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The most unusual, amazing and interesting places on Earth - photos

samye neobychnye mesta na Zemle

Vacation. What could be better than that word. Sea, sun, sand, tanned people around and a bar at arm's length.

No? From the buffet dial scales produces unsightly numbers, and if the animators spend the night in a police station does not seem such a bad idea? Then offer to review amazing places, visiting which, you will say: “it was worth It!”.

The most unusual places on the planet - photos

Foto neobychnogo mesta - peshery Er Van Don

In the world a great many places where from the sight is breathtaking and I want to go back again and again.

The Cave Er Wang Dong

The cave is located in the Chinaprovince of Chongqing. One of the few places that you can advise people with claustrophobia. Here she is simply nowhere to take. The dimensions are staggering – an area of about 51 thousand square meters, and the length according to some cavers is 42 kilometers!

Size is not the only reason to visit here. Er Wang Dong has its own environmental system.

Actually it is a miniature planet that has its own rivers, lakes, vegetation and living organisms.

Separately want to note: to get into certain departments of the cave, you need to climb the rope or even swim under water. Don't forget to take scuba.

Skaftafell national Park

lednik v nacionalnom parke Skaftafetl

Although the country of eternal ice, Icelanditself is an unusual and amazing place, but the cave Skaftafell attracts even more attention from tourists. No wonder, because it is glacier Skaftafellsjokullthat being part of an even larger glacier, demonstrates people skills in creating ice sculptures.

Year after year, for centuries, the nature of the carefully layered strata of ice on top of each other, so that eventually they turned into what are now the magnificence of forms and the play of color and cool attraction. It should be noted that to partake of this masterpiece is better in the winteras in the summer the high risk of landslides of ice in some places. The land of Vikings doesn't forgive the arrogance.

Mountain Tanczy

Is situated the mountain in China, in the province of Sanci. Remain in China, but will climb a bit higher. At 1250 meters. At this altitude, is the highest point of this beautiful mountain. During cloudless weather, you will see up to 2,000 vertices. The main observation is the "platform of the Emperor" or "the platform of the son of God", which in China is the same.

You can get to it, a ride on the funicular and then walk along the local trails and enjoy the clean air and untouched nature. Fortunately the Chinese are doing so that it remained intact.


For those who are allergic to the cold, find a warm place - Turkmenistan. Darwaza, or “Gate of hell” has opened its doors to visitors in 1971, when a group of Soviet scientists engaged in the study of the local rocks.

During the drilling the ground collapsed, taking with him almost all the techniques of geologists.

Formed a large crater (60 m diameter and 20 deep).

In addition, out of the ground made it gas. Under a lot of pressure and spread very quickly, he was a danger to people. Gas, it was decided to set it on fire, burned. Still burns. A beautiful sight, especially at night. It is recommended to visit.

Cave fireflies

Vajtomo - peshera svetlyachkov

New Zealand is not only the place of shooting “Lord of the rings” and legalized prostitution, but also home to a large number of natural monuments. Waitomo - cave of the fireflies is one such monument.

Here, deep underground, 150 karstic caves, which were formed for twomillion years. But the main interest is not mineral rocks with their stalactites and stalagmites, exactly like the cave and its inhabitants. Specifically, arachnocampa luminosa, which roughly translates as “glowing fungus gnats”, and not the fireflies.

These mosquitoes are the only source of light in the cave. Thin, glowing lines contrast beautifully with the pitch darkness of the cave and leave an amazing impression. Being here, you need to be quiet, for the mosquitoes, afraid of loud noises, will cease to delight in its illumination.

On appeal of this place is well known to local residents and therefore there is everything that can be useful for tourists:

  1. Food;
  2. Bed;
  3. Excursions;
  4. A variety of activities.

One of the leisure activities is the rafting on the river cave. Of course, not free.

Speaking of which, New Zealand was an expensive country for tourists and for locals. Plan the budget in advance.

What other interesting places to travel?

Also wouldn't hurt to visit a couple of places in the world, about the strangeness of which you can argue, but in the awesomeness they can not refuse.

The sea of stars

More zvezd na Maldivah

To enjoy the beauty of nature, do not have to go underground or to conquer the mountain tops. Head to the Maldives!

Bioluminescence of planktonthat live in coastal waters, causes the sea to be painted in blue color, and so bright that it can be seen from the ISS. However, swimming on the large concentration of plankton not advise – it is toxic.

Enchanted well

Is located in Brazil. Actually it is not no well and a huge pondfilled with clear water, which only you can see.

The feature “well” in the fact that in certain light, which occurs for an hour or two before noon, you can see the smallest objects that dot the bottom. And this at a depth of 36 meters!

Do not try to swim or throw a coin for good luck, there may be problems with the authorities of Brazil.

Travel tips

Small advice for those who dare to journey:

  • Make sure that you have all the necessary documents (passport, visa, insurance);
  • Decide in advance where you will live and eat. Not all countries have upscale hotel near the place you want to visit, consider this in advance;
  • Always remember that you are in a foreign country. Especially in underdeveloped countries. For criminals, tourists are a good target. Not challenge, do not go on the outskirts and carry the money with you;
  • Bring medications. You will laugh, but many countries do not know what is activated charcoal and green paint. Instead, you will see the pharmacy drugs with the same action, but with extortionate prices. Not necessary to drag with itself a suitcase of the field surgeon, but aspirin won't hurt;
  • In advance, write down the necessary phone numbers of your Embassy in the host country, the police and ambulance. Besides, make sure that your account has sufficient funds. Roaming charges are often extremely expensive;
  • Brush up on the language of the countryin which to travel. No need to walk for two years to tutor and to pass exams on knowledge of the language, but it is better to know how to ask for help or to ask directions, because not everywhere people speak Russian;

  • Last, it's first - count your hand. The places mentioned above, are difficult and not always safe. Underground or on the kilometer altitude comfort in our usual sense is hardly possible. But those who are not afraid of difficulties, the nature of the grant resources.

See this video, what other amazing places to eat in the world: