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How much money to take to Goa for 7,10,14 days and what money to take?

Skolko deneg brat na Goa na 7,10,14 dnej?

One of the most mysterious, magical and enchanting corners of our planet is India. And if you go to volume tour of the country, not many dare, as it is associated with the need to solve a lot of problems until appropriate vaccinations, there is a magical corner of India, where you can fly even with young children, as it is always glad to its guests, and this area of Goa. If you are concerned about how much money to take to Goa, the answer you'll find here.

Perhaps all those who at least once have been to Goa once and for all put my opinion of him. It can be negative as European exotics of Asia, the organization of the mode of life may be unacceptable.

However, with the same success, the situation may be reversed. And if you once penetrate Goa, love him with all my heart, he will give you a lot of new possibilities for achievements. No wonder many people come here every year to spend some time alone, find inspiration or just rethink your life.

As the sages say, India always gives people exactly what he expects from it.

And if you go here with clear thoughts, it will open their arms and give a lot of impressions, changing your life for the better. However, it's the lyrics. As for the practical side of the issue, then this will be discussed below.

What money to take to Goa and how much?

Despite the fact that it is common opinion that in Goa you should arrive at least a month to feel the whole atmosphere, yet not everyone can afford such a long trip for many reasons, one of which is time. And if you only have 7 days vacation, it is not a reason to cancel the trip to India.

Many people ask: what money to take to Goa? I recommend you take cash in dollars, which in exchange you can exchange for local currency - rupees.

Kakie dengi brat na Goa?

As a precaution, I always advise to take an international credit card, which is better to put separately from cash. She will be able to help you much in case of theft of money and other force majeure.

As for budget, it depends on many factors. First and foremost you need to decide if you will go within the packaged tour from the Agency, or independently. On the practical side of the question alone it is recommended to go to if you go for a long time. Short-term self-train may be just not beneficial, as Charter tickets are cheaper than regular. At the same place in the presence of the hotel to the calculation it is necessary to take food, activities and excursions.

So, for 7 days on food, you will need the amount from $ 20 to $ 100 per person. Naturally, you can meet and $ 5 if you bring your travel kit in the form of smoked sausage and a hot-water boiler. However, if you plan to eat in cafes and restaurants, 20-100 dollars is a real amount. 20 you will be able to afford a couple of fresh juice, the price of which varies from 1 to 3.e. soup, noodles with seafood, beer and grilled fish in the evening. However, this is a good beach Sheki.

If you go to an expensive restaurant, you will need to pay far more. 100.e. you can invest with such delicacies as lobster, crabs and prawns. In this case, food for 7 days per person will go from 140 to 700.e. A similar calculation can be made for 10-14 days.

Evening markets

If your budget is limited, there are plenty of ways to save on food. If you've been anywhere in Asia, for example, in Thailand, you probably know what makashnits. These are small mobile stalls where local people sell inexpensive snacks and meals. In Goa this type of food is not very common, but there is some similarity.

Near the major beaches, for example at the beginning of the main entrance of Calangute, you can find several trays, on which evening sell:

  • fried fish
  • chicken
  • crabs
  • bread
  • salad

Is this food quite inexpensive. Crab medium size chicken or ham will cost about 2.e. The food is quite tasty, and not spicy. However, many avoid these food experiments because it is actively eating local. However, remember that in Asia demand among local and is the main indicator of freshness.


Cafes for sale in coconut milk, however, it is usually two times more expensive than the same milk in the coconut sold on the street by enterprising Indians.

Conventional markets

If you come to Goa on a budget, would like to try the local delicacies, then you direct road to the market. A simple rule of his visit is to come early in the morning. It was at this time the fishermen bring the catch, and therefore you will safely be able to buy shrimp or only fish from the ocean. Its further fate depends on the type of your room. If you live in this, which has its own kitchenette, then there is no problems at all, and I can cook personally. If the room has no kitchen, you can ask to make you buy either in the hotel or incafe. It will cost a little money - not more than 200 rupees.

The market also stands to buy fresh fruit, because they will be cheaper than the stalls on the main streets. Be sure to try the Indian mango, and strawberries.


If you are well able to drive a bike, it is quite possible that you do not need to allocate all of the money on trips to explore all the major attractions of the state you can be yourself. Despite the fact that travel agencies strongly recommend the use of bikes, as it is quite dangerous to Asia, this type of movement is excellent, and Goa is no exception. Just remember that the rules of the road here, in principle, no, because your safety is entirely in your hands. Rent will cost 100 rupees a day.

If you don't want to risk so try another budget form of transportation – buses. They cost from $ 0.5 in one direction and ride across the state. This trip is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

A more comfortable option of transport – a taxi. Here the price depends on your ability to bargain.

You can also purchase an excursion. From the tour operator with whom you have come, the price will be very high. But here you also guarantee insurance.

2-3 times cheaper and you can go from local companies, many of whom work in the Russian language. They don't even have to specifically look for, because in the first your day at the beach, you are guaranteed to distribute a lot of leaflets these tours. The program will be the same as the tour operator depending on the space trip, but you will not get insurance. Trips on average cost at 50-300.e. of course, in 10-200.e. from local travel agencies.

The calculation of money needed in Goa, thus, can be produced from the above considerations. Oh, and don't forget about the Ayurvedic centers and yoga classes. Ladies will especially appreciate a variety of massage and treatments for body and hair. The Indian SPA is characterized by the use of a large number of natural oils.

As purchases should take the company's products Himalaya. All creams, shampoos, other cosmetics and dietary Supplements here are much cheaper than ours. Packaging of dietary Supplements is about 2 in.e. while we have 10.e.