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Cancellation coverage or refusal to take a flight abroad: insurance claims, cost, features

Strahovka ot nevyezda za granicu - chto eto?

Offensive mistake with the paperwork, sudden illness, death of loved ones and a number of other reasons may lead to that coveted vacation outside their home country will be disrupted.

It is not only a lost opportunity to improve health or to partake of all the joys of the luxury resort, but also a significant financial loss.

However, there is a great possibility of a return for the money spent. Cancellation coverage abroad - that is, a panacea for the trouble or a waste of funds?

General information

In contrast to needed medical, making this type of insurance is optional for potential vacationers.

Sometimes this service is already included in the cost of purchased in tour Agency, but in most cases you need to think about buying it for themselves.

In case of force majeure, the insurance agreement is capable of almost completely, 80-90%, to cover expenses incurred and at least it brighten up the gloomy mood from the loss of coveted guests.

You don't need to rely on the assistance of a travel Agency, because in case of refusal of the permit it has to pay penalties to the numerous cooperating partners numerous excursions, the hotel owners, carriers and so on.

Therefore, paying a ticket, it is better to think in advance about possible surprises and protect yourself from their consequences.

If the reason of cancellation of the trip is included in the list stipulated in the insurance agreement, and there is official confirmation, don't worry about it. Insurance of this type is also valid in case of forced interruption of the trip.

Insurance cases

Before signing the contract , you must carefully examine the conditions of the cancellation insurance isthat, in future, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The agreement lists in detail the situations which arise after the acquisition of travel vouchers and make it impossible to make the trip. The main ones are:

  • an accident or unexpected serious illness requiring a stay in hospital most of the tourist or his immediate family. The report of the attending doctor should indicate you can not make the scheduled journey;
  • the sudden death of the tourist or his relatives;
  • contraindications for vaccinations required to visit a number of countries, but only in the case if this was not known previously;
  • denial of consular offices in the visa for the tourist or his / her close relatives, with whom it was planned trip. A prerequisite is the correct submission of required documents and no similar failure in the past;
  • identified errors in the documents - passport or travel document that prevents;
  • summons to attend the proceedings;
  • the call to military service - emergency or for military training;
  • an emergency, requiring the presence of a potential tourist at home - theft, fire, explosion, flood, natural disaster;
  • the delay on the flight due to a traffic accident or delay for 24 hours for the domestic flight due to weather conditions, mechanical damage or aggressive actions by unauthorized persons.

The decision and conclusion of the contract of insurance allocated three days after purchasing the tickets, but no later than two weeks prior to departure.

Events that make travel impossible, are covered under insurance if they occurred after the payment vouchers and contract.

When insurance is not paid. In order not to get in trouble, when hopes for cost recovery will collapse, need to be fully aware of the reasons for the possible refusal to pay money. This occurs if:

  • treatment arising from illness or injury possible outpatient;
  • the harm caused by drugs or alcohol, suicide attempts;
  • the deterioration of health associated with pregnancy, for example, there is a strong toxicosis;
  • the damage arose from unpaid tour;
  • tourist arrested;
  • the travel company or carrier has suspended its activities;
  • the trip did not take place as a result of terrorist acts or military actions;
  • early return of the tourist from travel related to the business needs of the company where he works;
  • the wrong registration is required for visa documents, and thereby getting a negative answer, and, if earlier already there was a failure in obtaining a visa;
  • delay or flight cancellation attributable to the carrier.

Every contract of insurance may contain some additional items, so not to be trapped, it should be very closely acquainted with all the terms of the agreement.

The cost

The price of insurance usually varies in the range 1.5% - 10% of the value of the vouchers. That is, the more expensive the trip, the larger emergingrisks and the greater the amount of the insurance contract will need to pay.

If there is a basis for reimbursement of wasted funds, the insurance company may deduct some amount to cover overhead.

Under favorable developments, if everything is OK and did not need the insurance the cost will not be refunded.

Buying a tour Agency, you can take advantage of his offer and make a contract of insurance right there. If you plan an individual trip, you will need to refer this to the insurance company, where can offer another interesting option of insurance.

Insurance against nevyleta

Going on holiday alone, airline tickets tourists try to purchase in advance, choosing the most favorable rate.

However, nobody is insured against the case when for any reasons it is necessary to hand over tickets purchased, losing a significant amount of money.

We offer insurance against nevyleta provides for damages to be paid if the refund was forced, connected with certain circumstances.

During the day once the ticket is purchased it can be insured by paying $ 12, regardless of the value of travel documents. At occurrence of the insured event, compensation will amount to 90% of the ticket price.

What to do in case of tour cancellation

How to act if there is provided for in the contract for the event and travel have to give.

Should within a day be reported to the insurance company, if possible immediately providing proof of the seriousness of the reasons for refusal - summons to the army or court, medical certificate, death certificate, the refusal of the consular post, the police report and so on.

Then you need to prepare the paperwork confirming tourist payment, these documents will be provided within two weeks:

  • bought tickets for all modes of transport;
  • payment for various services of the tourist company;
  • of certificate of advance payment;
  • a copy of the passport;
  • the contract with the tourist company;
  • insurance policy.

In addition, you will need to provide the Bank account number upon receipt of the documents and their analysis, the insurance company will transfer the necessary amount to the account of the insured. But remember - expenses are not reimbursed if the travel voucher has not been paid.

What is covered by insurance if the expenses of tourists documented, signed earlier a contract will allow you to return:

  • the cost of tickets for travel;
  • payment for accommodation;
  • the cost of visa;
  • the amount paid for the services of a travel Agency;
  • the cost of excursions.

After reviewing the answer to the main question - what is the cancellation coverage abroad, nice to see some of the nuances of this service.

Features of insurance

Tourists should know about a number of possible surprises, which should be ready. For example, the most frequent reason why the trip is impossible, which is a disease.

However, not every disease included in the list of grounds for the payment of money.

If a child had measles or chicken pox, of course, that to travel, he can not. But if these diseases not in the contract, do not expect compensation.

You can certainly try to file a claim in court, but I doubt he will side with the victim of the tourist, if the disease do not included in the terms of the contract.

Another point which you should pay attention when reading the contract, is the responsibility of the tourist to minimize compensation.

What does it mean? If the family of four went on a journey because of illness of a child, compensation may only get the mother and child. It is implied that the Pope could travel with a second child, and his reluctance is not grounds for the payment of money.

An important caveat - one should never try to deceive the insurance company. Knowing that the basis for denial of the trip can only serve as a disease requiring treatment at the hospital, some provide falsified documents, giving the opportunity to obtain insurance.

However, a "fake" diagnoses not only able to deceive an experienced staff of insurance companies, but they can also be cause for a criminal case against too resourceful tourists.

Why do we need cancellation coverage

Regardless of whether a tourist decides to go on vacation yourself or prefer to use the services of travel companies, to hedge against possible risks is not superfluous.

In the case of forced cancellation of the trip, all major expenditures for reimbursement of penalties and payment of fines falls on the shouldersfrustrated tourist.

The less time remains before the proposed date of departure, the more increase the penalties. In addition to the disappointment of a failed vacation, a tourist loses a significant amount of money, so the services of an insurance company in this case will be very handy.

Useful such insurance and in the case of forced return home because of illness, emergencies at home or trouble with loved ones.

And sometimes successfully began the journey ends at the airport of the host country, because of misfiled documents or lost passports, for example. So everyone can decide the difficult question of the insurance on their own, but is it worth the risk?