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How much for the hookah in Egypt or Turkey?

Skolko stoit kalyan v Egipte ili Turcii

Should agree with the statement that a tourist trip to any country, and especially as exotic as Turkey or Egypt must be accompanied by appropriate acquisitions that testified about your visit to these countries. Often there are situations when a person talks to their friends on unforgettable journeys, and they looked at him as Munchausen, but when a person tells a national souvenir, then all questions are immediately removed. One of these Souvenirs is a hookah, and if you don't know how to correctly make such a purchase, on what to focus and how much is the hookah really is, then this article is for your perusal.

The need to purchase

Perhaps you are non-smoker, had never smoked hookah and I think that such device does not interfere. In fact, concerning the purchase of medical disputes do not subside until now. According to some studies, Smoking through a hookah due to its special process 38% less harmful to the body than Smoking the same cigarette. According to others, Shisha is no less harmful than conventional tobacco.

In this regard, we urge you with extreme caution applies to Shisha Smoking. Perhaps it will cause damage to your health.

The cost

In order not to fall into the hands of swindlers, who can sell you fake and not real hookah three prices in Turkey or Egypt you need to know its initial cost. Answering the question, how much for the hookah in Egypt or Turkey, you must know that the price will vary from 40 to 60 euros (high quality and good hookah). This variation is caused by the materials that were used in its manufacture, exterior design and finishes.

The cost of this acquisition will depend on where you decided to spend such a purchase, whether it be a specialty store, or a normal market. But the most important is the purpose for which sold hookah. It's one thing if you intend to use it for other purposes and quite another when such acquisition is carried out both as part of the decor of your living room.

Skolko stoit kalyan v Turcii

How to choose a hookah from Egypt or Turkey

The main aspects that are worth consider when purchasing hookah include the following:

  • The first thing that draws attention when choosing a hookah is its height. Remember, any kind of hookah, the height of which is less than 50 centimeters, will perform only the function of decoration, for example, for your living room. And even if the seller will speak and prove you otherwise, believe him not worth it, but it is better to go and buy a hookah in a different place;
  • Pipe-mines in different variations of the Shisha can be different lengths. Should give the preference to the longer tubes. The higher the hookah and the long tube, the better it is. Also pay attention to the materials used. It would be better to choose a hookah, which is manufactured using stainless steel or any other materials that cannot be adversely affected by corrosion;
  • Closely look at the glass bulb for containing fluid, as often there are situations that there are certain defects, for example, chipped or cracked, that is not valid. Should give the preference to the flasks, which are made on the basis of thicker glass;
  • Don't forget to pay attention to how you are connecting the "mines" with flasks. Typically, you use the threaded connection or coupling due to the rubber seal. Which option you choose, it doesn't matter, as the taste and quality of Smoking is no impact to lend will not. But do not neglect the fact that at the end of the thread may occur some problems, and the replacement of such connection will bring a lot of headaches. Most fans of the hookah, preferring the connection with rubber gasket;
  • See this videowhere in Egypt Shisha:

  • The next point is the material from which made the hose. The guru of Smoking hookah have multiple hoses types of Smoking of different TOBACCOS, as the skin absorbs the odors. As a rule, given preference to leather hoses that will absorb some odors. But it is also possible to use silicone hoses, but then the answer to the question, how much is a hookah in Turkey with such hoses will be more impressive figure;
  • The bowl of the hookah should be based on a clay as it will have less heat conductivity than the analogues, performed on the ceramic base;
  • If the seller will you sell the options of hookah with multiple hoses for Smoking, then such models should not be overlooked. So how to truly smoke one hookah in the company at the same time you do notwork, it's kind of an American show and nothing more.

Skolko stoit kalyan v Egipte

These are the most important things to focus when choosing a hookah in Turkey or Egypt, these moments will depend on its cost. The design execution of the hookah, it is necessary to pay attention only after you have checked all the above points.

The main thing when choosing of such acquisition to be guided by the knowledge that even the most costly and elegant in design execution hookahs are not high quality, the main highlight of this criteria is its design feature.

Remember, not all is gold that glitters. Good luck with your purchase.