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How much money to take to Egypt for 7,10,14 days and with what money?

Skolko deneg brat v Egipet na 7,10,14 dnej?

In what currency and how much money to take to Egypt for 7,10,14 days? How to exchange money in Egypt? All these questions disturb almost every tourist going on holiday in the glorious country of sun and pyramids. Regardless of whether You are going to spend all my time in clubs, bars, markets, or going to visit museums and just enjoy exploring the city – the whole stay in the country cost is not expensive. In comparison with the prices of goods and services in the most vivid tourist spots of the world, prices in Egypt are quite low. With the exception of Hurghada and the Sinai Peninsula – as in these places the prices of goods, services and entertainment is much higher.

The main step before the last stage of decision how much money to take on holiday, is complete and specific preparation of the desires of the tourist. That is, prior to their trip, people should really make a plan of his desires that he wants to have and do on vacation, what places to visit how often to visit:

  • tours
  • markets
  • bars and clubs
  • exhibitions and museums

Making a complete list, one can approximately calculate your consumption for the whole period of stay overall.

On average, one person eating on the program "all inclusive" for a week is sufficient 300-500 dollars. In EMU, the amount includes the purchase of 2-3 excursions, Souvenirs for loved ones and other small expenses.

Hoping all your future expenses on vacation, do not forget about including tip. Given the fact that alms are one of the integral parts of Islam, the majority of Egypt's population doesn't understand the reason of indignation of European tourists on this occasion. The fact that the level of financial provision for the families of many Egyptians is not very satisfactory, indicating the importance of tipping. Among the local population, such alms are called "baksheesh". For the whole period of stay given word will meet You often.

Bakshish payable to each man who done You any service. Whether a cleaner room, an ordinary passerby pointed the way or help to take things a Concierge will expect to receive a tip. Often the tip can be asked even in unexpected situations, without need of outside interference. With the purpose of in order in such situations to avoid any conflicts with the servants and would not to show any disrespect to their work – better pay but not much, usually enough for 1 dollar. As a rule, for solving such situations it is better to have some change.

The currency in which to borrow money to Egypt?

The national currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound.

Kakie dengi brat v Egipet

Many tourists, not knowing the law on the prohibition of import into the territory of Egypt the national currency of the given country, start your vacation in this country with unforeseen problems. To avoid data delays and trouble with the authorities, tourist police and other bodies the right to health – it is better to ask the question of available currencies for importation into this country.

So, what money to take to Egypt? In the first place – the attention of tourists is drawn to such currency as the dollar and the Euro. And no wonder, because they are in Vogue in Egypt in many institutions, in addition, they are fairly easy to exchange into the national currency of the country.

Exchange funds into the currency of Egypt is able to produce at the point of exchange immediately at the airport, you can also carry out this operation, and in one of the banks or other official institutions providing services to the exchange of funds (up by the reception of the hotel).

Walking through the streets of Cairo or other cities in the country, it is impossible not to notice the many illegal points of reception and currency exchange. Often the rate of exchange in such places looks quite attractive. But, despite this, to exchange in such institutions is strongly discouraged, as often happens exchange real money for fake. In such situations, not even who to ask for help, because the exchange was carried out in the illegal point of reception.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, it is best to exchange currency in reliable institutions.

Banks and exchange offices in Egypt, tend to work mainly on schedule – Tuesday-Wednesday 8.00-13.30, Thursday 8.00-12.30. In the process of exchange of funds in the Bank fee is not charged.

In the process of exchange of funds, it is better to move the principle, 70/30. That is, changing only a portion of their funds in local currency. To calculate this amount, either in percentage, or according to approximate calculations, taking into account that remained in the hands of cash a small dollar amount, say about enough for a stroll and food for 3-4 days.

This situation in terms of the exchange, will help to solve all the problems in terms of border crossing and visa fees, as well as in different payment plan tickets to visit places to stay.

Given the fact that in this country do not like to give change in the payment process of goods or services, it would be nice to have a constantly small amount of money in smaller currency. Thus, it is possible to avoid problems with payment, tip and own capital.

Bank cardEgypt

Kreditnye karty v Egipte

The acceptance of credit cards in Egypt is virtually in all shopping centers and other locations. Here in the provincial part of the country to use a foreign credit card becomes much more difficult as ATMs and cash registers reception of the electronic media here are much rarer.

And during the holidays in other countries, in Egypt available is the use of a variety of credit cards. To the map was available for use in Egypt, before making the trip to contact the Bank where you ordered your card and inform the Bank about a temporary departure from the territory of the country. Also during the conversation, you need to specify the country where you plan to go for a vacation, and ask to open access for use of the card in the country on holiday.

In addition to the Deposit withdrawal at ATMs of Egypt, it is also possible to exchange funds in any Bank. But, despite all of the convenience of such use ATMs, do not recommend at all to use ATMs during the holidays in Egypt, as is no secret to anyone that the country is one of the first in the field of different kinds of fraud with credit cards. So, this factor should be treated with caution.

Anyway, during a cash settlement even during normal walking should be more careful, as in the streets of Egyptian cities is a lot of professional fraudsters and unsurpassed mastery of street thieves. So, in order not to remain without money – it is better to be always on the alert.

While purchasing any goods or ordering services, you should pay attention not only to the quality of the goods or services provided, but also to be careful in terms of money, in order not to be, that You are not received the delivery or surrender was given fake bills. All disputes on this issue can only be resolved before leaving the scene, if You have not found the trick immediately, and then seek the truth and refund is unlikely.