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What to see in Mauritius: map of sites with photos

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Along with the Seychelles and Maldives Islands Mauritius is considered one of the most exotic and luxurious resorts in the world. Special popularity it enjoys the rich Europeans, who are attracted to the remoteness of the island from the corners of civilization and the magnificent beaches and attractions of Mauritius.

Mauritius on the world map

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Lost in the ocean island is a real Paradise on Earth, as it combines a wonderful climate, unique nature and a unique cultural mix of local residents.


The government of Mauritius is a group of Islandslocated in the southern part of the Indian ocean 900 km East of Madagascar.

Mauritius is an island country consisting of the island of Mauritius, Rodrigues, the Islands of cargados carajos and the whole group of smaller Islands.

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The development of tourism

Despite the remoteness of Mauritius from major centers of civilization and the high cost of the resort, Mauritius enjoys continued popularity among well-off tourists from around the world. The growing popularity of Mauritius among tourists began in the second half of the XX century with the development of air travel.

Tourists are attracted here with magnificent sandy beaches, mild tropical climate and exotic nature. Now Mauritius is a luxury resort, featuring great service and correspondingly high prices.

The sights of the island with a photo and description

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Mauritius is not only a beach holiday but also a rich cultural programthat will be of interest to any traveler visiting that distant country.


Most of the interesting monuments located in the state capital city of Port Louis.

The tomb of Laval — a monument to the Christian priest who was preaching Catholicism among the locals. Father Jacques Laval was sent to the island in the middle of the XIX century, with a mission to proselytize Mauritians. It is believed that in 20 years of missionary Laval dubbed over 67 thousand people.

For outstanding contribution to the development of Christianity on the island of Laval was ranked as the Catholic Church canonized.

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Unusual for abroad a statue of Lenin is located in the city Park of Port-Louis. The monument to the leader of the world proletariat is thanks to Mauritians for the fact that the Soviet Union was the first to recognize the independence of Mauritius from the UK.

Also in the city Park of Port-Louis is a monument to St. Louis (Louis), in whose honor was named the capital of Mauritius.

Religious objects

Feature of Mauritius is the mingled nature of the locals. Here living peacefully Catholics and Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. Each community has its own temples that are worth visiting.

The most famous Christian temple of Mauritius — the St. Louis Cathedral, located in Port-Louis. The Cathedral was erected in the first half of the eighteenth century, the French colonial authorities. The walls of the Cathedral, designed in the style of the late Renaissance, holds the ashes of the wife of one of the first governors of the island of La Bourdonnais.

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Hindu templeShiv Parivar Mandel near the lake of Grand Bassin — a sacred place for local residents, many of whom are Indians, moved here during the colonial era.

Before entering the temple welcomes visitors to a 33-metre statue of Shiva, also on site is the many other statues of the Hindu gods: Lakshmi, Shiva, Hanuman, Ganesha and even Buddha. During the festival of Maha Sarawati the area of the temple is filled with pilgrims and tourists who come to enjoy this colorful spectacle.

Architectural structure

Aapravasi Ghat - crossing terminal for arrivals from India immigrants to work in the sugar cane plantations. Terminal included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

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Attention travelers deserve:

  1. The Cathedral of Saint Louis in the capital;
  2. Old Fort Fort Adelaide and Mars field near its walls;
  3. The city hall of the city of Curepipe;
  4. Chateau Robillard accommodation in Mahebourg;

Mauritius boasts of a unique neighborhood cultures that was reflected in the local architecture.

Of great interest are the ethnic neighborhoodslocated in Mauritius cities, especially in Port Louis. You can visit a real Chinese quarter on Royal street, Port Louis, wander through the Muslim quarter or to get acquainted with the Indian culture in one of the many Indian neighborhoods.


Mauritius is rich in various museums, most of which are dedicated to the local history, nature and customs of its inhabitants.

  • Natural history Museum of Mauritius will tell you about the fauna of the island, including the representatives of the extinct species. Due to its remoteness from the other land masses, Mauritius was inhabited by the representatives of the endemic species, many of which became extinct with the appearance of a person.

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    Especially explorers were impressed with the Dodo is a large bird, not knowing how to fly and not fearing man. These stuffed birds exhibited in the Museum. Also at the Museum, the art gallery, which presents works by local and foreign artists.

  • The Museum "Eureka" is located in Moka, near the capital of Mauritius. The Museum tells about the history of Mauritius, about spiritual and material culture of the peoples settled in it (Indians and Chinese), there are also old maps and crafts.
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  • In the cultural heart of the Domain de Paul in Moka, carefully reconstructed life of the first settlers in Mauritius. Here is preserved sugar factory and water treatment plant of the XVIII century, extant in its original form. Also here you can watch the production of rum, horse riding, or dine in one of the ethnic restaurants.

Gardens and parks

The most beautiful in Mauritius is wild nature, so the locals have organized several nature parks that are very popular among tourists.

National Park "Black river Gorges" is more than 3% of the entire territory of the country. This is one of the most famous attractions of Mauritius. At the Park you can travel by car or one of the many Hiking trails. In the Park live numerous species of Mauritian fauna and rare species of local flora.

The landscape of the Park is also very picturesque: there are dozens of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and gorges. Also located on the highest point of the island — the Peak of the Black river.

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Natural Park "the Color valley" is located in the southwestern part of the island of Mauritius. The feature of "Color the valley" is that the land here has different shades of color, so the Park got its name. The range of colors of the earth vary from brown and purple to green and orange. In the Park there are several waterfalls for tourists with children there is a small zoo, restaurant and children's Playground.

Botanical garden in Pamplemousses is located in the suburbs of Port Louis and is considered one of the oldest in the world. The history of the garden began in the second half of the XVIII century, when a botanist Pierre Pwvr organized a garden for growing herbal plants.

Now the garden is grown more than 500 different types of plants and trees, and the pride of Pamplemousses are palms, of which there are more than 80 types. Another attraction of the garden — Lily "of the Amazonian Victoria", the leaves of which exceed 2 meters in diameter.


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Nature of Mauritius is exotic and colorful. The island hasvolcanic landscape of the island is indented by numerous valleys, mountain gorges and volcanic lakes. There is also a unique monument of nature, which is unique in the world virtually no.

  1. Colored Sands of Chamarel are perhaps the most famous natural attractions of Mauritius. Unique multi-colored dunes, which bears the name of the seven coloured Sands, located in the South-West of Mauritius and attract tourists with their uniqueness.

    The unusual dunes is that Sands of different colors do not mix to form a surreal scene, as if descended from the painter.

  2. To step on the dunes it is impossible, therefore, to observe the Sands organized a special viewing platform.

  3. The waterfalls of Tamarin, located near the eponymous town, is considered one of the most beautiful places of Mauritius. To get to the waterfalls you will have to use the services of a guide who will lead along a mountain trail to the observation platform above the waterfalls. From height falling streams of water seem to be particularly beautiful. After observing the waterfalls from the mountain top you can go down and take a dip in a cold mountain river.
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  5. One of the most popular places for excursions on the island — the crater of the dormant volcano Trou Cerfs. As the volcano had not been active, its slopes are overgrown with dense forest. At the bottom of the crater is a small lake, behind him you can see from the top of the volcano, where the observation deck is located.

What else is a must see?

In addition to the aforementioned sites and of course beaches, Mauritius offers tourists many other attractions.

Self-guided tours

If you want, you can go to the crocodile farm, located in the extreme South of the island of Mauritius. In addition to these reptiles, the farm has giant tortoises of Aldabra, the age of some of them reaches 100 years. At the farm there is a restaurant where you can sample steak from the present Nile crocodile. To explore the farm will need the whole day.

Of course, not to do from visiting the incredibly beautiful beaches of Mauritius. You can relax on the longest beach - FLIC-EN-FLAC, on the coast Of Trou d'eau Douce on the East of the island, Tamarin on the West coast and others.

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Entertainment places

In the reserve of the Mountains every tourist can enjoy a cable car ride, stretched between the steep banks of a mountain canyon. Since the attachment points are not on the same level, the movement of the cable car turns into a rapid flight that will delight any tourist.

Another attraction on the island is the so-called "underwater Safari" attraction, when a small submarine down to a depth of 235 meters and move on the sandy bottom. Run submarines with the local beach of "Mont Choisy".

During this ride you can observe the underwater world of the ocean, or dine and drink champagne.

Port Louis is large by local standards, town, so lovers of active nightlife will not be disappointed with a vacation. Especially popular night clubs "Banana Beach Club" and "Les Enfants Terribles".

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