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How much money to take to Vietnam for 7,10,14 days and with what money?

Skolko deneg brat vo Vetnam na 7,10,14 dnej?

When going on holiday, naturally wonder, how much money to take with them. The pearl of Asia, Vietnam and the rest of the East is a delicate matter. Not only do you need to correctly calculate its expenditure on sightseeing and restaurants in this wonderful country there's a lot to buy for yourself and your family at absolutely bargain prices. It would be foolish to miss the opportunity an interesting and inexpensive shopping only for the reason that prior to departure You do not know how much money to take to Vietnam for 7,10,14 days. Let us consider this subject.

If You already bought a ticket and paid for the plane tickets (which, incidentally, will cost about$ 1,500 for two), then start counting the necessary funds from local MC, which will cost about$ 15. Vietnam cellular communication provides a certain number of free minutes of conversation with Russia and a certain amount of Internet traffic. For the remaining minutes or SMS already have to pay (although the card is enough for about a month, given the regular calls and SMSes home).

However, the quality of communication can you use a tablet and free wi-fi, which are now found in all hotels. But it is only good for communicating with family and friends at Home. If you need a connection between them in Vietnam, then no local SIM cards can not do, because the roaming charges will be even more expensive.

Money in Vietnam

What money to take to Vietnam? Practice shows that it is best to take dollars or euros. They can be easily changed at the local Dong at your hotel or the closest the exchange.

Kakie dengi brat vo Vetnam?

Rental housing

The average housing in Vietnam will cost about 7-10$ a day. If you search, you can find cheaper. It should be noted that the level of most Vietnamese hotels leaves much to be desired. So if Your room will be a serviceable bed, a shower, a toilet and a fridge, this is quite enough for enjoying Asian exotic. Clean towels and bed linen is better to check immediately. However there are also quite good rooms at absolutely reasonable prices.

Vietnamese food

Food is a separate issue for any vacation, especially vacation in Vietnam. In order to eat well enough on average 4-5$ for two, which is amazing cheap. Vietnamese cuisine is extremely diverse and will please even the most refined gourmet. A special place it is seafood, which are more expensive than conventional dishes. The average price for the average dish is$ 1. About the same cost a good Cup of Vietnamese coffee and a mug of beer. Cane juice, a favorite Vietnamese, will cost twice cheaper. European Breakfast consists of toast with bacon, eggs and coffee will cost 3-4$.

If the hotel where You're staying has a restaurant, it is better not to eat for the reason that the cafe just a few steps rates can be much lower. In addition, try a few different cafes are much more interesting than not to leave the hotel zone.

vetnamskaya eda

For those who the food belongs easier, there is always the opportunity to buy on the way from the beach to the hotel chicken rice and vegetables for$ 1. This, of course, fast food, but the food is usually fresh, and at lunchtime thousands of Vietnamese go to these places to eat.

All the food is a complex question, because the restaurants there are very different levels. Vietnam is rich in restaurants with different national cuisines. There is Japanese, Indian, Russian, French restaurants. To eat sushi in a Japanese sushi bar will cost no more than$ 30 for two at a Vietnamese restaurant is high class You are likely to leave$ 20 for two.

If you want to eat lobster and much save the sea creatures you can buy in the market, and then ask them to cook in the cafe. Cooking is also, of course, will cost money, but they are usually tiny.

Water and drinks

When Russian people come to Vietnam and see the hotel a half-liter bottle of water for the price of 1$, then you can be sure that the shop is exactly the same it should be 2-4 times cheaper. Water is, of course, a trifle, but such trifles by the end of the rest can grow a very significant amount.


The price of fresh fruit in Vietnam is very varied depending on where they are sold. For example, a kilo of apples, bananas, grapes, mango and so on can cost 1-4$. It is cheaper to buy fruit at the market.

Another reason to buy fruit that is on the market is that they sell exotic fruits, popular with tourists:

  • durians
  • papaya
  • lychee
  • breadfruit
  • rambutan
  • dragon-fruit


Tours in Vietnam is also a fun, fairly cheap. The approximate cost will be from 0.5 to 6-7$. The latter figure is typical for the major attractions. To diversify your leisure, you can visit 2-3 trips a day. Better to travel its course, because as with agencies, it will be significantly more expensive and will not be the extent of freedom that comes from independent travel.

If you take more extended trips, such as trip to Halong Bay by bus, rental boats, which will rollYou through Halong Bay, sleeping in her food, then this tour will cost about 40$ per person. Agree, Halong Bay looks fantastic:


Transport in Vietnam

It is a sin to go to Vietnam and be limited to only the beach and restaurant area, not a train in this beautiful Vietnamese cities. From city to city is to travel by bus. The price here will depend on the class of bus and distance. The tickets will cost approximately from 9 (very small distance) to$30.

Prices are always much wind, so it is necessary to bargain even where we are not accepted. Feel free to haggle, when to go out to dinner, buying bus tickets or tour, and especially when I do shopping. For Asia to bargain - it is absolutely normal and even natural.

Bikers can of course hire a bike, which is perfect for moving around the tourist area. Standard price here is$ 5 a day. Rental offices are very common. Some of them are located right outside the hotel. A liter of gasoline costs 1$, the right, and the owner does not care to eat You on the beach or in a nearby town.

To take a taxi - much more expensive option. The ride around town will cost about 1,5-3$. Mileage is paid.

Asian massage

Vietnam would not have been himself, if there was no massage, which is quite inexpensive and brings a lot of fun. Foot massage is$ 5, and a back massage - 10. The masseuse at the end of the session may ask You for your legal tips. If You do not give, you can about the salon just to forget and never to return. However, if the massage is good, then tip is better to leave.

Many people know that in Vietnam under the guise of massage parlors are often obscured very real public house. So greedy for tips women just spend home, saying that all massage therapists are busy, but for the greedy man the situation can easily turn into a scandal.

Washing clothes

In Vietnam there is no meaning to wash by hand, because in the hotels and on the street there are full Laundry. Usually the cost of washing per kg not more than 0.75-1$. However, in reputable hotels washing one things can cost up to 5$. In respectable hotels, in the room there is a basket for dirty clothes and the price to wash each article of clothing.


From Vietnam usually carry silk, jewellery, coffee, Souvenirs, liquors with snakes and roots, artichoke tea, cone hats. Gifts and trinkets for friends and family will cost about 50$. Clothing and shoes - 300-400$. The price of one neprodovol good things will not usually exceed 10-15$.