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The types of travel insurance in tourism: voluntary, medical, personal

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Travel is always a change in the usual environment. Those who like to travel far from home, often in unusual body climatic conditions in a foreign linguistic and cultural environment. This creates a risk to health and safety.

To feel confident and not be afraid of unexpected situations, you should pay attention to the insurance in tourism.

Insurance in tourism

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When planning a vacation, happy travelers look forward to the joy of travel, without thinking about possible unpleasant situations.

Meanwhile, the awareness of travel insurance will be useful to any tourist.

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What is it?

Insurance is a necessary way to ensure the safety of tourists. For the tourist buying insurance is a reason not to worry about the costs of treatment, loss of baggage and other incidental expenses. For tourism organizations and transport companies is essential to their success.

Characteristic features of insurance in tourism are the brevity of the conclusion of insurance contracts (no more than 6 months), high uncertainty of the magnitude of possible damage and insurance compensations, the time of occurrence of the insured event.

Principal and shapes

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Depending on the object of insurance allocate the following types:

  • Personal – involves payment of expenses in connection with the onset of illness, death, temporary or permanent disability of the insured;
  • Property – applies to property and financial risks;
  • Liability insurance is necessary in case of harm to people or organisations on the part of tourist or travel company;
  • Reinsurance – the simultaneous insurance of the same object by different insurers.

Forms of insurance differ in the time when a tourist can get your payment:

  1. Compensation form – the tourist himself pays all the bills, saving receipts, and after that goes to the insurance company for compensation of their expenses;
  2. It is not very convenient and is associated with disabilities of the insurer – the absence of its representatives at the place of stay of the traveler.

  3. Service (assistance) – upon occurrence of an insured event the insured tourist on the phone to representatives of the company, reports your personal data and the insurance policy number, and then the employees render the necessary assistance and arrange payment of expenses. It's more convenient, but more expensive.

Some of the features

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Insurance companies offer a wide range of options insurance policy and constituent services. The right choice of insurance policy will depend on the plans for the holiday, the route and the available funding.

The insurance deductible

Franchise in travel insurance is part of the amount of insurance payments that an insured tourist pays itself. Depending on the rules by which this amount is calculated, there are three types of franchise:

  • Conditional deductible – a fixed amount in case of excess which the insurance company takes all the costs. If the insurance case has resulted in costs less than this amount, then the tourist pays for them himself. This is the most popular and most convenient choice of a franchise;
  • Unconditionaldeductible – a fixed amount which is paid by tourists for any amount of expenses connected with the insured event. If the costs were less than or equal to the amount the tourist pays for them himself. If the costs were more than this amount, the insurance company deducts this amount from the total cost of the expenses.

    This is the most disadvantageous for the tourist deductible, so insurance with such conditions, are the cheapest;

  • Dynamic franchise – involves changing the percentage of insurance payments from the total amount of expenditures depending on the number of insurance cases. For example, in the first case could be compensated for all expenditures in the second 90% and so on.

Deductible allows you to save on the cost of insurance, but the camper runs the risk of incurring even greater losses in the case that conditions prevail for it is unprofitable.

Personal travel insurance

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Personal travel insurance refers to those cases when it is necessary to protect the property interests of tourists related to the life, health and work capacity. Only applicable to natural person. This insurance is required if a tourist gets a harm to their health and life, and forced to pay for the treatment.

The event should take place in areas provided for tourist tour.

Personal insurance does not apply to diseases with a long prolonged duration, and infection, as well as on the situation resulting from the conscious intention of most tourists to expose themselves to dangerous situations.

Compulsory personal insurance is provided for air travel and rail transport. The need for mandatory insurance dictated by the fact that the use of these types of transport associated with high risk of injury in accidents. The cost of insurance is included in the tickets and does not require additional action on the part of tourists.

Voluntary private insurance is at the discretion of the tourist. Has a wider range of insurance claims and choice of the sum insured by the tourist.

Insurance against accidents

Is a private option of personal insurance. Accidents is one of the most common causes of temporary incapacity in a tourist trip. Their probability increases if the tourist is in a foreign country with poor knowledge of the language and culture.


Constitutes a guarantee of compensation of expenses for medical care. Is a particular form of personal insurance. Voluntary health insurance is gaining popularity in recent years. It provides not only compensation for the costs of treatment, but also monitoring the quality of care provided by the insurance company.


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Objects of property insurance act material assets tourist – baggage, personal belongings, including rent, and things left behind.

Insurance cases are theft, damage, destruction, loss of valuable things. Such insurance is most important for those who are forced to carry in the Luggage, valuables, and those who prefer to buy expensive things for vacation rental.

Property insurance also includes financial risks insurance travel organizations, which can arise through the fault of other companies. This is one of the most difficult types of insurance as at the stage of conclusion of the contract and subsequent payments.

Protection of civil liability

Insurance of civil liability of tour operators prevents possible damages in case of breach of obligations on the part of travel companies.

The tourist is entitled to compensation for their loss if paid for the travel services were not rendered in full.

To take care of the purchase of such insurance should the tour operator, who will be able to compensate the financial loss, if necessary, payment of compensation to the tourist. Such a need may arise in case of problems with registration of visas, booking of hotels, tour programs as a result of random errors.

Domestic and inbound tourism in insurance sector

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The specifics of the development of tourism business in different countries determines the characteristics of insurance. Insurance of domestic tourism focused on the travellers not leaving their country, and foreigners coming for tourism purposes on the territory of the state.



Insurance of domestic tourism in Russia is characterized by low level of awareness of tourists about its capabilities. Many perceive the sale of insurance policies as the imposition of unnecessary services for the sake of the greater gain. In this regard, the insurance company maximum limit the number of possible insurance claims, and tour companies as much as possible save on the insurance policies for selling cheaper travel packages.

As a result, tourists can be offered only economical options insurance, no full information about all insurances.

Despite such harsh conditions in Russia successfully operating insurance company "Consent" and "European Travel Insurance".

Insurance company "Consent"that has been running for 22 years, offers among many other insurance services insurance travelers whose travel routes beyond the boundaries of the country. To order an insurance policy on the site for this, you will need to enter:

  1. personal data;
  2. the duration of the trip;
  3. conditions of travel.

If a tourist is planning to engage in sports or active recreation, provided additional insurance with a slightly more expensive payment policy. For those who want to get the best possible package of services provided "Additional coverage". It includes:

  • the trip expenses of children, accidentally left unattended;
  • visit one of the relatives in case of hospitalization of the insured of the tourist;
  • accommodation in hotel tourist, after hospital treatment and one relative during treatment, prolonged for more than 15 days, or continuing after the day of the planned return;
  • the cost of the service operators.

Company "Agreement" also provides for an additional accident insurance.

Insurance company "European Travel Insurance", working since 2006, allows you to order an insurance policy through the website, pre-calculating its value. On the website are invited to choose from several insurance options, including a different range of services. Offered a choice of insurance options:

  1. for short-term trips;
  2. for multiple trips;
  3. insurance policy in case of cancellation of the trip.

Depending on the selected policy, the possible payment of medical, medical-transport costs, insurance, sports, Luggage.


EU countries belong to the so-called "visa countries". For visa required insurance. In Europe distributed over a wide range of insurance services, including so-called assistance – the possibility of legal and information assistance from service companies.

For travelers entering the territory of European countries by car, you must have civil liability insurance "Green card". This requirement is due to the large number of car accidents that occur due to the lack of uniform rules of the road.

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