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How long is the flight to Greece (Athens) from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg flight direct?

Skolko letet do Grecii iz Moskvy?

As one of the most common destinations for tourism, Greece is interested in domestic tourists. But before you ask about accommodation (hotels, their star ratings, additional services), meals and tour program, experienced traveler will ask: How long is the flight to Greece from Moscow? is absolutely true, because this issue is really a priority.

Why? First, all people carry flights: someone with the burning of the excitation cheeks looks out the window, or casually reading a book. And someone desperately sick. Secondly, parents usually take on the rest of the children and for the kid to spend some time in a chair can be difficult. However, selecting the direction of Greece, it is possible not to worry. Connecting flights can last a bit longer than the direct, but in any case the flight will not be tedious.

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Direct flights from Moscow to Greece

From Golden you can fly directly not only to Athens (although it is the most popular destination), but also directly to many popular resorts. So the question is how long is the flight to Greece from Moscow direct flight? can have several different answers, no matter how amazing it may be. Now, place direct flights increasing flight time:

  • Thessaloniki – two and a half hours;
  • Corfu, KOs, Rhodes or Crete or three hours;
  • Athens – 4 hours.

But although the capital of the Greek state to fly for the longest time, that the Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos receives the most tourists in the city usually becomes a starting point for further travel, to visit Greece and not visit the many famous until Antarctica attractions – almost a crime (on the authoritative statements of tourists with experience).

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the flights directly to the Islands not usually so regular and frequent as we would like tourists. For example, in Rhodes you can fly only once a week, and direct flights to Crete from all the flying to Greece airlines – among them such giants, as "Olympic Airways" and "Aeroflot" - the offers only last that deprives the traveler of choice. However, there is a way out – not necessary to fly to the island directly, you can use connecting flights.

skolko letet do Grecii iz Moskvy pryamym rejsom

From Moscow to Greece with a connection

And why do we choose this kind of movement, if known a priori that the time it will take longer. First, when the flights directly to the Islands, what you want to many tourists, traveling appear the options and alternatives. Secondly, there is a large layer of people, time is more than money and a flight with a stopover is a great opportunity to save money.

Let's start with Athens, although they are quite a lot of direct flights, but offers and low. For example, in a city in – between flights will have to spend 11 hours but the flight takes only five. Their flights offer Turkish airlines: fly to Istanbul – and after a half hour you are in Greece. The connecting time between flights is usually no more than two hours, so the traveler is not particularly much to lose, much thus saving. Such flight can become the answer to the question how long is the flight to Greece from St. Petersburg?: calculate the time of flight from the Northern capital to Istanbul and add the flight to the Greek land.

As for the Islands, two regular interchange point, if the selected connecting flight (and sometimes him and there is no alternative) is Athens and Turkey. For example, Rhodes with a stopover in Istanbul can be reached relatively quickly, spent waiting in the airport two to three hours. But there are other options – Munich or Amsterdam, and the first person will guide the way for a time equal to one standard working day, and the second even longer – 13 hours.

skolko letet do Grecii iz Sankt-Peterburga

For a flight to Crete in the majority also have to use transit flights: most planes landing at the Athens international airport, and then fly to Heraklion. If tourists need to know how much to fly to Greece from Yekaterinburg, usually add one transplant – in Moscow. Excluding flight time to the capital of any Russian city, a flight to Crete an indirect flight will be at least 10 hours. However, if a tourist wants to save some waiting time it usually do not mind.

But do not have to choose regular flights charters, if lucky, can save from two strategic reserve: time and money.