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Planet Earth: the worst place in the world - photos, pics, and videos

samye strashnye mesta na Zemle

The world around us is full of secrets, mysteries, amazing and, at times, inexplicable things. Some of them are puzzling, others delight, others are shocking. But there are secret corners, trying to remember where chilling horror inevitably owns the souls of the brave travelers.

Top 10 most scary places in the world - photos with description

Few tourists dare to appear in such places, because they leave an indelible mark, be remembered for a lifetime.

Those brave souls who dared to visit them, call it the most extreme and fascinating form of tourism.

For these brave souls we have prepared Top 10: "darkest corners of the planet." Here you will see pictures of most of these places.

Steps to hell

Danakilskaya kotlovina - stupeni v preispodnuu

The so-called geologists Danakils basin, located on the Peninsula in the territory of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Here on a surface there is a ridge oceanic rift, causing all the nearby area is dotted with cracks and constantly moving, creating more than a hundred earthquakes a year. But the most famous attraction of the Peninsula is an active volcano, whose crater that descends down terraces, reminiscent of the ladder in the underworld.

Tourism in Danakils basin is almost impossible due to the same tectonic and turbulent political situation surrounding regions. However, the place became the object of massive scientific research – in addition to geologists, it is interesting to archeologists and anthropologists as the place of discovery of ancient remains of Australopithecus, which could be over 3 million years.

It is remarkable that a place with a similar name – "Descent to hell" or "Gates of hell" is in Turkmenistan. Gaping in the ground a hole with a diameter of more than 10 meters filled with dangerous gases, which half a century ago, it was decided to burn. The flames in the pit is still burning to this day.

Snow trap

Mount Washington in the North of the USA and can be deadly for the inexperienced and unwary visitors – it is famous for the strong winds on the planet, the speed of which may exceed 100 m/s. a considerable threat to the almost Arctic cold that reigns here most of the year. Gusts of wind fall asleep all around the feet of snow, any object instantly frosted over with prickly ice.

Near the top of the mountain, at an altitude of over 1.5 km above sea level, there is an operating station and adjoining buildings. Construction and equipment of a meteorological station was designed with enormous reserves of strength, and its doors and Windows are not inferior in their properties to many shelters.

To go to mount Washington dare only the most skilled climbers who have conquered more than a dozen peaks.

The forest of suicides

Japanese forest Aokigahara is famous for tourist routes, and the dark valley, covered by a mysterious fog in which people go to die. With the 50-ies of the last century, every year the forest is filled with the bodies of the Japanese who have decided voluntarily to leave here with their lives. Most often, people find themselves hanging from a gnarled black branches.

On the instructions of the local authorities everywhere in the forest have installed information boardsurging to remember:

  1. The priceless gift of life;
  2. The feelings of loved ones.

They also provided the phone numbers of the helpline, the specialists of which will do anything to dissuade people from suicide. And yet, year after year, a special search team discovers a new body.

Walk in a place hardly will bring pleasure, but tourism in the forest of Aokigahara – a phenomenon by no means rare. Nospecial restrictions on visiting forests no, but people sensitive or nervous it is better to abandon this idea.

Based on the king

On a small deserted island off the coast of Mexico was inhabited not so long ago, a strange hermit. In 2001, wave took his life, and the island was enveloped in a terrible, blood-curdling legend. The reason for that fascination with Mexican – he collected abandoned, mutilated dolls and hung them all over the borders of their possessions.

Crucified on trees and strung on yarn doll looks especially creepy in the twilight, kolyshev light gusts of wind. If you listen, they can disassemble the sad moans of those whose lives were carried away by the sea.

Every year the island attracts travelers. And hundreds of faded puppet like failures of their sockets.

Swamp ghosts

Manchak swamp in Louisiana (USA) – a truly worthy setting for a horror movie:

  • With centuries-old trees hanging down to the dull green ooze slime-covered vines;
  • From the marshy soil of sticking fragments of branches and trees;
  • Emerges from the water huge alligators;
  • Sometimes pop up human remains.

bolota prizrakov Manchak

Topi is wrested from the people the old cemetery. Walks a lot of legends about ghosts and restless souls, wandering over the Louisiana swamps.

Almost always hanging over them a thick musty fog, and it breaks out the mysterious dim lights.

Maybe these lights were the torches on the boats, where the locals carry greedy to thrill tourists, but perhaps something quite different.

Carthaginian sanctuary

In the once majestic building of the sanctuary of Tophet hard followers of the religion of ancient Carthage (now Tunisia) have made mass murder of children. Witness the ruins of tombs, funerary urns and altars, discovered here by archaeologists. Perhaps the murder was an attempt to appease the gods, perhaps – an act of cannibalism, generated by a cruel hunger. In any case, the energy of this place is monstrous and troubling for many meters to polioviruses of the walls of the crypt.

Dracula's Castle

Bran castle, located on the steep slopes of the Carpathians in Transylvania (Romania), in the XV century was known as the home of Vlad Tepes, whom the locals called count Dracula. A huge Gothic castle with narrow loopholes, powerful towers and impregnable walls almost admits sunlight, and the corridor can hear to the bone howling, and mysterious noises.

Zamok Drakuly

Believe it or not legends of the vampire to You, but cruelty and tyranny Tepes historians beyond doubt. It is believed that their enemies, the ruler of Transylvania were put live on the pointy Cola, propavshie their insides, and left to die in terrible agony. The road leading to the castle gate, and is now called "sharp Road stakes".

In and around the castle now has a well developed tourism industry, there's even founded a kind of cult of Dracula, turning it into a marketing character.

The Church of bones

The Church of All Saints is called the largest ossuary is located in Sedlec (Czech Republic). This Gothic Church is different from other finishing material in the interior of the Church used 40 thousand human skeletons. Everything from the colonnades and walls to coats of arms and chandeliers made of skulls and bones.

So master, restavriroval Church in 1870 year, dealt with the pile of decayed bodies that have been accumulating here for centuries.

Now the ossuary is open daily to the public and is popular with tourists. Many come here to think about the transience of human life and the role of religion in it.

Catacombs of the Capuchins

Catacombs of the Capuchins – a huge funeral complex, located in Palermo, Sicily (Italy). The catacombs are open to visitors and are popular among local people, visiting the graves of their ancestors, and the travelers.

The unprepared visitor to these halls is able to inspire true horror – of the niches in the walls it will look dried, embalmed, mummified body, sometimes looking like he was from another world.

Eight thousand corpses, mainly of aristocrats and the clergy are here. Many preserved clothes and skin, despite the fact that from the moment of their death have been dozens, if not hundreds of years.

Underground city of the dead

I think Paris is just the Eiffel tower, palaces and parks, museums and bistros, romantic summer nights href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/dostoprimechatelnosti-francii-foto-opisanie/">France? Alas, it is also the street, drenched with mud and blood violent confrontations and hardships of the past. And under these streets hidden something unknown, misunderstood until the end and frightening. But first a bit of history.

It all began in the X century, when what is now the outskirts of Paris, earned first quarry. It took another two centuries, and limestone, are mined in open pits, was not enough. Then it was dug the first tunnels. In the XIII-th century they added the wine cellar of the monks, complicating the already intricate system of tunnels.

As time went on, a maze of catacombs were growing and the city expanding, gradually crept on top of him. But these two worlds do not intersect, while in the XVIII century, the city cemetery, with the time millions of bodies, perepolneny so that the stone walls around them were no longer able to contain 10-meter layer of burials, and they fell down to the streets along with infections and stench.

Then the government and it was decided to move the bones in the long-deserted underground corridors.

Almost half a year the daily convoys took out a bone, disinfecting and stacked in the catacombs, at a depth of 17 meters. In the end, the maze of underground tunnels transformed into a crypt for nearly 6 million bodies.

No one alive today knows the exact location and length of moves, usually indicated values from 180 to 300 km. Nowhere is there a map or plan, and to tourists only available to a small section of ossuary a length of 2 km

Wandering alone in the Paris catacombs it is illegal and dangerous to life because of the risk of getting lost, drowning in the underground waters of the Seine, or to bring on himself the dilapidated masonry. As for the psychological component, there is hardly a more depressing place. The narrow corridors of the tomb in perpetual darkness and dampness, bones, and that hide dozens of hidden doors – that's why the city of the dead took first place in this list.

Ghost towns

Sometimes adverse conditions (natural, environmental, economic, political or social) lead to a drastic reduction of the population of the city or town. So there are Ghost towns that have preserved their architecture and infrastructure, but lost all or almost all residents. For most of the stay in such a place is very uncomfortable, but there are fans to wander through the abandoned streets. They are called stalkers.

The stalking has, though, and occupies an intermediate semi-legal status, but will appeal to lovers of peace and privacy, as well as those who love the mysterious and enigmatic place.

"Atoms for peace"

If we talk about places to stalkerstva in the first place recall the infamous Chernobyl and Pripyat. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant occurred on 26 April 1986, undermined the future of these cities. The unprecedented release of radioactive isotopes from the exploded 4th reactor resulted in serious contamination of surrounding areas and emergency evacuation of settlements.

mirnyj CHernobyl

In the first years after the accident, the Chernobyl and Pripyat attracted looters and lovers of extreme sports, but in the end most of them paid for their negligence with radiation sickness.

The level of background radiation in the near future will not fall enough to make the city habitable if not, then at least visited without risk to life.

To control illegal entry into the exclusion zone in Chernobyl created a special squad of emergencies of Ukraine, in the cities there are special units, exploring a contaminated area and continue to eliminate the consequences of accidents (erection of a new sarcophagus over the reactor, etc.)

Visiting Chernobyl is officially not banned, but think, is it worth the risk health. And be sure to get a dosimeter.

In the far North

Many abandoned towns and settlements are remarkable North Russia. The climate of the region is not conducive to human settlements development, so cities are built mainly in areas of minerals (coal, oil, etc.). Stocks eventually melted away, and with them melted away and the population. In the end, only left a huge Playground for stalkers.

Among the Northern Ghost towns of Russia, the most famous being:

  1. Between kolendo;
  2. Kadykchan.

On the verge of extinction

In Sunny Italy on the ledge of the lonely cliffs lies the town of Krako. This beautiful city was famous and flourished for 900 years, until the rock is not fractured, threatening him with destruction. In 1963, the last inhabitants left the city.

But the story of Krako is not over.

He was a great backdrop forfamous movies: "the light shines in the darkness", "the passion of the Christ", "quantum of solace", and many others.

gorod Krako na grani ischeznoveniya

The city is open to visitors, however tourists have warned that the presence there is dangerous, because the final destruction of the rocks can happen at any time.

Burning city

Centralia was a small mining town in Pennsylvania (USA) to an underground fire that broke out in 1962 while trying to burn deposits of debris. The fire spread to the superficial layers of coal, went deeper, and soon broke out of the abandoned mines beneath the city.

From the earth flowed carbon monoxide, the streets are blanketed with thick smoke. People complained about headaches, nausea, weakness, caused by a poisoning with products of burning. However, only 12 years later, in 1984, the government organized a mass migration of people. At the moment in the city there are only 7 people.

Centralia can be recommended as an object of tourism only experienced and responsible travellers. By the way, she's the more attractive that became the prototype of silent hill in the eponymous series of games and movies.

Advice to the seekers of horrors

Before heading towards our own fears, must:

  • Make sure that Your body will well cope with the physical and psychological load;
  • If necessary, to engage in physical preparation for the journey;
  • To learn more about the trip destination, to see the possible dangers and risks;
  • To study the culture of the peoplewith whom You should communicate, to learn basic words and rules of etiquette.

Our review of the terrifyingly interesting places completed. As you can see, regardless of origin, age and features of the object, the planet will always have something to surprise its inhabitants.

Watch a video about these and other horrible places of our planet: