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Insurance when going abroad for pregnant women travelling abroad

strahovka dlya beremennyh pri vyezde za granicu

Modern life has high mobility, so travelling became an integral part of life of almost everyone. Frequently plan a foreign trip is necessary and moms who want or are forced to go to another country for business.

Thus it is very important to get insurance for a pregnant woman to travel abroad in order during dangerous situations to avoid negative consequences for themselves and the child.

Insurance expectant mothers

strahovanie zhenshin v polozhenii

Insurance pregnant most insurance companies allocate in a separate kind of service, since in this case a very important quick and high quality medical care.

The woman carrying the baby very vulnerable to predict, when there will come insured event, it is extremely difficult, so all the nuances of insurance policy it is better to know in advance.

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Especially insurance for women in position

Conventional insurance involves many situations when a person may need medical assistance. In the case of insurance for pregnant women the main risk is the threat of termination of pregnancy: a miscarriage or premature birth can happen during a trip abroad.

To obtain coverage, the expectant mother must provide a certificate from a gynecologistwhich States that the pregnancy proceeds without complications and a woman has no serious health problems.

osobennosti oformleniya dlya budushih mam

Insurance does not cover the cost of standard medical services used by a woman if there are no problems with the pregnancy. It does not include and is not payable:

  • Regular gynecological checkups;
  • A routine ultrasound , and other similar surveys;
  • The doctor's visitassociated with morning sickness and other ailments during pregnancy.

Medical expenses are paid only upon the occurrence of an accident, when the expectant mother will need urgent specialist consultation along with the necessary tests to save your life or the life of a child.

Remember that insurance companies do not pay for obstetric services in foreign hospitals, that is, childbirth, postpartum care for the mother and nursing a newborn, and postpartum tests and procedures, you will have to pay yourself.

However, expectant mothers can go to the trick. If the pregnancy is very small (up to 2 months), you will be able to insure themselves for the full program, and it would not be illegal. According to the rules the insurance companies, the woman may not have views about their situation and learn about this during the trip. Therefore, to deny reimbursement of medical expenses associated with, for example, treatment of toxemia, the insurer has no right.

Standard pregnant while traveling abroad could only obtain short-term insurance policythat pays for the cost of doctors just when the accident occurred, which resulted in a miscarriage or premature birth.

nuansy polucheniya polisa

Some insurance companies for a fee include in the policy the additional servicesthat insurance will pay: a visit to the dentist, one visit to an obstetrician-gynecologist, a single ultrasound monitoring, etc.

The standard also insurance policy in the event of a tragic or unexpected situation, which hit an expectant mother, avoids the costs of:

  1. Delivery in medical facility and urgent medical assistance;
  2. Administration of medications, tests and other procedures to maintain the pregnancy;
  3. Interruptionpregnancy in case of impossibility of further childbearing;
  4. Shipping home (with lethal outcome).

Be sure to note at what period the insurance is still valid, what is the maximum value of the sum insured and what kind of cases the company recognizes the insurance.

At what time can be insured?

Even if you're happy expectant mother feels great and it confirms a medical examination and appropriate tests, very few insurance companies issue the insurance policy is a pregnant traveler, if the pregnancy exceeds 22 weeks.

One of the few exceptions company IHI Bupa from Denmark, where staff give insurance for the period of up to 26 weeks. In Russia two companies – Rosgosstrakh and ERV, you can purchase insurance if the pregnancy does not exceed 31 weeks.

Rules of registration

So you don't have to pay for treatment and all medical expenses from its own funds, to the design of the policy should be handled with great responsibility and do it properly.

How to choose the insurer?

Although most insurance companies operates on standard, yet depending on the nuances of your situation before purchasing an insurance policy is to find out the following:

  • The cost of the policy;
  • The list of medical servicesthat are covered;
  • The name honey. institutions in the country to which you travel, cooperates with this insurance company;
  • Is there a free (legal) counseling by phone or Internet for clients.

Based on this, a pregnant woman can decide whether she should purchase a policy in the firm.

Insurance companies

vybor strahovoj kompanii

The best companiesthat deal with travel insurance for pregnant women, are the following:

  • ERV. Here you can purchase an annual policy is almost twice cheaper than insurance on certain dates, so if you go on a trip for a period more than 1 month, it is better to give preference to him. In addition to insurance complications of pregnancy and accident insurance that includes the Luggage insurance. The total amount that is specified in the policy, is 100 thousand dollars.

    The program "OPTIMA", "OPTIMA-multi" and "OPTIMA-annual" cover all expenses in case of any problems related to pregnancy and early childbirth, as well as expenses for the care of the baby at birth before the term (but not exceeding 10 thousand dollars/Euro).

    Buyers programs "Standard plus" and "Sport" will be offered to pay the cost only when unforeseen problems associated with carrying a baby, in the amount of 10 thousand dollars/Euro. "OPTIMA-multi" and "OPTIMA-annual" can be purchased if you are pregnant no longer than 31 weeks. For other programs the pregnancy is limited to 24 weeks, and the insured event must occur no later than 10 days after arrival in the destination country;

  • Rosgosstrakh. The company insures expectant mothers at gestational age not exceeding 31 weeks;
  • Liberty. Here you will be given insurance only if the pregnancy is not more than 12 weeks in the amount of 30 thousand dollars. The cost of an emergency abortion, which was the consequence of an accident are fully covered by insurance;
  • Alpha-insurance. The policy of this company will be useful to you if you become a victim of an accident for up to 8 weeks;
  • Consent. The company insures expectant mothers before 24 weeks, and the policy covers the costs of treatment associated with any complications of pregnancy, and is also a guarantee of free assistance in any situation involving a threat to the life of the mother or fetus, however, amounting to no more than 5 million euros;
  • HCC. Company from USAthat is willing to pay for the treatment of complications of pregnancy, occurring in consequence of the insured event, if the woman is pregnant no longer than 26 weeks;
  • AIG Insurance. Here you will be able to insure the precious from the probable complications in the amount of 60-80 thousand euros;
  • Yugoria. Period of pregnancy with the purchase of the policy should not be more than 29 weeks, and the maximum amount of insurance is up to 100 thousand dollars.

Instruction for traveling on clearance online

algoritm pokupki onlajn

Expectant mothers often easy to get from home to the office of the company to purchase an insurance policy there. So they can order it through the Internet, which developed the following simple algorithm:

  1. Go to the website of the insurance company and specify the country and date of travel. You will immediately see the minimum value of the policy at this period.
  2. Click to check the sub-item "Insurance in case of pregnancy complications". You can specify a large insurance sum;
  3. Click "Buy" and enter your personal details and card details, which will pay for the services of the company;
  4. Click "Pay" and soon insurance will be on your e-mail.

The stay abroad

Sometimes for whatever reason a pregnant are unable or do not have time to arrange insurance before you travel abroad. So the question is, can it be done outside the country, it becomes very important.

Insurance abroad

To protect yourself and baby from the risks associated with poor health, and during tourist trips. For this you need to go online, for example, the service Travelinsur, and to order the policy through the Network, just noting in the online form when filling in "I'm traveling".

After these simple steps travel insurance will come to your email and you can print it.

Actions when the insured event

chto delat pri nastuplenii neschastnogo sluchaya?

If you before the trip abroad in an "interesting" position not attended to the purchase of an insurance policy and are faced with the sharp deterioration of health or become a victim of an accident, you can apply at any medical institution of the country where you are. You will not be denied emergency medical care, however, to pay the costs for medication, hospital stay, tests, etc., you have to yourself.

The owner insurance for pregnant should immediately call the customer service of the insurance company and contact its representatives. This service operates seven days a week and around the clock. Tell them your name, social security number and your location now.

The operator will immediately contact a certain medical institution to which you will be delivered as soon as possible for emergency care.

Useful tips

Make your trip had not been marred by health problems and not hurt the baby, pregnant women should heed the following advice:

  • Take care of the purchase of the policy in advance, to keep potential trouble to a minimum;
  • Carefully choose the way to travel: sea sickness or flying on a plane can cause exacerbation of toxemia;
  • No need to travel to exotic countries, where you can catch some kind of infection, or to the resorts of Egypt, Turkey , etc. in the height of summer it is much hotter than us;
  • Take it on the road a lot of water, juice and food: this will minimize the stressassociated with traveling;
  • Do not lift heavy Luggage;
  • When severe morning sickness is better still to stay home.

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