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How long is the flight to Barcelona (Spain) from Moscow?

Skolko letet do Barselony?

Barcelona - the capital city of the Autonomous region Cataloniaand the second official language here is Catalan.

Traditional Spanish bloody entertainment - bullfighting, or bullfighting banned in 2011.

The climate of Barcelona is Mediterranean. In the winter it is nice and dry, summer - warm and humid. Due to the specific climate and mentality of the locals, it's hard to find something that works after three in the afternoon in the city.

This time the traditional afternoon Siesta, and in fact, it is a necessary measure - the air hot up to 42 degrees in the shade, coupled with the humid sea air is not conducive to work.

Where is it?

Spain is one of four countries located on the Iberian Peninsula. Snow-capped mountains of the Pyrenees, which gave the name to the Peninsula form a natural Spanish-French barrier.

Spain neighbours Portugal, France and Andorra and is situated on 505 000 sq. km.

Official language - Spanish currency - Euro. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy.

Spain grows olives, citrus, produces wines and different varieties of sherry, and has a large fishing fleet. Spain - a Paradise for lovers of seafood.

How long is the flight?

Travel time and distance

How many hours to fly to Spain from Moscow? Flights Moscow-Barcelona - journey times from 4 hours 30 minutes. During this time, the aircraft will overcome the distance in 3 of 150 kilometers.

From St. Petersburg (SPb) to the Catalan capital of Spain to fly for 4 hours and 20 minutes and the plane will fly 2 830 kilometers.

From Ekaterinburg flight time will be approximately 8 hours, a distance of only 4 450 kilometers.

Is there a time difference?

The time difference with Moscow and St. Petersburg is one hour difference and the city is three hours, that is in Barcelona in three hours less.

Skolko letet?

Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights in this direction:

How to get there?

To reach Spain in several ways:

  1. Direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  2. Flights with one change:
    • Moscow - Vienna – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Munich – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Geneva – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Rome – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Milan – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Berlin – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Zurich – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Minsk – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Paris – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Amsterdam – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Brussels – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Dusseldorf – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Chisinau – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Kiev – Barcelona;
    • Moscow – Prague – Barcelona;
    • Saint Petersburg – Munich – Barcelona;
    • Saint Petersburg – Vienna – Barcelona;
    • Saint Petersburg – Zurich – Barcelona;
    • Saint Petersburg – Prague – Barcelona;
    • Saint Petersburg – Minsk – Barcelona;
    • Saint Petersburg – Amsterdam – Barcelona;
    • Saint Petersburg – Paris – Barcelona;
    • Saint Petersburg – Rome – Barcelona;
    • Saint-Petersburg – Athens – Barcelona;
    • Yekaterinburg – Prague – Barcelona;
    • Ekaterinburg – Istanbul – Barcelona;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow – Barcelona.
  3. Flights with two changes:
    • Ekaterinburg – Helsinki - Oslo – Barcelona;
    • Ekaterinburg – Helsinki – Frankfurt – Barcelona;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow - Munich – Barcelona;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow - Zurich – Barcelona;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow - Vienna – Barcelona;
    • Ekaterinburg – Helsinki - Vienna – Barcelona;
    • Yekaterinburg – Saint Petersburg - Paris – Barcelona;
    • Ekaterinburg – Helsinki - Paris – Barcelona;
    • Ekaterinburg – Helsinki - href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/pogoda-v-londone-po-mesyacam/">London – Barcelona;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow – Chisinau – Barcelona;
    • Ekaterinburg – Helsinki – Brussels – Barcelona.

Kak dobratsya?

The planes are what airlines fly to Barcelona?

List of airlines operating flights:

  1. Russian companies:
    • Aeroflot;
    • Transaero;
    • Russia;
    • S7Airlines;
    • VIM-Avia;
    • Ural airlines.
  2. Foreign airlines:
    • Air France;
    • Lufthansa;
    • Belavia;
    • Brusseles;
    • AirBaltic;
    • Ukraine International Airlines;
    • Swiss International Air Lines;
    • Germanwings;
    • Air Berlin;
    • Vueling;
    • CSA Czech Airlines;
    • Finnairs;
    • Iberia;
    • KLM;
    • Alitalia;
    • LOT;
    • Edeep Airlines;
    • Austrian Airlines;
    • Air Europa;
    • Turkish Airlines.

Samolety kakih aviakompanij letaut v Barselonu?

Barcelona for travelers

The city is regularly ranked among the top ten most visited on the planet, and for good reason. Developed tourist infrastructure, rich cultural and historical heritage, mild climate, varied and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Comfortable hotels with high quality service, but also some of the best beaches in the world do not leave indifferent many travelers from around the world.

From Siesta to eat at an inopportune time, except for lunch or dinner, and on weekends can be difficult - cafes and restaurants are usually closed.

Your way - in the area of Las Ramblas is the wonderful Boqueria market, where you simply will not go hungry!

Another option is barsin which to drink, such as sangria (wine with mineral water and pieces of fruit) is a traditional tapas dish.

It can be anything as snacks - from olives to squid, cheeses and sausages on bread with tomato and olive oil.

In addition to the architectural masterpieces of Gaudi, its Museum, and the Museum of Dali, Picasso and even the city's football club, is another place worthy of mention.

This amusement Park Tibidabo, which is located on the mountain of the same name. It is the highest point of the city, overlooking the magical landscape.

Shopping in Barcelona will appreciate the reasonable prices, rich choice, you should pay attention to traditional footwear - espadrilles and leather stuff.

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