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What to do and see in Kenya: pictures and description of attractions

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It is called the cradle of civilization, the navel of the Earth, the Kingdom of wild animals and a tourist Paradise. Talking about Kenya attractions which aspire to see numerous guests of this beautiful and unspoilt country.

A little about Kenya

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A former British colony, today the Republic of Kenya is an independent state, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The population is approaching 49 million.

The main city of Nairobi is a fast – growing modern metropolis. The number of residents of the Kenyan capital exceeds 3 million people.

Research of archaeologists and anthropologists acknowledge that in Kenya originated human civilization.

Where and how to get there?

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Where to find Kenya on a modern map of the world? This state is located in East Africa, bordering Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Tanzania.

In its Western part is the greatest of African lakes – Victoria, and on the East the country is washed by the waters of the Indian ocean.

Almost in the center of Kenya is the line of the equator, and therefore it is called "the navel of the Earth".

The name of the biggest mountain sounds the same as most countries – Kenya, the height of this peak exceeds 5 thousand meters.

mesto raspolozheniya i sposoby dobratsya

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Flights to Nairobi carried out about 40 airlines. International airport is also in Mombasa, the second largest city in the country.

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What to do in the country?

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To see the wildlife of Africa to observe animals in their natural habitat, to experience the life and traditions of the local tribes – that's why tourists from all over the world travel to Kenya.

What is interesting to do in this country:

  1. Safaris in national parks. And they occupy a huge area, where in a natural environment inhabited by a variety of representatives of wild African fauna;
  2. Traveller guides can see how hunt lions, bathing hippos, dancing rare crowned cranes, in the waters of the shallow lake to feed the pink flamingos.

  3. To make rare footage, for example, elephant on the background of the famous mountain Kilimanjaro. This snowy peak is best seen with Kenya, although it is located in Tanzania;
  4. To observe the great migration of millions of animals that go in search of new pastures. Particularly impressive is the crossing of the Mara river, when a huge herd of wildebeest, gazelles and zebras overcome the water barrier, the risk of becoming the prey of crocodiles;
  5. To see it live all the representatives of the "big five" – Rhino, Buffalo, elephant, leopard and lion;
  6. Mingle with exotic animalsthat are reluctant to contact with the person. And all because they live in special conditions. For what it's worthvisit giraffe Manor, where you can roam freely, these long-necked giants. Pat the baby elephants and to watch them feeding in the elephant orphanage of the David Sheldrick;
  7. To visit the original village of the Masai tribe. Here tourists will see the authentic life of the inhabitants, acquainted with their exotic customs and culture;
  8. Sunbathe on the white Sands of ocean beaches, plenty of napravilsya and dive in the azure waters of the Indian ocean, to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury resorts. Of more active entertainment for tourists – diving, underwater fishing, Golf, Windsurfing, hot air ballooning;
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  10. To meet a variety of local cuisine. Savour exotic dishes from meat of wild African animals – an ostrich roast, steak, Buffalo, warthog roast, skewers of crocodile, antelope steaks, stew turtle stew made from octopus, other seafood delicacies.

The state architecture - photos and description

The main architectural attractions of Kenya can be seen in Nairobi and Mombasa. The legacy of past centuries are well preserved, still colonial buildings adorn the face of these cities, for example, old British hotels. But in the present architecture and traditional African motifs. This mixture of styles adds a special touch to the urban landscape.

Historical and cultural facilities

Kenya is interesting not only for its rich fauna and picturesque landscapes. This ancient land is a mix of many civilizations and cultures. Lovers of historical and cultural values is something to see in this country:

  • Malindi is an ancient city, which was visited by many great explorers. There remained mounted Vasco da Gama cross, the column, the symbol of achievements of the Portuguese navigators, the first Church on the African continent;
  • istoricheskoe stroenie v Malindi

  • Today from the ancient city of Gedi, located in the vicinity of Malindi, only ruins are left, but tourists drawn to this mysterious place. Here you can see the Foundation of the mosque, the remains of the Palace and city gates and to imagine how they lived, the inhabitants of Gedi a few centuries ago;
  • The historic center of Mombasa is an Old city with interesting buildings, whose architectural style is characteristic of the East African coast. The house is decorated with patterns and ornaments on the balconies, window frames, staircases, doors;

  • Fort Jesus in Mombasa included in the list of sites protected by UNESCO. This ancient fortification towers over the entrance to ocean Harbor. The Fort was built by immigrants from Portugal in the XVI century. Today, the walls of the fortress is a Museum;
  • sooruzhenie iz istorii Mombasy

  • 140-foot Clock tower located in the centre of the Kenyan capital. The building is of impressive dimensions and original design – one of the most famous in all of Africa. The tower is visible from any point of Nairobi, connected with it many legends and beliefs;
  • The Parliament building of Kenya colonial style. The complex of low-rise buildings are United by the clock tower. The ensemble includes the tomb of the "father of the Kenyan nation", the country's first President Jomo Kenyatta.

Religious objects

Kenyans profess different religions. Their places of worship have members of all faiths, and they represent an architectural and cultural attractions of the country:

  1. The main Muslim temple in Kenya – Jami mosque. The building was built in the early twentieth century, in the typical Arab-Muslim style. Decorate a religious building minarets, gold-plated silver arch and the dome;
  2. The mosque has its own well-stocked library. Here every day attracts thousands of pilgrims.

  3. In Nairobi there is a Catholic Church – Cathedral of the Holy Family. This building, built in the early twentieth century – the first stone building in the city. The temple has the title of minor Basilica;
  4. The Anglican Church in Nairobi is built in the Gothic style All Saint's Cathedral. The building looks more like a medieval castle than a temple. Built the Cathedral in the middle of the last century, in memory of the first Anglican missionaries.

In Nairobi you can see and other places of worship – Sikh and Hindu temples, Orthodox Church of St. Mark.


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Museum galleries are kept rich historical, cultural, artistic heritage of the country. Better to learn and understand this country will visit museums:

  • In the National Museum of Kenya, visitors will see a rich collection of exhibits dedicated to the history, Ethnography, and culture of the country. Here you can also get acquainted with the fauna and flora of East Africa. The Museum hosts exhibitions of contemporary art;
  • In the Railway Museum has a collection of steam locomotives of the time of Queen Elizabeth. She personally attended the opening of the first railway lines. The Museum dedicated to the history of this mode of transport in Africa. It is located on the territory of the Metropolitan railway station;
  • In the natural history Museum are a unique collection dedicated to the rich natural world of Kenya. Popular dinosaur Park where you can see a layout of these ancient reptiles.

You should definitely visit the house-Museum of Danish writer Karen Blixen, visit located in the building of the Kenya National Archives Museum, the second President of the country Joseph Murumbi. Interest for curious tourists are the Lamu Museum dedicated to the life and culture of the Swahili, the Kisumu Museum, telling about the traditions of people of the Western Rift valley.

What to see in nature?

Nature Kenya is a special topic. The majority of tourists go to this country to enjoy the majestic scenery of the mountains and savannas, close-up look at the life of wild African animals.

National parks

In this country any hunting under strict prohibition, there tend to preserve the rich fauna.

One third of the territory of Kenya – national parksthat attract tourists from all over the world.

  1. Park Tsavo (Tsavo) is the oldest and largest in Kenya. In the Eastern part tourists can watch lions and elephants, and in the West admire the volcanic landscapes and lakes.
  2. Near the foot of Kilimanjaro is "elephant Country" – the Park of Amboseli. The reserve is inhabited by other representatives of African fauna – leopards, hyenas, antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, rhinos. Here by popular walking routes, literally leading the trail.
  3. Masai Mara – this Park is perhaps the most famous in Kenya. Lions – its main inhabitants, but even here you can find almost 80 different types of animals. On the Park trail the great migration of wildebeest.
  4. park Masai-Mara

  5. Feature of Nairobi National Park is its location within the boundaries of the metropolis. On weekends there is live music Safari, during which visitors get acquainted with diverse inhabitants of the Park, among which the black Rhino, lions, giraffes.

Popular with tourists and other parks – Mount Kenya, Hell's Gate, Aberdare, marine reserve of Watamu.


  • African pearl – lake Victoria. Part of it belongs to Kenya. Here are popular tourist fishing, held international fishing competitions. In the waters of Victoria inhabits the oldest fish lang, whose lineage goes back 300 million years.
  • Lake Turkana (Rudolph) is one of the largest saline lakes in the world located in the desert.
  • The lake is famous for its turquoise waters and sandy beaches. It is called a sea because of its impressive size and storm surges.

  • But lake Naivasha – a fresh water reservoir at an altitude of almost 2 thousand meters in the great rift valley. About four hundred species of birds breeds on its banks, including marabou and pelicans. There's a lot of hippos, which tourists like to take pictures.
  • Lake Nakuru is famous for its huge number of pink flamingos, they are – up to half a million. Birds are attracted by the unique blue-green lake algae. Nakuru is also the natural habitat of rhinos (black and white).


You can visit the Thomson falls – so-called tourists by the name of its discoverer, a traveller from Scotland. Indigenous Kenyans call the ' waterfall Nyahururu.

Water flows down from a height of 75 meters, is located this natural landmark in the vicinity of lake Nakuru.

National Park Meru is located about four hours drive from the Kenyan capital. Tourists come here to enjoy the waterfalls Adamson, who fall in the river Tana, the largest in the country. The richness of waterfalls increases in the rainy season, which lasts from April to June and in October-November.

In the reserve Shimba hills one of the most attractive places for tourists – the Sheldrick waterfalls. Streams of water poured from a height of 25 meters. At the foot of the falls the travellers love to have picnics or just take a refreshing dip in the cool waters.

Familiarity with the Kenya will bring a lot of unforgettable emotions and impressions. The country is rich in attractions, which every year seeks more tourists.

See a video review of the attractions of Kenya in this video:

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