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The biggest aquariums in the world, the best in Europe and the largest in Russia

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If you always dreamed about sea travel, I love popular science films about the underwater world and is fascinated by the beauty of the aquarium, it's time to go to the aquarium. The world's largest pieces of ocean on land located around the world.

The largest aquariums in the world

In order to "touch" the ocean depths, you won't even have to swim with scuba diving: just come in designated for the inhabitants of the place, pay for a ticket and get a portion of the full relaxation.

Aquariums, which are true masterpieces of design and engineering around the world.

So that in whatever part of the planet you go to rest, you almost always have the opportunity to look into this amazing place.

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S. E. A. Aquarium

S.E.A.Aquarium v Singapure

This aquarium, located in Singapore is considered to be the largest on the planet, as it contains as much as 45 million litres of sea water.

It is home to more than 100 thousand marine animals belonging to over 800 species.

The facility is equipped with 10 zones to stay for a variety of fish, reptiles, molluscs, rays, etc. the aquarium is divided into 49 areas, each of which accurately reproduces the habitat for a particular sea.

Downtown aquarium is the largest and simulates the open ocean, giving the visitors the impression of space thanks to the huge panorama panel of a height > 8 m and a width of over 30 m. as soon As you get here, you will feel that you are again on the seabed. At the aquarium you will meet:

  • Rolevye rays;
  • Crab-spiders of Japan;
  • Bottlenose dolphins;
  • Bronze fish-hammer;
  • Amazing view of Nautilus Pompilius.

The aquariums are located here in the floor, ceiling and even in the form of a column, leaving a few floors up.

The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium v SSHA

This is the largest aquarium in the Western hemisphere, is located in USA (Atlanta). It is divided into five thematic areas:

  1. Southern Company River Scout. The aquarium, which is inhabited by the inhabitants of rivers and lakes of the North American continent, is located on the ceiling so you can appreciate the amazing view. Here his victims await piranha and electric fish;
  2. Tropical Diver. It is the largest aquarium centre, where fish in two oceans, the Pacific and the Indian: lobsters, shrimp, seahorses, lionfish, jellyfish, and others;
  3. The place will definitely leave you with a large amount of water – more than 600 cubic meters and a huge coral reef.

  4. AT&T Dolphin Tales. The aquarium covers an area of about 7 thousand cubic meters. It lives about two dozen bottlenose dolphins, occasionally showing the audience a colorful show;
  5. Ocean Voyager. It is the largest gallery of the Oceanarium, which contains over 20 thousand cubic meters of water. Having visited it, you will get acquainted closer with the species on the Mesoamerican barrier reef;
  6. Georgia Pacific Cold Water Quest. This aquarium is home to mostly sea creatures that live in the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Dubai Aquarium&Discovery Centre

In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, is one of the largest aquariums in the world. It is located in the shopping center "Dubai Mall" and looks like a full-fledged three-storey building with a total length of 50 m.

src="/tour/images/542-3.jpg" alt="Dubai Aquarium&Discovery Centre in the UAE"/>

There are more than 30 thousand of sea animals and fishes, and the center of the aquarium is laid a spectacular tunnelthrough which you can feel on the bottom of the ocean and admire the passing in close proximity to you sharks or stingrays.

And in the aquarium live fish of hundreds of species, crabs, octopuses. Extreme sports lovers can swim with sharks or go on an exciting water walk around in the boat with a transparent bottom.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium SOA

The house is located sea and ocean inhabitants in China, Shanghai. This aquarium is famous for its underwater glass tunnel with a length of 155 m and a volume of more than 20 thousand cubic meters.

Everything here is home to approximately 15 thousand inhabitants 300 species, including such rare specieslike seahorse, the ragpicker, Emperor penguin, frog-dendrobates, sponges, jellyfish original and many others.

The aquarium is divided into themed areas dedicated to the inhabitants of the underwater world in Southeast Asia, China, Africa, Australia, South America, Antarctica, the ocean depths, etc.

Area "Deep ocean" is located in the basement: once you get down there on the escalator, you will have a complete illusion of getting to the bottom of the ocean where you will swim schools of fish, rays and sharks.

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Amazing Oriental ocean wonder is a four-storey giant aquarium in Japan, home to tropical sharks, fish, reef creatures and sea depths. Just to review here are more than 70 aquariums, together with approximately 10 thousand cubic meters of water. The salt water here is pumped from special wells, located from the coast at a distance of more than 300 m.

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium v YAponii

Downtown aquarium is filled with more than 7 thousands of cubic meters of water. Its decoration is a predatory whale sharks and manta rays. In a dedicated pool to several inhabitants – turtles, large fish – it is possible to touch hands.

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Sydney aquarium

It is mainly dedicated to the life of inhabitants of sea and ocean depths near the coast of Australia. Downtown aquarium complex produces a majestic impression due to the large size and special tunnel that allows you to imagine all the nuances of underwater life.

akvarium v Sidnee

There are several thematic exhibitions:

  • "Open ocean", is almost completely dedicated to toothy sharks;
  • "The abode of seals"where the lazy life of these animals you can watch from the observation deck;
  • "The southern ocean" area, acquainting with the environment of the penguins;
  • "Great barrier reef" exhibit to discover the inhabitants of the underwater caves on coral reefs.

Where are the largest complexes in Europe?

The most significant European aquariums focused on the South-West of the continent, in Spain and Portugal, so if you are going on tour in these places, be sure to take the time to look into them.


The aquarium is located in the Eastern part of Valencia, in Spain, and has about 45 thousand inhabitants, located on the territory more than 100 thousand km2. It is inhabited by reptiles, fish, mammals, birds, invertebrates from almost all seas and oceans of the world, who live in 9 aquariums unique shape of the towers.

Each tower includes two levels, representing specific underwater Earth's ecosystems.

L’Oceanografic v Valensii

It is home to seals, walruses, Beluga whales, playful dolphins and substantial penguins. In 10 thematic areas presented the flora and fauna of the red sea, tropical seas and seas of the temperate climate bands, Arctic, Mediterranean. Also, tourists can visit the Dolphinarium to visit the exotic garden or the mangrove jungle, simulating a marshland.

Oceanario de Lisboa

This aquarium is the second largest on the planet and is located in Portugal. It is divided into four themed areas dedicated to each of the oceans of the Earth. Here you will meet waterfowl Severoitalyansky, including sea-parrots, penguins, Pacific sea otters of the rainforest of the coast of the Indian ocean.

To see the downtown aquarium, go to the underground floor. It is designed as a large cube, passing through both floors of the building, where at arm's length from you will be to swim the fish-moons, sharks, rays,jellyfish, seahorses. Children will enjoy interactive educational exhibits.

L'aquarium de Barcelona

This is the aquarium in Barcelona, Spain. It is home to more than 11 thousand inhabitants of the underwater depths belonging to almost 500 species. 35 aquariums of various sizes, which are thematic exhibitions, swimming, tropical fish, fish freshwater, deep sea fish, etc.

Downtown aquarium is a huge glass tube with a length of 80 m, at movement on which visitors can see floating deep sea creatures from above and below.

For children, there is an interactive exhibition and educational programs include diving.

Best artificial oceans and seas of Russia

Russia also does not lag behind its Western neighbours: here, lovers of the ocean beauty also will find where to go to admire the beauty of the ocean floor.

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium v Adlere

This aquarium is located in the Adler district of Sochi. Its decoration is considered to be a gigantic ocean bowl, made in the form of a beautiful coral reef and with a capacity of 80 tons of water. Around it are seven large aquariums with the inhabitants of the seas, two freshwater fish and one unique ecosystem with a coral reef.

The pride of the aquarium are the true sharks, rays, various types and a huge variety of fish.


The Oceanarium in Moscow, located in the shopping center on the Dmitrov highway. It is divided into several zones:

  1. The Arctic areainhabited by Kamchatka crabs and penguins;
  2. African area, where you will meet with cichlids and tropical reef fish: shrimps, sea urchins and stars, sea anemones, corals, koi fish;
  3. Area of the Amazon with catfish, arapaimas, sting rays, dangerous black pack.

Three acrylic tunnels inhabited by large marine predators: sharks, eels, sea rays and turtles and many other sea and ocean inhabitants. Arranged, feeding sharks and performances by sea lions.

Aquarium Of Saint-Petersburg

It includes 48 aquariums, which is home to over 150 species of fish, marine mammals and invertebrates that live in fresh and salt waters. Work here thematic exhibitions "Freshwater fish of North-West", "Rocky coasts", "Tropical rainforest", "Coral reef". Regular live shows with sharks and seals.

Recommend you watch a video of one of the largest aquariums in the world: