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How much to fly to Prague from Moscow and other cities?

Skolko letet do Pragi?

The easiest way to get to Prague by plane, travel is not only save time, but bring travelers to this city with maximum comfort.

Most interesting is that every day in Prague is different from the previous ones. And except for trunks, bring a good mood and a good appetite.

In this city of delicious food and sent home with a lot of bright Souvenirs and impressions.

Prague is wonderful at any time of the year, however, tourists have their own preferences. Very beautiful in Prague in the spring, when the city is covered I green foliage.

Summer in the Czech capital is very nice. The city is surrounded by mountains, and the weather is cool.

Winter in Prague is quite soft and many travelers prefer to spend there holidays.

In the autumn of a sudden the long rains can spoil a good walk through the famous parks of this city.

How long is the flight?

Flights Moscow-Prague is a direct flight, the travel time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The distance from Moscow to Prague is 1600 kilometers. Moscow time-an hour ahead of the Czech capital.

Flight Saint Petersburg-Prague direct flight is 2 hours and 30 minutes. During this time, the plane covers the distance in 1841 kilometer. Saint Petersburg is ahead of time of Prague for 1 hour.

Flight Ekaterinburg-Prague is 4 hours 50 minutes. The airplane to reach Prague covers the distance in 3085 kilometres. In Ekaterinburg three hours more than in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Flights from Samara direct flight is 3 hours and 50 minutes. The distance between these two cities is 2,471 miles. Samara is 2 hours more than in Prague.

Kak letet do Pragi?

How to fly?

Direct flights

Direct flights to Prague from Moscow by two popular airlines – "Aeroflot" and Czech Airlines. There are flights from the airport "Sheremetyevo".

The plane lands at Prague airport "Ruzyne". Companies also offer flights from airports "Domodevo" and "Vnukovo".

Direct link to fly to Prague from St. Petersburg (SPb) can also be companies of Aeroflot and Czech Airlines from Pulkovo airport.

From Ekaterinburg to Prague direct flights carried out by the Czech and Ural airlines. Flights from Koltsovo airport.

To reach Prague from Samara direct flight is possible only with Czech airlines. From Samara international airport Kurumoch flights to Prague are performed in the week three times.

Prague mystic and fabulous (walking, sightseeing).

With transfers

If for some reason there is no possibility to fly to Prague direct flight, you can use connecting flights. Residents and guests of Moscow it is possible to transfer in Minsk, Warsaw, Munich, Frankfurt or Istanbul.

Connecting flights from St Petersburg to Prague are offered transplant in such cities – Riga, Karlovy vary, Vienna, Warsaw, Stockholm. The journey time takes 4 to 5 hours.

From Ekaterinburg with transfers to get to Prague is possible only through Moscow, "Aeroflot. The journey time increases from 3 to 4 hours.

Connecting flights from Samara to Prague is the company "Aeroflot". The journey time takes about 7 hours.

Samolety kakih aviakompanij letaut v Pragu?

Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights in this direction:

The aircraft whichairlines flying to Prague?

To Prague non-stop or connecting flights can be reached by aircrafts of the following airlines:

  • CzechAirlines;
  • Aeroflot;
  • Ural Airlines;
  • Air Baltic;
  • Iberia;
  • Sas;
  • Lufthansa;
  • L O T;
  • Austrian Airlines;
  • Belavia;
  • Germanwings;
  • UIA;
  • KLM;
  • AirFrance;
  • Finnair;
  • Turkish Airlines.

Distance to Prague from Russia relatively small. So tickets to the Czech capital are quite inexpensive.

For those who want to save money, you can buy tickets in the two sides. In this case, the ticket price will be lower at around 30%. The average ticket to Prague including all fees and taxes would cost up to 300 euros both ways.

For significant savings tickets can be booked and purchased in advance. Often the budget be connecting flights, but the flight takes much more time.

The flight duration allows to practice reading or watching movies. Then on the plane you can buy interesting Souvenirs in the form of beer mugs or Bohemian glass.