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International airport of arrival in Mauritius on the map: the name and code

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Lately, Mauritius is becoming an increasingly popular vacation spot for tourists from around the world. But since it is an island state lying in the middle of the Indian ocean, the only way to get into the world of charming coral reefs and sandy beaches – is to buy the ticket.

Monthly at the airport of Mauritius to land hundreds of planes, so that make it a snap.

Airports of Mauritius on the map

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If you've never been on this island, it is important to understand exactly where you will be after you exit the aircraftwith maximum convenience to plan your further trip.

The number of international airports

In Mauritius, despite its relatively small area, as many as four airports.

Three airports on the island designed exclusively for local flights and do not accept aircraft from other countries.

Overseas flights only one, it's called airport. sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (code: ICAO FIMP IATA MRU).

The other three airports are the following names:

  • Agalega Airstrip (located in the town of Zagaleta, ICAO code – the FIMA);
  • Mauritius FIC (located in Mauritius, ICAO code – FIMM);
  • Plaine Corail Airport (located on the island of Rodrigues belonging to the Mauritius ICAO code – FIMR, IATA code RRG).

Airport. sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam is located near the small settlement of the Mahébourg (distance 6 km) and is 46 km in South direction from the capital of Mauritius – Port Louis.

Air transportation between the airports and countries of the world

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Despite not a very large area this item air traffic, aircraft arrive and depart from here with enviable regularity. From here fly the aircraft for the following airlines:

  1. South African Airways (flights to South Africa - Johannesburg);
  2. Air Austral (flight in France – Saint-Pierre, Saint-Denis);
  3. Meridiana (flights to Italy – Rome, Milan);
  4. Air France (flights to France – Paris);
  5. Emirates Airline (flights to the UAEland in the Dubai);
  6. Air Madagascar (flights to Madagascar – Antananarivo);
  7. Edelweiss Air (flights in Switzerland – Zurich);
  8. Air Mauritius (flights to Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Switzerland, India, China, Singapore, Italy);
  9. Corsair International (flights to France – Marseilles, Lyon, Paris, Nantes);
  10. Air Seychelles (flights on the Seychelles – Mahé);
  11. China Southern Airlines (flights in China – Shenzhen);
  12. Austrian Airlines (flights to AustriaVienna);
  13. Condor Airlines (flights to Germany – Frankfurt-on-main, seasonal – Munich);
  14. British Airways (flights to the UK and South Africa – London and Johannesburg).

To purchase a ticket on one of the flights, or to clarify the cost, use the search form. Enter the points of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

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The terminal im. SSR

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International airport of Mauritius deserves a separate detailed descriptions that will allow tourists immediately upon arrival, quickly find.

General description

The name of the airport was given in honor of the first Prime Minister of the state. In this work two terminals.

The old terminal is two-storey: travelers flying from the second floor, and visitors arrive on the first.

In 2013 started a new terminal that can transmit up to 4 million passengers annually. His "highlight" - full compliance with the environmental standards of environmental protection. Here is led lighting, solar panels (additional energy source also serves as rainwater). To avoid the heat in the building for cooling using special thermal panels.


Lounges at the airport are very convenient and allow you to spend many hours waiting for your flight with maximum comfort, them three. Resting in an easy chair, travelers will be able to read Newspapers or watch TV.

You can also surf the Internet using the free Wi-Fi, a separate computer room with desktop PCs connected to the Network. Photocopying services and transmission of documents by Fax and in the VIP rooms have their own showers.


uslugi transfera

To get to or from the airport to hotel reservation room in several ways:

  • In a rented car. At the airport rental cars of different companies: Europcar, ABC, Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Budget, ADA, and First. We Mahébourg, you need to drive about 6 km in a westerly direction on the highway a10 and then roll to the airport, paying attention to the signs. From Port-Louis drivers should drive about 40 km in a South-westerly direction;
  • The airport has paid Parking for 600 cars (the cost is determined by the type of machine and will be charged rent).

  • On the bus. From the capital of Mauritius to airport buses run regularly (on average every 30-60 minutes), but if you have a lot of Luggage, this type of transport can be inconvenient. The cost of the ticket is approximately 300 Mauritian rupees (490 rubles). The trip from Port Louis to the airport on time is about one hour;
  • Taxi. Drivers are usually waiting for passengers near the terminal. To negotiate the price of a trip to Port Louis. The duration of the trip will be about 45 minutes and cost approximately 1,500 local rupees (about 2400 rubles). In the arrivals area in a separate hall for tour operators have information on all local taxi services.


At the airport there are ATMs and a currency exchange in the departures area, as well as Bank branches in the areas where you arrive and where are you flying from passengers. You can also eat in the restaurant, fast food or cafes and visit the post office.

The airport has two outlets duty free, where to sell chocolate, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, perfume and much more. In souvenir shops for Mauritian garments, accessories, crafts, island artisans, and exotic spices. At newsstands, in addition to the media, I offer fiction books, tobacco products and drugs.

udobstva i servis

Tourists who feel bad, offer to visit the emergency room, where you will have a doctor. For passengers with children , there is a room mother and child.

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Travel tips

Before landing at the airport of Mauritius it is useful to get acquainted with the following recommendations:

  1. To register and place the Luggage in case of purchase of tickets for domestic flights within Mauritius can be no earlier than 2 hours prior to departure and no later than 40 minutes before departure time;
  2. With international flights the registration process starts 2.5 hours before departure. To register you will need your ticket and passport;
  3. Those who book plane tickets online needs only a passport.

  4. To pass the customs control at this point flights, you need to follow the restrictions - not more than 1 liter of strong alcohol, 200 cigarettes, 2 liters of beer or wine, 250 ml of toilet water and 100 ml of spirits. To carry foreign currency in any amount, but banned is the importation of not only weaponsand illegal substances, but sugar cane;
  5. If you are coming to Mauritius for no more than a month, a visa you do not need.

See the overview of the island's international airport in this video: