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How much to holiday in the Maldives and to go there?

Skolko stoit otdohnut na Maldivah?

The traits of a holiday in the Maldives? Breathtaking natural scenery, cosy and comfortable bungalows, white sand endless beaches, clear azure ocean waters and a fabulous price for all this splendor. However, a clear answer how much it costs to holiday in the Maldives is quite problematic. A lot depends on the time of year, hotel standard and your ability to save. But in any case, you should tune that the trip to tropical Paradise is not cheap – after all, the tourism sector here is focused on the wealthy.

The cost of holidays in the Maldives

On average, the price for a week stay in a double standard of level 4* starts at $500 per room. And this is considered a cheap holiday, after booking the apartment in the luxury 5* hotel will cost from $1000 to infinity.

To the cost of the reservation will add about $1000-1500 per flight per person. In the end, the minimum budget for a week spent in tropical Paradise, will be not less than $2000 per person. Not including tours, romantic dinners under the moon, Breakfast in bed, water sports and other pleasures of the fashionable recreation which is, in fact, many seek Maldives.

What determines the cost of the stay

Maldives has won the status of a calm, pure and peaceful resorts where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Time here flows measuredly and slowly, and even in high season you can feel like Robinson hermits in a heavenly corner of the planet.

The concept of the Maldives – each hotel is your island. This allows you to evenly distribute the influx of tourists in such a way as not to turn the resort into a crowded anthill.

Skolko stoit sezdit na Maldivy?

Prices in the Maldives are formed from consideration of the following factors:

  • Flights
  • Transfer from the airport (hotels are located on small Islands, where you have to get on the plane)
  • Class of hotel. Most Maldivian complexes for rest belongs to the world famous and expensive networks of luxury hotels, but there are readily available "treshki" with the appropriate level of service.
  • Food, drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic.Most vacationers choose a package tour which includes Breakfast (BB) or half Board (HB). But remember that drinks will also be free only during the "included" meals. At other times, small bottle of water or Cola will cost around $5 Cup of coffee or tea – $3 and more.
  • Excursions and entertainments. Of the active types of leisure, in the Maldives most popular water sports, which, like all other services on the Islands are expensive: Dolphin Safari – about $90 (in a group of 15 people), 2 hours of snorkeling - $40, 45 minute walk at sunset in a traditional Maldivian boat (Dhoni) - $180 for two.

The value of romantic gestures also "bite." For example, to please your favorite gourmet champagne Breakfast, fruit, fresh pastries and seafood, which is delivered to the room, will cost about $300.

Ekskursii na Maldivah


If you count how much it costs to go to the Maldives, don't forget to add in costs service charge (10%) and VAT (8%). That is, to account for the restaurant or the price for the goods and services it is necessary to add 18% to their base value.

In each hotel there is a possibility of a resort fee from each guest - $8/day. It is not surprising that stamp about crossing of the boundaries of the Maldives put only in the presence of a minimum of $25/day for each traveler (as you will be required to show return ticket and apply for a tourist voucher).

What you can save

If the budget leaves much to be desired more, and fabulous Maldives continues to dream at night – you can try to minimize the cost. First of all, consider offers during the low season. From may to October on the Islands, a period of rain and strong winds, so the price of the holiday is significantly reduced. But do not think that buying a ticket at this time of year, you are forced to admire the local beauty from the window of the hotel tropical storms fleeting and interspersed with clear Sunny days.

Skolko stoit otdohnut na Maldivah?

A few more tips for the budget traveller:

  • On the island, as you know, the easiest way to get on the plane. But the flight "eats" at least a quarter of the budget of the trip. But if partially to sacrifice the comfort of a direct flight in favor of a few stops or to purchase a ticket for early booking – is it possible to save a decent amount. For example, flights airlines Qatar Airways with a stopover in Doha will cost $700, a plane, Emirates (via Dubai) – about $875.
  • Learn information! Hotels have their own websites where you can findongoing offers and discounts. Common options to attract tourists with free transfert or excursions, "bonus" night for the hotel bill, upgrade HB to FB when booking for 6 nights or more. Of course, these "candies" are heard only in low season or at part load of the hotel.
  • Do not try to bring happiness to all sellers of souvenir shops, gifts in memory will cost a tidy sum. For example, a normal fridge magnet costs $5, and t-shirt fotoprint – $20. Note that the entire Jersey, jewelry and other crafts "hand-made" are purchased by enterprising merchants in Sri Lanka for peanuts, so either bargain or skimp on the details.
  • Unlike many resorts in the Maldives is less expensive to purchase a ticket category of "AI" or "FB", than to look for ways of self-sustenance. Regular trips to the restaurant or half Board will cost much more – something you want to eat, and the average price of dinner for two persons – $50-200 (depends on the star level of the hotel and the level of the institution). Count on cafe with reasonable prices or purchase fish in local shops can only be male.
  • Prices on alcohol are sky-high high. On alcohol, you can save only a trivial way – it is not to drink. The fact that the importation of any alcoholic beverages on the Islands is prohibited, and the cost of cocktails and other "drinks" at hotels is not happy. In extreme cases, abandon the "lazy" mini-bar in favor of the cafe in the hotel. For example, beer in the room will cost about $10 for a bottle of 0,33 l, but should go down to the restaurant, as the price will drop to $7, and the volume will increase to 0.5 L.

  • In every hotel there is such a thing as a service fee. It consists in the provision of individual services. For example, if you stay on the FB, soft drinks in the bar/restaurant will be free for you. But if you ask them to deliver them to the Villa/room service – the cost of such services will already be included in a final bill can be an unpleasant surprise when you check out.

Yes, holidays in the Maldives – not a cheap pleasure. But a trip to exotic Islands will remain forever in the memory as a romantic adventure, which is so great to share with the people!