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How much it costs to go to rest in Turkey?

Skolko stoit otdohnut v Turcii?

Turkey until recently was considered far abroad, and now a vacation can afford almost any average family. So, how much to vacation in Turkey? This issue is timely for those who are accustomed to planning not only your route, but the budget for the trip. Let's try to understand the policies.

Budget travel - tips

The first tip is that to buy a better ticket at a travel Agency, but only in checked, so you can protect yourself from unwanted surprises. Ideally, buy a ticket at the friends who in this Agency for a long time productively.

If you do not have friends and relationships, then coming to the rescue agencies that sell so-called last minute trips and tours. When you buy a tour or a vacation, you will significantly be able to reduce costs. For example, a similar ticket for one person will cost on average about three hundred dollars. The price of holidays in Turkey depends on the selected hotel, but rather of the number of stars on it.

The cost of staying in a hotel with five stars and all inclusive service will start from five hundred dollars per person, but glad that it's not the price for the day and a whole week of comfortable rest, during which you will not have to headache about anything because you will feed and give to drink, you just have to bask in the rays of the sun or cool off by the pool with a glass of delicious cocktail in hand.

It is not superfluous to double-check the information that you provide to the tour operator. For such a small espionage do not need much, just enter the name of the hotel suggest you in a window of any search engine and read the reviews of people who have had time to rest.

Excursions and nature

Excursions in Turkey quite a lot and there is nothing surprising, because this country is amazing and not very familiar to the Slavic man's architecture. Excursions safer just to buy your guide at the hotel.

Skolko stoit sezdit v Turciu?

If you are not a happy owner of a sightseeing trip, then do not worry as to explore the sights by yourself is sometimes even more interesting than the boring, accompanied by a guide, which is hard to hear. So, if you decided to go to independent travel in unfamiliar to you town, first of all, check with the hotel how best to get back and that it's best to see one word ask about the location of the main advantages of your chosen city.

Turkey is not only tourism, but also the markets. It's hard to imagine someone who'd returned from vacation out of this country with empty hands. This point is worth to think in advance and to allocate the amount that you will be free to dispose of to buy Souvenirs and small trinkets. Now I like the results for financial questions and details let's deal with the numbers.

What happens in the end?

So, how much it costs to go to Turkey?

  • Economy stay from $ 200
  • Stay all inclusive from $ 500
  • Stay for two in a hotel with five stars services all inclusive cost an average of $ 1,000 per week

Add all this spending, which directly depend on your capabilities and get the final cost, which will be an average of 1500-2000 dollars for a vacation for two at the hotel five stars. Read more about what money to take to Turkey and where to exchange them, read this article.

Is it expensive? Of course not, because the cost of the trip you can choose. There are more expensive options like rest, but we aimed to do with the price of a trip to Turkey on holiday for the average family.

General advice when choosing a hotel

Here tips can be many, but make the emphasis on more noticeable details. Assuming you already chose your favorite tour that suits you and your price and length of stay, even a hotel and the perfect from all sides.

If you are traveling with your loved one, this item you will not be relevant, but if the mate and the kids then continue reading the article further, because the following information is specifically for you.

Do you like to spend your free time in a company or in the arms of your chosen one or chosen one, but this free time you have too little or even such, no? Here, I think will get to stay there and enjoy each other and a romantic mood, but your dreams are destroyed when the adjoining room are heard the merry sounds of the torn pillows, which we gladly fight the fruits of your romantic relationship.

How to be in such cases, because a vacation should be a vacation for all? Many hotels now practice the services of a nanny and you without fear and pangs of conscience can leave their precious heirs to the hour or even the whole day. Nanny at the hotel will follow your advice, time to feed, change and take a walk with the kids.Accordingly, when choosing a hotel make sure to specify whether the selected hotel with Babysitting, if you go on holiday with children.

A good option will be a kids corner in the hotel (playroom), but this option is suitable only for people who have kids older than five or six years. This area usually has a fun girl caregiver, which actually will watch and entertain the kids.

Igrovaya komnata

Safety of rest in Turkey

Turkey is a relatively safe country. It is safe for health, because its territory is not contagious and even more deadly viruses. But here is the Board.

If you decide to relax on the beach, not the pool, I ask the characteristics of the chosen beach, because there are such, which are recommended for swimming in shoes. No, not because you may get water parasite, but because the bottom may be too rocky and you or your children can hurt your legs.

That's about it! A pleasant and unforgettable holiday!