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How much money to take to Greece for 7-10-14 days?

Skolko deneg brat v Greciu?

Coming holidays in Greece. Everything is ready, tickets are bought, the insurance policy is received, Packed and then there is the standard question: "and how much money to take to Greece for 7-10-14 days? Oh, to not spend too much and not saving constantly". To answer, the specific amount is impossible, but approximate cost can be calculated.

How much money is necessary for food in Greece?

With the beginning of the crisis, prices in Greece decreased quite significantly. Services of the restaurant industry and food products are now other money. For example, before, coffee to go cost of 1.2 to 2.5 Euro, today the price hovers around 1 Euro and below.

In the tourist areas eating will be the last to try not to reduce prices, and yet the downward trend for them is inevitable.

Lovers to eat meat in the tavern needs to fork out around 20 euros for two people (soft drinks, salad, a meat dish, and snack). The minimum cost, honey is both a fish tavern will be 30 euros.

Adhering to certain rules can save you money on food:

  • in the mountain tavernas is better to order the meat, and in coastal fish;
  • if yesterday was a storm or even a windy weather, do not order fish, most likely the fishermen are out at sea.

Particularly noteworthy is the Greek fast food restaurants – at the price are powerless against them, even the global network. For those who gave all to the last for the trip to Greece, and tries not to think about the pleasures of a visit to taverns, there are fast food chains – giradia and movlazadeh. Here, paying 2,5 Euro for at least half a day to forget about hunger.

How much money is necessary for car rental and petrol in Greece?

Going to Greece, they all want to get a lot of impressions of travel, in spite of all financial constraints.

For holders of international rights, there is a possibility to rent a car and travel on the Greek roads.

The cost of renting iron horse varies from 30 to 50 Euro/night depending on season. Moreover, the longer the rental period the cheaper. The only case disorders from the Greek rates expected at the gas station, about 2 euros per liter of gasoline.

The cost of excursions in Greece

Private guide service is EUR 100 per day. But, as a rule, it is at this point many tourists saving the the biggest expenses. How much money to take on trips to Greece - only you can decide, depending on the time that you spend in the country and the preferences of long and expensive tours or cheaper.