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The rules in the plane: how many litres of liquid you can carry in your Luggage?

Going to travel by plane, it is necessary to know how much liquid you can carry in your Luggage. Also necessary to specify what includes in the concept itself. This question is especially concerned about those who never fly on airplanes.

Rules for transporting liquids in airplane Luggage

Provoz v bagazhe

The fluids include:

  • Drinks;
  • Liquid and gelatinous foods (purees, soups, jams, honey, etc.);
  • Liquid medicines, as well as aerosols and sprays;
  • Cosmetics (mascara, lipstick, etc.);
  • Perfumery (perfumes, toilet water, etc.);
  • Gel-like means;
  • Household chemicals;
  • Fertilizer.

In the Luggage of any allowable liquids (drinks, cosmetics, etc.). There are no strict limitations and the volume, but should not be exceeding the standards on the weight system.

What volume of liquid you can carry in your Luggage:

  • First class and business class – 30 kg;
  • Economy class – 20 kg;
  • Luggage children up to two years – up to 10 kg.

Luggage should be kept tightly closed, not have damage. It is advisable to wrap the bags with tape to secure.

Conditions of various airlines may differ. Relevant information can be clarified on the website or the ticket.

Can I carry medication in the trunk?

In the Luggage to carry drugs is possible, but there are several rulesthat must be followed to avoid problems:

  1. Possible the unimpeded passage of drugs that are in free sale (sold without prescription);
  2. Medicines can only be transported in original packages, where the specified composition and shelf life;
  3. It is impossible to carry more than five packs of one drug, otherwise it can be regarded as small wholesale;
  4. When the transport of highly potent drugs need to have a doctor's certificate (applies to transporting large volumes of medicines for the necessities of life);
  5. The prescription must be prescribed the dosage and the exact acceptance period of the drug;
  6. The amount of drug must be accurately calculated for the period of stay in the country;
  7. During the transportation of products requiring obligatory Declaration (antidepressants, tranquilizers, etc.), you need to have a statement from the medical history with all the necessary stamps and signatures, and a check;
  8. Customs regulations of most countries prohibit the carriage of drugs narcotic or psychotropic effect.

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Rules and regulations for transportation in hand Luggage

perevozka v ruchnoj kladi

If baggage has no strict rules regarding baggage, from hand Luggage all the more complicated.

On Board you can take perfumes (perfume, toilet water), if it is packaged in bottles smaller than 100 ml.

In the cabin you can take:

  1. Water and drinks;
  2. Cosmetic products (creams, lotions, tonics, etc.);
  3. Hygiene products (toothpaste, foam, etc.);
  4. Sprays, aerosols (except under pressure);
  5. Perfumes;
  6. Gels.

You need to take into accountthat the rules are changingand may also vary in differentairlines.

How can I carry baby food?

If the child is on artificial feeding, as hand Luggage it is possible to take:

  1. Dry mixtures;
  2. Baby food;
  3. Drinks;
  4. Dairy products.

Perishable food must be stored in the cold box.

How to carry medicines in hand Luggage?

Some medicines can without any problems to take into the cabin. These include simple medications, except for strong antipyretics, hypnotics, psychotropic drugs. For example, "Citramon" can be taken in hand Luggage, while the "Nurofen plus" better to put in the Luggage.

In some cases, if the passenger is necessary to the reception of potent drugs for medical reasons, can make an exception in the presence of a reference from a doctor. Better if the recipe will be translated to the local language and notarized.

Liquid medications the General rule applies – the amount must not exceed 100 ml. It is better if drugs are in factory packaging and have information on the composition and shelf life.

It is also worth to replace the mercury thermometer electronic, if you need it in flight.

Blanks for the entire period of the holiday must be Packed separately and handed over to the reception. They will be transported in the cabin and issued at the exit from the plane.

How much liquid can you carry on a plane?

All liquids must be Packed in cans or bottles not exceeding 100 ml. One person can take in total not more than 1000 ml. Why? This is to ensure safety and reduce risks of terrorist acts.

It is better to calculate, missed you in the allotted number of gallons or not, otherwise the object will have to leave in the storage unit, to convey to the mourners or to be disposed of.

How to pack liquids in your hand Luggage?

Kak upakovat zhidkost?

Remember a few simple rules and you will not have the problem under control:

  • The volume capacity should not exceed 100 ml;
  • It is worth considering that fail to carry 100 ml of shampoo in the package, with a volume of 150 ml. Limits apply to the amount of packaging.

  • All jars and bottles must be Packed in a transparent bag;
  • On the bottles should indicate the volume;
  • Packaging of liquid should be tightly closed, not to have defects and damage and not to leak;
  • It is best to use bottles with labels, so that security personnel could determinewhat is in the package.


All drinks (water, juices) are subject to the General rules, except for baby food, for transportation of which there are no strict limits. But perishable products must be stored in termosumki.

Cosmetics and perfume

Cosmetics and perfume should be in packages with labels. Liquid funds should be Packed in a transparent bag with zip and solid products (blush, eye shadow, powder etc) can be folded into a regular makeup bag.

Alcoholic beverages

You are allowed to take no more than 100 ml in undamaged original packaging. It should be folded in a transparent bag with a zipper. During the landing , the integrity of packaging is verified.

Alcoholic beverages purchased in duty free shop, impossible to remove from the packaging and print for the entire flight.


Iskluchaem zhiznenno neobhodimye lekarstva

  • With the exception of passengers, which is vital to always have on hand the drug in volume, exceeding the norm. In advance need to take care of help from the doctor.
  • There are no serious restrictions on baby food, if the child is on artificial feeding , or have allergies to certain foods.
  • Also no need to take Luggage liquids purchased at DutyFree, provided, however, that the tightness of the packing will be maintained throughout the flight.

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