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How long is the flight to Tunisia from Moscow direct flight Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg?

Skolko letet do Tunisa iz Moskvy?

Going on vacation in Tunisia located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, many anticipate a fantastic holiday and are just concerned with the availability and convenience of flights. Fortunately, a desirable place to get not so difficult. How long is the flight to Tunisia from Moscow? Almost as much as to Egypt.

Travel time

The duration of the flight depends on the flight type and the selected carrier.

Airline Nouvelair and Tunisair make regular flights from the Russian capital on the African continent with landing at the airport of Monastir. In summer, the domestic carrier Transaero offers its services and delivers tourists to the Enfidha airport, which is conveniently located between Sousse and Hammamet.

skolko letet do tunisa

There is also Charter flights, choosing the place of landing the island of Djerba, Monastir or Tunisia. The distance from the capital to the named airports is approximately 3,000 kilometers, the flight takes 3.5 to 4.5 hours. The Charter is quite a convenient way of flights, its only drawback is the possible delay that, unfortunately, is not uncommon. But the cost of tickets is pleased. You should not be afraid that the road will take too much time. The flight duration from Moscow to welcome Tunisia is comparable to the time required on the road to Novosibirsk or Egypt. Popular among Russian tourists the flights carried out in total, 21 ships of the shipping company, so pick a convenient flight will not be difficult.

Moscow - Tunis with a stopover

How long is the flight to Tunisia from Moscow with a stopover depends on the location of connections and time between flights. In General, this method takes too much precious vacation time and does not justify itself in economic terms. Connecting flights are chosen only if there are no tickets on a direct flight. The transplant can be done in the following cities:

skolko letet do tunisa iz sankt peterburga

Sometimes the time for flights to Tunisia increased to two to three times that in spite of stay in transit countries, is quite tedious. Especially if the trip is planned with children. And if anyone decides to make on the way, two connections, you should be prepared for the fact that the flights may take more than a day. This version is for the real adventurers who are not too worried about the question of how long is the flight to Tunisia. The total cost of tickets obtained is not lower than the price on their non-stop flight, so take advantage of this opportunity available only to those who are not able to spend precious time waiting for the next Charter flight.

Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights in this direction:

Saint Petersburg - Tunis flight time

In search of a way out of the situation with the lack of tickets, many are wondering how long is the flight to Tunisia from St. Petersburg. The distance to the African city is 2946 km, and travel time is approximately the same with a flight from Moscow. However, for residents of the capital, for example, to use this method will mean that you accept on a flight with a connection, and it is unlikely he will come best and fast. Although well matched docked it is able to help in solving the problem. Flights from the Northern capital are made twice a week, the distance between the airports Pulkovo and Carthage about three thousand kilometers. In Monastir airport passengers willing to take the aircraft of the airline air Baltic, to Sfax takes Estonian air, and in Djerba transporting the ships of the company Iberia airlines. In total on the route Saint Petersburg - Tunis are nine planes companies

skolko letet do tunisa iz moskvy pryamym rejsom

Ekaterinburg - Tunis

Clearly and accurately answer a simple question, how long is the flight to Tunisia from Yekaterinburg, is difficult. Between the African resort and the Ural city 4 310 kilometers, and the minimum travel time is over 5 hours. The time difference with minus five hours. If you choose a flight with one change, the road to the coveted place of rest is in average more than 32 hours. Depending on the chosen flight, you will have to make onestopover in Dubai or Istanbul, flight duration will be from 26 to 38 hours. It offers tourists comfortable aircraft of the famous air carriers Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Air France. In the absence of tickets there is another option - to change to a direct flight departing from Saint-Petersburg or the capital.

By far the most attractive and popular route is a flight Moscow - Monastir.

To the question how long is the flight to Tunisia from Moscow direct flight", it gives a tempting answer - 3 hours 34 minutes. Considering that the liners for flights on this route provides eleven companies, with apprehension on the possible lack of tickets does not occur. However, nearing the holidays, so you should always be ready to use fallbacks in the quest to get to the resort.