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Weather and temperature in October in Egypt

Pogoda v Egipte v oktyabre

Egypt for many has always been a country of dreams. To come here and see the pyramids, pharaohs mummies, noisy Cairo, swim in the Red sea many want. So tourists are always abound.

Stay in affordable and comfortable: plenty of sun, clear sea, numerous trips.

Egypt occupies a large area, and the climate is different everywhere. On the coast of both seas, and the Mediterranean, and the red, the climate is subtropical, with hot summers and mild winters.

In the hinterland, in the desert, the air drier, the temperature varies during the day: in the afternoon goes up to 30, night drops down to 0.

What is the weather like in October?

October in Egypt ends the tourist season. The weather becomes comfortable. Exhausting heat, which is all summer, is gradually disappearing, but the day is still quite hot, up to 30-31 degrees, but from the sea blowing a refreshing breeze.

And at night the temperature is lowered to 20 degrees. Water in the Red sea is very warm 24-26 degrees, and there are jellyfish that are so annoying tourists in the summer.

On the coast of the Mediterranean sea temperature is higher in the afternoon to 33 degrees, and there are days when the summer heat returns, the thermometer rises above 35. But the night is much cooler to 24 degrees. The water temperature is not yet below 27.

But the rains: heavy rains, and small, with large rare drops. But they won't go after an hour, as a rule, no rain, and the puddles dried up.

The onset of autumn in the Central regions of the country. What is the temperature here in October? Night in Aswan 20 degrees, and at Cairo and Luxor only 17 though the day here is still very hot, the temperature can rise up to 35-38 degrees.

In the second half of the month the temperature falls a little, but this is more comfortable. It starts with a real autumn season.

Kakaya pogoda v oktyabre?

Where to spend time?

October is the best time for visiting museums and exploring the attractions of Egypt.


Cairo Museum. In the Museum in Cairo, which opened in 1880, there are many Egyptian treasures, some of them more than two thousand years.

This jewelry the Queen of Ahhotep, mummies of the priests, and items from the tombs of the pharaohs, the Golden mask of the Pharaoh Psusennes, artifact "the Saqqara plane".

Perfume Museum. Enchanting scents envelop travelers from the first minute of stay here. Spirits in the most bizarre bottles, empty containers, keeping the flavors more times of Cleopatra and Ramses.

Here visitors will be acquainted with the technology of making perfume. At the Museum there is a shop where you can buy bottles of handmade perfume.

Palace Museum. It is the residence of the monarchs of Egypt. It is located in the southern part of Cairo. The Yusupov Palace features magnificent interiors, affecting its luxury.

The throne room, which is now exhibited at the Royal clothes, the Royal bedroom with luxurious four-poster bed.

The Museum of Islamic art in Cairo. There are about 60 thousand exhibits, telling about the culture and traditions of Islam. This is one of the most visited museums in Egypt.

Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria. The Museum contains exhibits telling about the reign of the Ptolemies: sarcophagi, statues of gods and other artifacts.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti


Twice a year, including in October, takes place the festival "the Miracle of the sun" in the Nubian desert, near the temples of Abu Sibel.

What to do?

In Egypt a large number of places where you just can't go.

Egypt. Boat trip, fishing, Paradise island and coral reefs.


In Egypt you can go to the most interesting from a historical point of view places.

Excursion to Luxor. Ancient Thebes — a huge open air Museum, where tourists will tell many legends.

Thebes already existed in the third Millennium BC. So there are a lot of temples, ancientbuildings here lived the pharaohs and priests, artisans and skilled doctors.

Excursion to the City of the Dead (Valley of the Pharaohs). On the banks of the Nile stretches a giant cemetery, where the rocks in the funerary temples, are buried the kings and Queens of Egypt.

Here are the colossi of Memnon, the pyramid of Tutankhamun, thanks to which this place was called the Valley of the Pharaohs.

Here you can see the famous temple of the sun God Amon-RA, where are preserved the statues of the gods and majestic columns.

Excursion to Mount Moses. This is one of the most revered places of the Christians. Hundreds of pilgrims and tourists climb 3750 steps to the summit to see sunrise.

The ascent starts early in the evening. And only morning people get to the top.

Excursion to the monastery of St. Catherine. The monastery is a large collection of ancient icons and saved the burning Bush, the Bush, the fire God appeared before Moses.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Beach vacation

In Egypt two kinds of beaches: sandy and coral.

The beaches of Naama Bay resort Sharm El-Sheikh. Sandy beach, but the coast there are corals, so you need special shoes.

There are numerous moorings for boats, and the water is not pure. On the beach is really bustling with young people and a disco, all kinds of parties and hangouts.

The Beaches Of Hurghada. In the old part of the city a lot of good white sandy beaches, the sea water is clean, the stay calm. New beaches Hurghada is also sand, but the sea off the coast is very shallow, so they are convenient for families with children.

The beaches of Taba and Nuweiba. It's the best beaches: fine sand, a good entry into the sea. They are ideal for aged people and families with children.

Has everything for a pleasant stay: cabanas, restrooms, rentals of beach equipment and boats.

Beaches Of El Gouna. Artificially created beaches with fine sand, the people here are a bit of the sea near the shore is shallow.

The Beach Of Abu Dabab Of Marsa Allam. Located right in the national Park. Perfectly clean beach.

Here rich underwater world, and so common scuba diving, which allows you to see rare marine animals, many of which are found only here.

The Beaches Of Safaga. Wide sandy beaches, popular lately, because it has been proven the healing properties of their sand for people with diseases of the skin and joints.

The Cleopatra beach in Mersa Matruh. This beach is located in a small Bay, from all sides it is protected from the wind by the boulders.

It is interesting to relax watching the unusual natural phenomenon: the color of the water constantly changes from transparent blue to turquoise.

Many divers who enjoy underwater views of the Mediterranean sea. The beach was chosen by the lovers of night swimming.

The Ageeba Beach Marsa Matruh. Clean comfortable white sand beach, located in the city. There is everything necessary for comfortable stay: cabins, toilets, equipment rental, cafe.

The Beaches Of Taba. These beaches are at the foot of the mountains, this is truly a fabulous place: red rocks, white sand, turquoise water in the Gulf of Aqaba, palm trees.

Beaches themselves are very clean, comfortable, but almost the entire length of the owned hotels. Some hotels even have swimming pools, they are replaced by the artificial lagoon.

Otdyh na plyazhe

Walk and travel

Walk on the boat. The submarine "Sinbad" is immersed to a depth of 25 meters. And tourists get the opportunity to admire the magnificent view of the underwater world, to observe its inhabitants through the transparent bottom.

Walk on Coral Islands. Pleasure boat will bring tourists to the coral Islands where you can see the colorful mollusks, corals bizarre. Visitors can take an underwater tour with instructor.

A trip to the Blue hole. Unique coral hole is located in the Red sea near Dahab.

This is one of the most beautiful places. A hole with diameter 55 m, has the form of a funnel with a depth of 102 m. it is possible to dive with the aqualung.

Safari Quad. The trip lasts 5 hours, the planned visit to the village of Bedouin barbecue in the desert, riding the camel back to the bivouac to watch the sunset in the desert.

Jeep safaris. The trip lasts a day, it includes a visit to the village of Bedouins, overnight campfire, BBQ, racing through the desert in jeeps.

Trip to Colored canyon. It is 150 km from Sharm El-Sheikh. Unique monument of nature, which appeared in the earthquake. The rocks of the canyon painted by nature and reminiscent of the fabulous scenery.

Progulki i poezdki

In Egypt you have to visit at least once in life. And not just lie the whole vacation on the beach, and to travel around the country to experience all the uniqueness of these places.

To understand why it is called the cradle of civilization, to feel the slightly bitter taste of the night airthe desert, to touch his hand to the plates of the pyramids in the city of the Dead.