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The cost of a wedding abroad for 10 persons (symbolic wedding)

Stoimost svadby za granicej

A wedding is one of the most anticipated and memorable events that will forever remain in the memory of love. The organization of this celebration is the couple a lot of effort and money – I want to consider everything to the smallest detail, the holiday should go flawlessly, leaving pleasant memories for years to come. The cost of a wedding abroad for 10 man is not as big as many people think.

In addition to organizing the festival, the couple dreams their wedding did not resemble other, held on the theme, painted in the registry office, the master of ceremonies and the usual Banquet. In addition to the ceremony and the Banquet, you must still plan the honeymoon, but how it fit into a tight budget? There is a solution – you can organize a wedding abroad. With proper planning, this option may be more interesting, more fun and even cheaper than a standard holiday with a large number of guests. A wedding abroad is a real adventure for the couple, an amazing start to married life.

Many refuse this option, because I think that a wedding abroad is very expensive and only for wealthy people. It could be sooner, but in the modern world developed tourist business it has become possible even for families with average incomes. Because the wedding may be small, only the closest relatives and friends of the young, a symbolic ceremony in an exotic country, where there will be only couple.

The cost of wedding ceremonies abroad for 10 people is not high, because in addition to the traditional celebrations in his hometown, newlyweds will want the two of us on our honeymoon. If you add up all the costs, abroad they will have all together a unique wedding and a dream vacation.

Where to start, which country to choose, how to plan a budget?

stoimost simvolicheskoj svadby za granicej

The choice of the organizer

First, you need to choose a reliable assistant in the organization of such a celebration. It is better to always turn to a professional – they have good contacts abroad, they will advise which country is better to choose and how much it will cost will help with the choice of the photographer, organization of the ceremony. It is possible to apply directly to the travel Agency or tour operator. They can offer the best price on the flights and the hotel, because we work directly with them. To address this need several months before the celebration, and even earlier.

Now there is a high demand for overseas weddings, so it is important to have time to book a celebration on the selected date. Information you can search the Internet, turn to friends who have already celebrated a triumph abroad.

With early booking the price of tickets and hotels can be much lower, it will help save the budget.

Imagine how you see the wedding of their dreams

It is very important to pick the best option for you. The ceremony can be official, to receive the registration documents in foreign country and symbolic. The cost depends on many factors:

  • the number of guests
  • the host of the,
  • the pomp of the celebration,
  • days of rest,
  • the selection of hotels.

But we can say that any of the options will be an unforgettable experience that will be a vivid picture of the young couple for many years.

The choice of the country

From the country will depend on the wedding budget. After all, some promoted trends can cost unreasonably expensive, what is not such common. Consider some of the list popular among honeymooners destinations.


In this country it is possible to formalize the relationship. It is notable for its beautiful scenery, good climate, cheap prices. The flight does not take much time, so the price will not be high. The ceremony can be held in the premises of city hall, or a more romantic option – on the beach, on the boat.

Almost all year round in this Sunny country, so that Cyprus will suit on all dates the temperature is not below 15 degrees. The price of the celebration depends on many factors, on average, 1 person need 500 euros for the newlyweds 1200 euros, taking into account all factors. The price may vary depending on the hotel, season, expenses for the celebration.

Czech Republic (Prague)

In this country a very popular weddings in ancient castles – the best option for the most romantic couples! You can sign in the castle or the town hall. Prague is a perfect place for photo shoots. Here, the unique architecture, the photo shoot will be diverse and not similar to wedding pictures of others. But in the Czech Republic there are no beaches and marine recreation, so the honeymoon will have to compensate by walking through the ancient streets and castles. Czech Republic is near, the flights will not be expensive, it is safe to take guests, especially in Prague lots of hotels with good prices.


A great combination of natural beauty, you can choose the wedding venue most romantic island of Santorini, with its white houses, semi-circular roofs blue. The service here at the height of the hotels is very comfortable, no problems with food, because everything is already on the system "All inclusive". Photo shoot in Greece will be memorable and vivid, immediately after the wedding the newlyweds a honeymoon in a warm country with a nice climate, friendly people andthe gentle sea. Marriage you can also enter into legal documents. Wedding in Greece is better to mention from may to October, in warm weather, when you can enjoy the rest of the sea.

stoimost svadby za granicej na 10 chelovek


Another option, where guests can celebrate the celebration. This country captivates with its beauty of landscapes, can be combined here and the tour, and the rest of the sea. The mild Mediterranean climate allows you to relax from may to October. The only negative in this country the wedding will celebrate more than in the Czech Republic, Cyprus. But it is not far, the flights will not be expensive, can be invited to the celebration guests.

Dominican Republic

This exotic country has long attracted honeymooners Paradise landscapes, beautiful sea, tropical forests, amazing architecture. Here the wedding is very Sunny and beautiful. This nature will provide bright pictures of triumph, because on the background of blue water and palm trees the lovers will look even more beautiful. A honeymoon here will be one of the best things in life are amongst superb nature lovers can forget about the hustle and bustle, happy to start a life together.The only disadvantage of the choice of the country – expensive flights. In this country you can have a wedding at any time of the year here is warm all the time.


In this country you can relax all year round, the sea is warm, the climate is pleasant.

Some of the hotels in Cuba provide a wedding ceremony for free if the hotel will live at least 8 days.

The flight is long, but worth it – the country is exotic, the direction is not so popular. Not everyone can boast of a holiday in Cuba, and especially the wedding. This is a great opportunity to make the wedding unique.


In the country you can choose many places for the celebration – this can be a wonderful Rome, romantic Venice, or the city, located by the sea. This country will not leave anyone indifferent! Here you can combine all the components of a better holiday to see the beautiful architecture of Europe, enjoy the sea, enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate. The mass of options, because Italy is so diverse that there will not be bored!


You can hold a symbolic ceremony. Best hotels, sea, turquoise, ancient history will give you unforgettable impressions. The excellent climate allows you to enjoy a relaxing seaside holiday after the wedding. Mexican beaches are the best beaches in the world. Wedding photo in the background of the charming scenery will be bright and will definitely make your wedding unique. Value symbolic weddings abroad is dependent on the pomp of the ceremony, but the minimum version of the event will be available to everyone. The only drawback to Mexico is expensive and a long flight, this will limit the list of invited guests. But before the trip to Mexico will not need to worry about the visa in the country of entry under the simplified regime for CIS citizens.


Marriages in this country, recognized in Ukraine. France is the most romantic country, what could be better than to celebrate a wedding in Paris, Monaco, on the Cote d'azur? This country provides plenty of options for the most romantic event in your life. Here you can realize the most daring idea:

  • celebration in an old castle
  • in Paris?
  • on the ship,
  • near the sea,
  • in the vastness of the beautiful Provence with its lavender fields.

After spending a few days in France, together to travel around Europe to visit several countries and to return home, inspired by this beginning of family life.

Sri Lanka, Goa, India

This is the most exotic location for a wedding. Their wedding traditions, friendly people, good service. The island of Sri Lanka and Goa just surrounded by the Indian ocean is on these two Islands with their warm waters. Here you can organize an unusual ceremony to combine the European tradition and the ancient culture of India. Will complete the celebration a wonderful romantic candlelit dinner on the beach, where you can watch the sunset. The cost depends on the imagination of the newlyweds – how to organize a small ceremony, or to use the yacht, limousine and even a helicopter.

Stoimost svadby na GOA

The organization of the celebration is better left to professionals – all will pass smoothly and without hassle. The price on the official wedding starts from 810 dollars, but may fluctuate depending on the hotel scale celebration. India will give an unforgettable experience of a lifetime, this is not worth saving.


This country has long been famous for highly developed infrastructure of hotels. Trend has become so popular that now Egypt go not only to relax but also to celebrate the wedding. The simplest option is a wedding on the beach, but you can certainly celebrate the celebration and on the boat. It also has its own wedding traditions, the couple after the wedding may not be restricted to stay on site, and to go on excursions, adding to the rest of new emotions. Egypt became available to the country, sothe newlyweds can go back and visit, flights and hotels that now allow it.

The Maldives

These Islands can become the embodiment of your dream of the perfect wedding. It was here, on the edge of the world, white sand on a beautiful beach it is possible to hold a wedding ceremony. The Maldives is a Paradise for two lovers who have decided to retire from the world, to plunge into the feelings. This place is as exotic and distant, that it to choose just a few. Flights here are expensive, but chic addition to closed five-star hotels, there are more modest options.

Because of its tourism business can even carry out such a daring dream, a wedding in the Maldives!

The cost of a symbolic wedding abroad will be lower than the conducting official of the ceremony. The main thing here is to imagine what you want, as you can see the most important event of his life, and an experienced specialist will help in the realization of dreams. The main advantage of the chance to make a celebration memorable and unique that even after many years, enthusiastically tell their children, and then grandchildren about the happiest event of their lives.