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The new passports: is it possible to enter the child and how to get it?

mozhno li vpisat rebenka v zagranpasport novogo obrazca?

To travel with a child with a parent can be one of passport, father's or mother's, but only in caseif the data about Chad included in this document. Is it possible to make the information in the passport of the new sample, and whether to spend money on registration of the passport for a minor tourist?

Is it possible?

As follows from the Order of the FMS of Russia from 26.03.2014 No. 211 (as amended on 02.02.2015), approved the Administrative regulations of granting of the document of the citizen of the Russian Federation abroad, in the passport of the new generation is not provided and the count of rows for entering information about the presence of children. Thus, the answer is no, enter the child in the passport of the new sample is impossible.

But as a document called a passport of the old sample, has not been canceled, the ID card of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the country is legal and is good enough, just lacks the electronic chip.

You can even note that the label "old" for such an important and recognized abroad document to attach should not be – it's wrong factually, legally.

In the passport without an electronic storage media (i.e., old model) at any stage to enter data about the child.

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The main conditions

The migration service will be allowed to include information about Chad in the passport proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation – mom or dad - abroad, if:

  1. the kid is a citizen of Russia who has not marked its 14th anniversary;
  2. the passport for travel abroad of the Russian Federation should be no electronic chip, and the validity of the document – 5 years;
  3. Chad has a birth certificate, since in its absence is problematic to confirm the status of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

If these conditions are feasible, then the child data in the passport can be made at the time of receipt of the passport, and already available.

usloviya dlya vneseniya rebenka v zagranpasport roditelya

The list of required papers for this procedure

When dad or mom put in papers to get a passport, then a simultaneous filling of information about their offspring spending any money does not require. Request can only legitimate representative of the child, primarily the parents. The list of papers includes:

  • the application of a parent;
  • birth certificate under the age of 14 years young citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • black and white or color baby photo, format 35x45 mm;
  • the special profile of the sample.

The questionnaire is being filled out by the applicant, that is, one of the parents in the passport which are planned additions. If few children, then all of the above will be required for each of them.

How to make data on children in the previously received document?

If the parent document, suitable for ID outside of Russia, is already available, it can be corrected by adding child's data.

To do this, refer to the FMS with the statement, fill in the form on the offspring and to pay the cost of the registration fee for this procedure.

List of documents to be submitted looks like this:

  • statement of father or mother;
  • the birth certificate of a baby who has not yet celebrated the onset of the 14 years;
  • internal passport of father or mother, indicating the Russian citizenship;
  • pictures of Chad in the black-and-white or color (size 35x45 mm);
  • the questionnaire given to the child;
  • receipt of payment of the registration fee.

Of course, need to make and dad's or mother's passport in which to enter data on kadushka.

The amount of the application fee does not change the number of children, and even for 3-4 kids will be all the same money, if the submitted paper is not at all full.

Design a passport forminors up to 14 years

When the father or mother working abroad, and the offspring often crosses the line of code (with a nanny, governess or one), then he definitely should obtain a personal passport of one species, equally legitimate and current.

kak oformit zagranichnyj pasport rebenku do 14 let?


Due to some changes in the law "On procedure of exit from Russia and entry to Russia", now applied for registration of the new passport for a child will require not only digital photographs, but also scan the fingerprints of two fingers (index on both hands) since the age offspring age 12 years.

Personal visit of a teenager (a photo and a scan of the prints is only performed on special equipment that are authorized to receive securities bodies).

When problematic fingerprinting with the index finger, you can scan any finger prints, they are also suitable for identification. Papillary lines will scan and save on an electronic chip that increases the degree of reliability of securities, so as to take advantage of its document fraud will not: does not match pattern prints.

The sample filling out the questionnaire on the international passport of the new sample - in the following video:

From the paperwork you need to provide:

  1. a questionnaire on the child;
  2. birth certificate (with a transcript);
  3. the passport of the parent (internal RF), which entered information about the offspring;
  4. proof of payment of registration fee.

When completing the questionnaire (statements) on the child columns related to the working activities should be left blank, dashes or other symbols is unacceptable.

Fills in the questionnaire a parent. If the application form printed from online sources, then you should know that this form is bilateral, and it is not permissible printing on two sheets, without a turnover.

Term of registration of the paper is approximately 15 days, if necessary, justified, documented – not more than 3 days from the date of adoption of the package of securities.


The usual sample document for the outside Russia is much easier to obtain than biometrics: the procedure is performed within the walls of the FMS, without any shipments. From the paperwork you need to prepare:

  1. form for the child;
  2. the statement, written in free style.
  3. birth certificate (with a transcript, which shows citizenship);
  4. photos of Chad – 3 PCs.;
  5. the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation in the name of the father or mother;
  6. confirmation of the accomplished payment of the state duty.

Just in case you need to capture the documents translated into Russian language and notarized in order to clarify how it was previously written in Latin letters the name and surname (for the avoidance of doubt and inconsistencies).

You should also know that if the child and mother or father's last name, you will need a paper confirming the existence of the relationship.

Through the portal of public Services

To issue biometric passport for their offspring through the website services.

oformlenie zagranpasporta cherez gosuslugi

For this you first need to lay before him all those papers which are given earlier, then on the website to specify your locality in order to determine the desired division of the FMS, and to choose the method of application ( in our case through a legal representative), and fill in all the boxes where you are asked information about the parent as legal representative.

Next you should enter information about the child. In the column where you want to specify the purpose of registration of such document needs to be clarified, for the time you are abroad, it is necessary or to stay. If the family including the child, has a permanent registration, then the finished result will be no later than a month, and in the case of registration by place of stay this time may be delayed up to 4 months.

Attach a picture of a minor tourist goes smoothly, if the parameters of the picture will meet the required - for this purpose you should follow. The baby should be full face without a hat or Panama, with glasses, if you constantly use them.

This picture will not be used for the actual document he needed for work the staff of the FMS.

By submitting the application, the process can be observed, and more successful, if you choose a TEXT communication or email. After receiving an invitation to the division of the FMS, it is important to be at exactly the appointed time, and together with the son, who will take a picture and make a scan of prints of fingers. At the appointed time to come for the finished document can himself a parent, with all itspapers proving his identity.

Online services are convenient, this design saves time and eliminates tedious waiting and two visits to the migration service at the appointed time – not such a big problem.

What is better: to be combined with data of Chad passport of a parent or make him your own?

chto luchshe: vpisat rebenka ili oformit svoj sobstvennyj pasport?

The appearance of the child, especially infants, is rapidly changing, sometimes beyond recognition, so it makes no sense to start the registration document of the latest sample with a validity of 10 years. It is also importantwhether the child can travel by himself, without mom or dad, in whose passport contains the information about the child.

If the offspring will always ride with the parent, the law allows to dispense with the personal document of the child, this variant is more economical.

But when the child becomes older and reaches the age of at least 5-6 years, it will have to issue their own document for travel abroad, but only for a period of 5 years (no electronic chip).

Given the General rules on a global scale, it would not hurt to avoid confusion each child having your own personal document, but no electronic data storage. The passport of the new sample child up to 14 years make no sense, although it is possible.