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The best places in the aircraft where it is most convenient and what are the most safe?

Samoe bezopasnoe mesto v samolete

According to statistics, aerophobia (fear of flying on airplanes) affects about 30% of the adult population. This fear is caused by fear of heights, in the air crash, hijacking terrorists, etc.

But, nevertheless, air transport is the safest. The chance that the flight could end in sad consequences – about 1 in several million.

The best seats on the plane

luchshie sidenya na bortu

If you are afraid of flying, but you have to travel by air, do not panic. Safe and comfortable accommodation in the cabin will bring your concerns to a minimum.

Which chair is more comfortable?

About choosing seats on the plane, care should be taken before booking.

The majority of passengers preferred the front seat. Here you can snuggle, recline the seat and stretch your legs without disturbing other passengers. No wonder many of the flights of the first class located at front.

In addition, toilets and staff quarters are in the back. This means that during the flight no one will disturb you.

Throughout the interior space from the inside are among the most comfortable. You can easily look at the clouds outside the window and almost no contact with other passengers.

So, the most comfortable are the places:

  1. In the bow of the liner;
  2. Near Windows.

How to choose a place?

  • Before the flight, check the technical peculiarities of the liner, the arrangement of the seats. This information is in open access on sites of the airlines.
  • When booking places be guided not only by considerations of security, but also the duration of the flight. After hours of flights by foreign liner (they are considered the most reliable) is better to buy a place in the front. Especially for tall and large passengers.

To book tickets, you can use this search form. Complete the information about the cities of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

The safest place

Despite the fact that the planes of the transport, people still try to further protect yourself and loved ones.

Where the most reliable?

kakie kresla nadezhnee?

Those who is afraid to fly and ready for security to risk your own comfort, we recommend you to choose a place that is located in the tail section. Despite the proximity to the toilet and office areas, these places are the most safe.

The majority of accidents occur during takeoff or landing of the liner. And since the main blow falls on the nose, the rear passengers more chances to avoid injury and to save his life.

If you want to insure yourself in flight, notice of the place, located next to the emergency exit. Passengers seated here will be evacuated first.

Where are the most dangerous to fly?

Despite the obvious convenience, front seats are not considered safe. In the event of an emergency, the brunt falls on the nose of the aircraft.

According to statistics, the most dangerous are considered to be the place in the middle of the cabin. They are located in the vicinity of aircraft wings where the fuel tanks. When ignited, the middle liner is the first victim. Fortunately, such situations happen very rarely.

Travel tips

  • If you are flying with young children, try to sit in the front. In the aircraft of foreign airlines here is the attachment for carry cots and prams. From these considerations, the passengers without children recommend occupying the rear seats. The door to the restless baby contributes little to a comfortable flight.
  • If you are planning to actively move around the cabin (for example, when you sit away from your company), it's best to take a seat at the window, and to get closer to the doorso as not to disturb fellow travelers.
  • Remember that on Boardthe plane you are in complete safety. Chances to get into a crash you are much less than to be in an emergency situation in the car, on the train or on the ship.

We wish you a pleasant flight!

See video advice about choosing a convenient place in the aircraft: