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How much money to take to UAE at 7,10,14 days and what?

Skolko deneg brat v OAE na 7,10,14 dnej?

A relatively young country, the United Arab Emirates attracts tourists with clean beaches, warm sea and well-developed infrastructure. It is considered that a holiday in the UAE is quite expensive, however, this misconception is easily dispelled. Short vacation in the country or a long stay may be available, the issue price depends on how much you are prepared to stay in the country. Many people do not have enough useful information for the proper preparation of travel budget. So the question is, how much money to take to UAE on 7, 10, 14 days, always current among tourists.

The upper threshold does not exist if you have the means is not limited to, the Emirates is the country where the money can be spent easily and tastefully. Stunning in their beauty entertainment and shopping centers famous all over the world. The range shopping malls can surprise even the most experienced lover of shopping, here love beautiful things and know how to sell them.

The country provides its citizens a very high standard of living due to the oil fields and they have developed certain traditions and preferences. For example, there is little in which country will you see such a number of luxury cars in everyday urban traffic. The luxury here has touched everything. This is one of those unique properties, which on its own makes the stay in the country unforgettable.

So, going on vacation in UAE how much money do I need to bring? What is the travel budget for a month? Try to understand the numbers.

All costs can be divided into several categories, it's easier to budget and focus on it:

  • accommodation
  • food
  • transport
  • entertainment
  • shopping

The local currency - Darama against the dollar for the past many years remains unchanged and is of 3.66 dirham per 1 us dollar. If you ask how much money to borrow in UAE, it is better to take the dollars that can be exchanged for local currency. Currency exchange I recommend watching this video:

How much does living in the Emirates?

Many travelers choose to purchase a packaged tour, which involves the payment at the hotel, food and transfer. In view of the fact that the competition is very high, such proposals often have a very attractive price, which when planning independent travel virtually unattainable.

The cost of accommodation may range from $ 50 for "burning" permits to several thousand dollars per room in a luxury hotel. Accommodation during the week in a hotel in the middle price category will cost about 1500 $ (215 $ * 7 days). In the price is included Breakfast.

Otel v OAE

In addition to traditional accommodation in the hotel voucher, you can book an apartment for your trip. Prices also can fluctuate from the $ 50 (but Breakfast is not included in the price) to several thousand dollars for a Villa or townhouse. For $ 50 it will likely be room in the apartment, which is quite far from the subway, 20 minutes walk at least, often hear the assurances of the owner of the room that is near a bus stop, but no illusions on this score. More likely will either walk to the metro or use a taxi.

The cost of a decent apartment of 100 square meters with kitchen and all necessary appliances will be approximately 2500-3000 dirham for two adults per day. Moreover, such variants are also often offered with the option of Breakfast included in the price. The guide will take the medium price category apartments, the cost of a weeks stay will be $ 2,100 ($300 for 7 days).

We considered two of the most common place to stay in the UAE, both of them are assumed as the benchmark average price category offers. The cost of the weekly stay ranges from 1500 to 2100 dollars. Accordingly, the cost of a longer stay, for example 14 days will be 3000 and 4200 dollars. The price may be lower, if it is a longer lease term, then it makes sense to look for apartments and discuss with the owner the possibility of a discount.

How much is food in the UAE?

The cost of food fluctuates greatly depending on the area of residence. In Dubai Marina you will not find cheap eateries and cafes, the cost for a full meal can range from a low of 20 dollars up to 100 and above dollars. At the same time in other areas, you can dine in fast food for 1.5 USD or network cheap cafe "Golden fork" (pictured), where a full dinner will cost $ 10.

Kakie dengi brat v OAE?

In case of rental apartments and self catering your budget will be modest, the products in the supermarkets and markets are not expensive, the cost of the food basket will vary solely on your taste preferences.

The cost of food on system "all inclusive" naturally the best, but often not the most comfortable. It is doubtful that arriving in a country with so much entertainment you will be continuously located in the hotelwaiting for Breakfast/lunch/dinner. Therefore, the most popular tourist destination offers "bed plus Breakfast". If you calculate some average value of the nutrition budget within 7 days for one person, this would amount to approximately $ 300. For two weeks, respectively - $ 600.

How much is the transport?

Before calculating the cost of transport you need to decide what mode of transport you prefer. You can use public transport - bus and metro, you can use taxi service or rent a car. For the cost, they are very different, cab money for a week should be about 40-50 dollars to rent a car per day will cost approximately $ 40. When you rent a car you will be asked to leave a Deposit, the amount depends on specific mark of the chosen car (500-1000 dollars).

Metro v Emiratah

Subway is the cheapest transportation and quite convenient, the cost of the trip varies from 2 to 7 dollars.

Buy the card at subway be prepared for the fact that the payment system is designed so that the amount per trip will be charged upon exit. When you enter the metro, the card information is read, and the output you hold the map again and the system calculates the final cost of your trip. In case funds is not enough - you can take the metro, so buy a card with a "margin". The average cost of transport services (metro, public transport and taxis) per week will be approximately $ 120.

What is the cost of entertainment?

Counting the cost of the entertainment we orientirueshsya solely on the cost of excursions. Average price of a tour is about $ 100, depending on what excursions to visit every day, very few people want, will take over the base amount for the calculation of four excursions per week, amounting to $ 400

All other forms of entertainment are very individual in nature, whether visiting:

  • nightlife
  • restaurants
  • entertainment centers

Given this, their value as an average value, is difficult to predict. Just add to the budget another 300 - 400 dollars a week, you will be what to do with them.

The cost of shopping

The matter of the cost of shopping in the United Arab Emirates very delicate. In the country you can buy almost everything and the most attractive for tourists is that prices in shopping centers is much lower than, for example, habitually high Russian. Many of the tourists go to UAE with the purpose to make a purchase. If we are talking just about buying Souvenirs - count $ 150, although this amount is very approximate, it all depends on your taste and preferences.

So, how much money to take to the Emirates? The answer to the question in average prices of we have tried to give you, of course, this is just a guideline. The final cost of your holiday depends on many parameters, including level of comfort, to which you are accustomed. Take a amount of a little more than a preliminary calculation shows that the UAE is a country in which to spend the money very nice!