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Travel abroad with debt: how to check with the bailiff?

proverit vyezd za granicu s dolgami

If you are going abroad, do not want to learn in advance, whether you have that right. Russian citizens and foreigners in the lists of restricted to travel abroad and border guards are included for several reasons. One of them - an unpaid bill - can affect anyone.

Abroad debt

dolzhnikam za rubezh

For the debts of any size it is impossible to put the person in jail, you cannot take away his only home, garden, tools, household items, food.

Instruments of influence on the average citizen in this respect, not so much. One of the most effective - deprivation of the right to foreign travel.

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Whether the release of debtors abroad?

In most cases, the citizens themselves know has not paid child support, the payments on rent or Bank loan, and for this reason there is a judgment enforcement proceedings. But surprises are not excluded:

  • If you do not live at the place of registration, registered letter from bailiffs probably just got back from the post office to the sender. What sanctions does not relieve;
  • Traffic fines and other administrative sanctions, requirements to pay taxes, payments for communal services are imposed by court orders, "wholesale" many of the defendants, which no one at the hearing does not matter.

    If you like this the order is not appealed (and you will if you don't even know about its existence?), he automatically falls in the regional office of MOP. About "small things" police officers don't push themselves, you know - sooner or later you have to come. If you are not at the place of residence, it is easiest to achieve, adding a "black list" of border guards;

  • Not so long ago the Russians took consumer and other loans under the influence of advertising left and right, not thinking about the consequences. One of such loans can suddenly "explode" at the most inopportune moment;
  • The woman that you forgot to think, can sue you in the local magistrates ' court for child support on the other end of Russia. In such cases, the magistrate decides the issue expeditiously, and the fact that the invitation to participate in the process to you did not come, does not matter. Next, the woman with the writ of execution goes to the local SSP, and the debt appears on the frontier.

vypustyat li zadolzhavshego?

To limit the debtor's right away, the bailiff, it is necessary to have a court decision on debt recovery, which gained legal force. Departure flight or you may close and when to Institute criminal proceedings in connection with the debt (fraud and other economic articles). After the entry into force of this decision, the bailiff at the request of the claimant or its own initiative adopts a resolution limiting the travel.

Usually the debtor, if he within the reach, given the time (five days) to pay the debt. Then copies of the decision to him, as well as in border and migration authorities.

The introduction of such restrictions is the basis for deprivation of the citizen of the passport or refusal to issue. The debtor, he seized at the border by any law enforcement authority upon its presentation. After that, the passport is transmitted to the issuing authority. The debtor will not be released abroad at every border checkpoint of the Russian Federation.

How to set a limit?

The fifth paragraph of the fifteenth article of the law № 114-FZ establishes that the human right to go abroad of the Russian Federation bailiffs have the right to temporarily restrictwhile he did not fulfill his financial obligations or do not agree with the lender. That article 67 of the law No. 229-FZ. The bailiff is obliged to send the person a notice of restriction of travel, which explains for what and for how long restrictions.

It should be noted that the mere existence of the debt, the unpaid loan is not a reason to restrict travel. For the decision to limit needthe presence of Executive proceedings for collection of the debt.

The Bank that you owe, to limit the travel may not. To do this, the lender must sue you in the court, transmit the writ to the bailiff, continue to require the Sheriff of such action.

The amount of debt for arrest

The amount of debt the adoption of a resolution of the bailiff on the prohibition of going on one or more together enforcement proceedings shall be not less than 10,000 rubles.

Exceptions for admission abroad

The ban - the right but not the duty of the bailiff. Is it worth to you to apply this measure, he decides.

isklucheniya iz pravil

As the bailiffs are very busy persons, and registration of the ban requires time and effort, they usually take it only at the request of the claimant.

Using these guidelines, the debtor can almost freely to go abroad:

  1. The existence of the debt, even large, still does not guaranteethat you are blacklisted at the border;
  2. If you really need large losses and failure is not in danger, try to drive, maybe the police officer before you came;
  3. If the reasons are very respectful (death, serious illness of a relative), the leadership of the SSP Department has the right to meet and to lift the ban on travel;
  4. Remember that to cancel the decision of the bailiff is entitled and without any reason. So to include the human factor always really;
  5. Bailiffs have the right to limit the travel of not more than six months in one decision. When the duration is over, the bailiff writes a new one. But usually this is not done the same day, and after a couple of weeks. Quite possible to slip into this "window". Back home you will be allowed in any case without any consequences;
  6. The most common way to circumvent the ban to leave Belarus. The border between Russia and Belarus is not guarded, there are no posts. Riding in a brotherly country, you may proceed where you wish. Shared database in restricted to leave the border guards of the two countries, and while there is no legal basis for its creation. If you're not on the international wanted list, will succeed. And the wanted list of Interpol for the debts are not start;
  7. If Schengen visa, easy to take a train to Kaliningrad and go in Vilnius;
  8. When the purpose of travel - Asia, choose a train ticket, the next in another region of the Russian Federation via Kazakhstan. Come in Petropavlovsk.

The departure from Russia of foreign citizens is regulated N389-FZ, article 28. If a foreigner in Russia owed, his departure is also entitled to limit.

How to check what you owe?

To learn whether you travel abroad, you can go to the web-receiving edge service. Fill in the form, send a request. However, the time and the guarantee of receiving a response to the resource does not say anything.

kak proverit dopusk cherez FSB?

There reply you will not computer, but real people, because the query is written in the form of statements that answer it doesn't.

Wait, find out your debts and take steps to eliminate them. Still will have to pay.

Learn taxes online

To find out the tax arrears online, you must register on the official website FNS. When registering you need to know your VAT (tax number). To find information on this service can be for the following types of taxes:

  • On the ground;
  • On the income of individuals;
  • On the property;
  • Transport tax.

Introduction the portal of state services

Information about unpaid taxes, is imposed for fines, penalties get assessed on the portal of public services. To register there you need to know your social security number, have an email address or mobile telephone serviced by the operator from the list given on the website.

Information from the bailiffs

To learn about debt of all kinds, which has already begun enforcement proceedings, appeal to the office. the website of the Federal bailiff service of Russia. In the section "data Bank SP" enter your personaldata and get a complete list of debts.

At the office. the website of the Federal bailiff service have phone the bailiffsresponsible for each of your debts. Surely you know them and from the letters that came to your apartment. However, to the bailiff to apply to find out whether he carried a regulation restricting the right to travel, is not recommended.

svedeniya ot sudebnyh pristavov

If he could not bear, after your call or visit just endure. After all, he is a person interested to receive from you interest after a foreclosure. Better quietly, without attracting attention, to learn about the same in the office of the SSP.


To pay duty at the border or before you leave - losing option. From making money in the cash register to exclusion from the black list of guards for all the bureaucratic canons will be held not less than two weeks. Of course, all tickets, permits and plans will fail, your losses no one not obliged to compensate. Even a certified copy of the resolution of the bailiff on the abolition of the ban on transmission will do nothing as your data from the list will not be removed officially by all the rules of the FSB.

Close your debts at the office. the website of the Federal bailiff service placed the detailswhich you can pay. They can be found and directly in the office of SSP.

After payment copy of the payment document immediately take to the bailiff. Get him a copy of the decision on the abolition of restrictions on departure from the Russian Federation, reassure her at the older police officer with an official stamp. Check with the bailiff time sending a document to a border guard and wait. Less than 10 days, the procedure of lifting the ban won't take.

Useful tips for debtors

A few tips and tricks that will allow you to avoid the prospects of a spoiled holiday or business trip breakdown:

  • To view the website of FSSP regularly. Print a label to yourself on monitor and periodically click. Always be aware of the case;
  • The same operation should be done from the office. the website of district magistrates that you are geographically. Periodically check the heading "Judicial proceedings", introducing his name. So you know about the debt before it gets to the MTP;
  • Have a good relationship with her bailiff. He is also a man, and nothing in this plan is alien to him. If the debt is of such dimensions that they will have to give over the years, to contact him will have to repeatedly;
  • Do not remind about yourself to the bailiff unless absolutely necessary. Remember the saying about rolling stone. Maybe he was too lazy to write or renew ill-fated decision, as the lender is not guessed to require;
  • If you are sure that the debts have attributed in vain, with malice or negligence, your first assistant Prosecutor. It is easy to write a complaint to the local Prosecutor and drop in a mailbox;
  • Also complaints can be submitted through the website of the regional Prosecutor's office. It's free and easy. The process will go by itself.

  • Pay your debts at the first opportunity. The need for overseas travel may occur unexpectedly, you have to be always ready for such an option.

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