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How long is the flight to UAE (Dubai) from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg flight direct?

Skolko letet do Dubai iz Moskvy?

For the past several years one of the main places for the rest of the Europeans are United Arab Emirates (UAE). Although Dubai is often erroneously referred to as the capital of this state, but it is equally famous and attractive than Abu Dhabi. Many Russians are interested in the question how long is the flight to Dubai from Moscow as the Russian capital is made many flights in different directions. In addition, there are 5 airports: Sheremetyevo (No. 1 and No. 2), Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Bykovo. So to fly to any country is better because of Moscow.

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How long to fly to Dubai direct flight?

To get to this city from the Russian capital as a direct flight, also with transfers. Naturally, this affects factors such as the duration of the flight. But the ground connections from Dubai to the Russian capital simply does not exist, so you need to choose one of the flights of the airline "Aeroflot" or "Emirates Airlines". In many ways, the answer to the question how long is the flight to the UAE is very dependent on which airline to choose, as some planes can fly slightly faster and others slightly slower.

skolko letet do oae

When making a tour to Dubai you can not worry about the plane ticket, because regular flights between Moscow and this city, which many people call a Mecca for tourists, there are almost daily and sometimes even several times a day. Many Russian travelers and tourists are interested in, how long is the flight to Dubai from Moscow on a direct flight to know what time it will be possible to live in a hotel. The Russians are practical people and want a day of arriving in the city to have something to do.

Note also that from the Russian Federation some planes land at the airport in Dubaiand some in Sharjah airport, located in the neighboring province, so it also affects the duration of the flight.

A taxi from Sharjah airport to Dubai can be reached in half an hour. But in the tourist season many flights are heading to Abu Dhabi, and from there you will need to get to Dubai.

skolko letet do dubai iz moskvy pryamym rejsom

In total, the direct flight from the Russian capital in this city you can fly about 5 hours. But the planes of some airlines can fly a little longer, 5 and a half hours. But if there are adverse weather conditions, you would have to fly for 15-20 minutes longer. In fact, Dubai is home to several airport, but the flight from Moscow takes only the core having the same name "Dubai".

It is necessary to pay attention also to the fact that "Aeroflot" and "Emirates Airlines" is the major airlines that carry out flights between Moscow and Dubai. The company "Aeroflot" carries out flights 9 times a week, as for Emirates airlines, its aircraft fly 6 times a week. In addition to these there are also companies such as the Pakistan Air and S7 Airlines, but their planes fly much less. But keep in mind also that there are various Charter flights, especially in peak tourist season.

How long is the flight to Dubai with transfers?

Although most flights between these cities are direct, but there are also those who carry out the transplant. While there are various options, which is very affected for the whole duration of the flight. Here are some of them:

  • if you fly via Kiev, then travel time will be 13 hours and 30 minutes;
  • but if you buy a ticket on a flight that makes a landing to Baku, then to Dubai have to fly 12 hours and 30 minutes, but only 9 hours, because in this case, you will have less wait at the airport in Baku;
  • you can fly through Yekaterinburg, which is 11 hours on the road; the tourists who want to know exactly how much to fly to Dubai from Yekaterinburg, should be aware that there are flights with a stopover in Moscow, Beijing, Rome and St. Petersburg; a direct flight to Dubai is 5 hours and Sharjah is 5 hours and 30 minutes;
  • you can go to Dubai with a stopover in Istanbulthat will make the flight, about 14 hours.
  • and if you fly via London, in the way in the UAE will have to spend a little more than 14 hours.

skolko letet do oae iz sankt-peterburga

If you need to know how much to fly to UAE from St. Petersburg, there still may depend on which airline is chosen. But the air will have to spend from 5 hours and 30minutes to almost 6 hours. And from St. Petersburg aircraft fly only to Dubai airport.

As for the more distant Russian cities such as Vladivostok, from there to Dubai there are flights that make one or two landings. But from this town have to fly with stops in Seoul or in Seoul and Beijing. But in any case will have to spend approximately 22 hours (takes a lot of time waiting for a flight at the airport when transplanting).