and camcorders;
  5. Mobile phones;
  6. Books and other printed publications;
  7. Kids costumes;
  8. Clothes.

In order to ensure the safety of flights, on international flights is limitedthe number of needed items.

For many passengers is also important, how many places are allowed to take and what size manual Cadi should be.

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As hand Luggage is permitted to carry:

  • In economy class – lots of things to seven pounds, are in the place of one.
  • In business class – lots of things are also up to seven pounds, and occupied seats two.

On domestic flights, the requirements are practically the same, but there are some differences:

  1. Size limit – 50h45h20 centimeters;
  2. Maximum weight up to five pounds.

Rules of transportation of things

There are certain rules for the carriage of products on the plane in hand Luggage. The problem is that a number of airlines does not provide free meals. Therefore, it is allowed to carry on Board sandwiches or Packed Lunches.

The company does not forbid to take:

  • Fruits;
  • Nuts;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Bars;
  • Chocolates;
  • Crackers;
  • Gum;
  • Lollipops;
  • Sliced bread;
  • Vegetables.

For children up to 2 years , you can carry any liquids and food.

For older you can put in your bag:

  1. Baby food;
  2. A variety of drinks;
  3. Milk formula;
  4. Cookies.

Rules of transportation of liquids in hand Luggage:

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  • On the aircraft are resolved aerosols, liquid and different gels, the volume of which is not more than one hundred milliliters;
  • Per passenger provides only 1 liter of fluid;
  • Each receptacle must be Packed in a transparent package.

In the duty free shop for sale to tourists product restrictions does not exist. But this does not mean that you can buy what you want. Mostly the problems start in a new country, in which the passenger resides.

In Russia or Ukraine are allowed to carry up to two blocks of cigarettes and up to two liters of alcoholic beverages.

For interchange and connecting flights, the situation is somewhat different. Each passenger is only one security control. Therefore, the production of DutyFree becomes personal belongings, which include specific dimensions and weight. In addition, these products are Packed in special bags, and stored receipt.

Separately should be said about the transport of electronic equipment. Taking only hand Luggage for three reasons:

  1. Fragility;
  2. A fire hazard;
  3. High price.

For example, the notebook view, how to put it in your hand Luggage:

  • The bag should fold out "butterfly";
  • The laptop is in one piece put;
  • In another part there are other accessories mouse, power cord, etc.

Going on a trip? Use the form ticket search. You need to enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Tips for saving space

If the passenger in hand Luggage not enough space, then there are some tips that can save:

  • Wear things with large number of pockets. It is possible to allocate items that do not fit in the bag but put them in a suitcase is not possible for some reason. For example, in the pockets you can store expensive equipment or important documents;
  • Many laptops possess impressive size and occupy much space. The problem is solved – take a journey tablet. Modern gadgets are not inferior in power to the computers.
  • When you choose a bag, let's see, does it have interior pockets. Due to this free space will be used much more efficiently. The bag should be no heavy elements and iron straps, as they increase the weight of hand Luggage.

  • Do not take in the plane a perfume or toiletries. They will take the already limited space. It is best to buy them after landing in local stores. Do not make purchases at the airport, as it prices will be much higher for the same products.
  • A few days before the flight, carefully checkthat you put in the bag. If there are some items without which you can do that boldly and ruthlessly get rid of them. Be sure to make on paper a list of things.
  • Use external straps on the bag.
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  • Can't imagine my life without books and put a few favorite bag? It is recommended to put them back and upload the necessary literature in e-book or smartphone.
  • Never do not put clothes in your hand Luggage. The most practical solution is to roll it. So it will take much less space.
  • Not worth it to abuse the low-cost airlines. Unlike other companies, on such flights, even for your hand Luggage most often need to pay extra. You can carry only a backpack and a handbag.

Examine in detail the proposed information and use it when you need to collect your hand baggage. Also, be sure to read the requirementswhich are put forward specific airline. From them you learn that you can take and what is forbidden.

I advise you to watch the movie, where the reservation agent airline responded to questions about the rules of carry-on baggage: