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What to do if your ears pop on the plane and why lays?

Zakladyvaet ushi v samolete: chto delat?

The plane – a great invention of mankind, which for many years for many represents something very scary and unattainable. Many are forced to fly quite often and don't have any prejudices, difficulties, experiences. Others choose other ways to travel, as long as possible delaying the process of the first flight, while choosing, increasingly, trains and automobiles. Of course, there are times when flights need to be made, so sooner or later, but to sit in such a complex invention will have. It is important to say that among those, and among the other there are people who feel during the flight and even after its completion, some discomfort, they are increasingly asking questions about why ears pop on the plane, what to do with this problem?

In this article we will try to explain you the most important reasons and, of course, ways and solutions.

pochemu zakladyvaet ushi v samolete

The reasons are different...

Many people associate these symptoms with fear, and this makes some sense. After all, nobody cancelled our phobias, which as a result can have a similar situation. This view is supported by those who are not fond of travel. But, according to experts and researchers, the explanation can be only one and the only correct one.

Increasingly, a similar condition is observed during the takeoff, but there are people who feel this discomfort the entire period of the flight. This fact is explained by the difference in pressure: the human body adapted to the external environment, which changes with every meter of height. Thus there is a transformation and adaptation, for some, it can last after planting, but most travelers and tourists a similar condition is observed much less frequently.

We all know that this very difference will be able to align the body itself, but to take this process can a very long time. There is a rule that the greater the difference, the weaker the human body, the longer will be the circulation of blood.

What to do in such a situation?

It is only important to know what is not worth to get nervous and needless to worry, because the situation can only worsen. Knowing why your ears pop on the plane, you will be able to control the situation.

So, follow the listed below rules:

  • Maintain the body in a state of peace of mind, for example, eat a mint, which is slightly distract you and make you calm down. It will also accelerate the passage of air, which is very important, what will be the first way to resolve your problem. You can use the alternative is to chew chewing gum. You ask for what? - The process of pressure equalization is complex, and therefore it is important to accelerate it. Every SIP allows a new flow of air to pass through the ear, which will increase and will equalize pressure.
  • Another method, which is called, in truth, an effective is to drink fluids in small SIPSbut in large quantities. But it is important to say that children and adults should be sure to do it through a straw. So in the body is a process, which also contributes to the extension of air space that largely normalizes blood pressure. In this case you need to be very careful if you fly with a young child – then it also will fit the nipple. Method is unique, because it solves your problem, and you in turn now know what to do if your ears pop on the plane, and as of this very unpleasant feeling can be eliminated.
  • No less productive way to resolve the issue – take a breath and hold the breath for a short period of time. But only need to dial the air through the nose and release through your mouth. Perhaps you feel this version is somewhat strange and nasmelilsya to make such manipulation, you can not, but in case of emergency – he will help you. Regular customers of the airlines for some reason, very often it is used, it is likely that there is a basis, so it's worth the risk and apply it. Will see what the result is – then do not hesitate and think more about personal health.

chto delat esli zakladyvaet ushi v samolete

Very serious things are, when you are forced to fly when you have a cold and stuffy nose. In this situation none of the options will not work as there will be shortness of breath. You definitely need to take special drops that constrict blood vessels and relieve breathing. Remember that if you don't take it - you will feel extremely unpleasant feelings, so you need to be careful.

A few words about the main

As it turned out, the question of why ears pop in a plane is easily solved and has a precise scientific answer, and means that the level of psychological impact to the minimum. So be prepared that at different times (landing or taking off - it will not matter) you may feel or notice this phenomenon. Muchworse, if you are too sensitive and additionally feel dizziness and nausea – here you need to be more careful. You are advised not to sleep while landing. It is not advisable to twist the head and in a personal first aid kit need to have special medications from such situations. The only way you will ease your flight.

chto delat esli zakladyvaet ushi v samolete

Many who fly every week for long distances and suffer in this way have found out another way to fly always with the pilot, which allows much faster to get used to such phenomena. Of course, the vestibular apparatus, this method does not make stronger, but you always know what will be flying and how experienced your pilot.

Recall that, now you know what to do if ears pop in an airplane, but pay attention to the main thing.

If the flight took place, it took more than five hours, but all solutions don't work – then urgent need to go to the doctor, because the causes can be completely different.

In this case only a specialist will be able to explain why your ears pop on the plane and for some reason, this condition continues.