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Alcohol in airplane Luggage: how much alcohol can I bring into Egypt?

skolko alkogolya mozhno provozit v samolete v bagazhe?

Flights – one of the most convenient types of transportation, allowing you to quickly reach any corner of the world.

Travelers are often interested in the question of whether to take alcohol and in what quantity. Some are taking it as a gift to relatives or business associates, others just want to relax during the flight and try an alcoholic beverage.

General rules of carriage

Obshie normy perevozok

There is a list of things not to bring on the plane, so before the flight, many questions arise: can I carry in plane, products of food, cosmetics, electronic equipment, alcoholic drinks, and more.

Transportation of alcoholic beverages in the Luggage during the flight will not cause you any difficulties on the territory of Russia, and during tourist or business trips abroad.

However, remember that in some countries (for example, in Saudi Arabia or UAE) the importation of beverages containing alcohol or who are the products of fermentation of the berries, is strictly prohibited.

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Can I bring alcohol in Luggage?

Transport by air can be a alcohol of almost any type: of beer and low alcohol drinks, cognac, vodka and similar spirits, however, it is important to be aware of the customs regulations of the country of destination. This will allow you to avoid confiscation of alcohol, penalty, or denial of admission to Board the plane.

Is it permissible to take hot in your hand Luggage?

Hand Luggage are things that you take with you into the cabin. It is possible to carry no more than 1 containers with alcohol gift type capacity up to 100ml. Alcohol must be in undamaged factory packaging, which is Packed in transparent plastic bag, fastened with a zipper.

Alcohol from the Duty Free

Passengers who bought a ticket on a direct flight and feel confident that the rules of the customs of the destination country allow the importation of alcohol is permitted before departure to buy alcoholic beverages in retail outlets Duty Free and take them with you into the cabin. However, the purchase be sure to pack in sealed package store, the integrity of which has been thoroughly checked by the representative of the customs service during passport control.

It is worth mentioning that if you fly out of the country, where there are no rules of the Schengen zone, with a stopover in a country included in it, you may encounter troubles.

For example, when the flight from Cape town to Oslo via Amsterdam, to bring vacuum-Packed in the zone duty free alcohol will be only freely from South Africa to Amsterdam. But in the Netherlands you will be asked to remove a bottle of your favorite drink from the cabin to the Luggage, because it is not purchased in the country of the Schengen zone.

On Board aircraft belonging to the U.S. airlines, you can only carry alcohol from the Duty-free shops located in the territory of that state.

Requirements for transportation in the Luggage compartment

pravila transportirovki v bagazhnom otdelenii

When buying a ticket on a plane it is important to pre-determine what amount of alcohol permitted inLuggage. These norms vary considerably for different countries. On international flights the amount of alcohol that is imported into the country is regulated by the customs legislation.

In the middle is usually allowed 1 litre of spirits and 2 liters of wine. However, for every corner of the world these numbers are individual.

Rules Russia

When flying in Russia all passengers over the age of 21 have the right to take unlimited amounts of alcohol, which strength does not exceed 24%. It can be:

  • Beer;
  • Wine;
  • Sake;
  • Braga;
  • Port;
  • Weak liquor.

It is permissible to pack in the Luggage and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of 24 to 70%, if you have already reached adulthood. But can carry not more than 5 litres of liqueur, vodka, tequila, mezcal, absinthe, whiskey, cognac, etc.

Import to Russia from abroad can alcohol of any strength total volume of 2 liters and This number can be increased up to 10 l, however, will have to pay a rather expensive customs duties. It comprises VAT (18 per cent of the total value of the goods, customs duties and excise tax), excise duty (determined by the type of alcoholic beverage) and duties (it is influenced by the type and strength of the drink).

How many liters can be transported to Egypt?

Those who want to relax in Egypt, can bring 2 liters of beer and 1 litre spirits. You need to show ID: the customs officers should make sure that you're over 21.

Allowed the transport plane and a larger amount of drink, but then be prepared for payment of excise duty by 100% and three percent tax.

To buy a plane ticket, please use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

What is the amount admissible to be imported to Turkey?

kakoe kolichestvo razresheno vvozit v Turciu?

When you travel in Turkey you will be able to bring in alcohol only if you have turned 18. According to the local law allowed on Board the aircraft of not more than 5 liters of alcoholic beverages. It can be five tanks with a volume of 1 liter or seven small bottles with a capacity of approximately 0.7.

What is the amount allowed to bring to Thailand?

Free of duty into the territory of exotic Thailand , you can only import not more than 1 liter of any alcohol. Periodically throughout the airport arranged for selective checksand the fine for trying to carry a greater volume of alcohol up to 1000 dollars. When selling air travel visitors are allowed to bring not more than 3 liters of strong drinks.

The laws of other countries

  1. On the territory of the United States duty-free import of high-strength alcohol volume of 1 L. However, to pack in the Luggage for the plane absinthe and other drinks, which included artemisia absinthium, is strictly prohibited.
  2. If you fly to countries of the European Union, the General rule is that your baggage on Board can be 16 liters of beer, or 4 liters of still wine, or 2 litres of alcohol with a strength up to 22% (for alcoholic beverages with greater fortress, this number is reduced to 1 liter). The same rules apply when flying on Cyprus or in the UK.
  3. Buying a plane ticket to Israel, put in the Luggage is not more than 1 liters of liquid high fortress or 2 liters of wine.
  4. The most stringent limits on duty-free import of alcohol in China: passengers of the aircraft at no extra charge can bring into the country not more than 1.5 liters of alcoholic beverages with a strength of more than 12%.

Useful tips

As the Luggage travels separately from you in the Luggage compartment, you can not control how carefully treated while loading and unloading.

Alcohol, which is traditionally sold in glass containers, must be packaged very carefully so as not to bring just the pieces.

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How to pack?

kak pravilno upakovat?

Seasoned travelers recommend the following methods, tested onpractice:

  • To purchase a small folding backpack, which is sold in all Duty free shops. It is perfect for containers of any shape that you can wrap newspaper or a towel for extra insurance;
  • Fold the alcohol inside the suitcase, tightly Packed with clothes that will serve as shock absorber in case of impact;
  • Place the bottles in plastic bags, tightly wrap the tape and gently shift the clothes;
  • Use for packaging special bubble wrap;
  • At the airport additionally ask staff to check your Luggage as fragile.

How to avoid trouble?

To avoid troubles associated with the carriage of alcohol on Board the aircraft, use the following tips:

  1. Always well-Packed alcoholic drinks, so they do not accidentally contaminate the other passengers or the seat on Board, if you take alcohol in carry-on baggage;
  2. Do not attempt to smuggle duty unpaid alcohol in quantities that exceed the acceptable norms of the country of arrival, and don't argue with customs if you get caught in it. Hardly the first hours after arrival you will want to hold the explanations with the officials in a loud voice;
  3. Do not attempt to carry into the cabin as carry-on alcohol with a volume of 100 ml. Even if you manage to fool the flight attendants, stay drunk on Board an aircraft can lead to serious problems, including heavy fines.

Drinking alcohol on Board

Most of the world's airlines have developed the following rule: drinking alcohol during the flight is strictly prohibited. Drunk man easily loses control of himself and is able to start to offend others and even put up a fight. And it is fraught with the emergency landing of the aircraft.

If you are not able to dispense hot, buy a ticket in those few airlines where 1-2 drinks available from the flight attendant.

Transportation of alcoholic beverages in the Luggage or hand baggage on Board the aircraft is possible in most cases. It is important to observe rules of carriage and rules of the customs legislation of the country where you go.

We recommend that you watch video instruction on how to properly pack glass bottles in the suitcase: