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The depths of Dahab (Egypt): where is Blue hole in the Red sea?

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Black holes in space, you attract everything that moves even at the speed of light, and the blue holes of the earth the seas with tremendous force attracted human curiosity, first and foremost, of course, divers – brave explorers of the deep sea. One of such places is the Egyptian Blue hole (Red sea).

Blue hole on the map

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From the height of the blue holes appear as dark spots on a lighter background of the water surface.


In the nature of such vertical underwater caves quite a bit, one of them – the sea hole, located in the Red sea near the Egyptian city of Dahab.

By nature, it's a sinkhole, the failure, the depth of which is approximately 130 meters.

Somewhere in the middle of this distance, the cave and the sea merged passage, on which corals have created a kind of arch (by the way, so, arch, is called this underwater site).

Blue hole in the Red sea included in the top 10 especially risky for diving spots on the planet. Sometimes it is compared with Everest, so great to make people want to conquer this underwater "top" and associated with diving risk.

The Dahab on the Eastern Sinai Peninsula, a hundred kilometers from the popular tourist Sharm El-Sheikh (Sharm El-Sheikh). In Dahab the prevailing winds from the North, so on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, where divers arrive, it is not traditional for the Egyptian heat.

gde raspolozhena?

In Dahab, which is not seasonal and year-round resort, there are about 60 centres for diving training. They can always obtain the necessary dive skills for both beginners and those who consider themselves experienced explorers of the depths of the Blue hole – it is still a special place, where the traditional knowledge may not be enough.

How to get there?

To get from Russia in Dahab, you first need to buy tickets for the plane to Sharm El-Sheikh. Dahab and Sharm separates about 90 km, which can be overcome by pre-ordering a Shuttle or taxi and by bus.

Underwater cave separated from Dahab 15 kilometers. They can be overcome in a few minutes by bus or taxi. Part of the journey can be done on camels – a service offered by the Bedouins, who do their business here. I use this "transport" as well as tour buses, mostly tourists.

Divers of their interest - they choose a taxi or a rented jeep, as I know that it is advisable to come here early to find a free Parking space and quiet to deal with equipment.

The flow of divers and curious, wanting to see what this hole is always great.

It's nice that come here do not feel isolated from the benefits of civilization, there is:

  • cafes;
  • stores;
  • toilets.

Mysterious crater

tainstvennaya voronka

About what awaits the man on the depth, of course, it is important to know in advance, so divers learn the descriptions of these places, recommendations of those who have already plunged into the Blue hole.

Version of the origin

Scientists, through research, determined the pattern of occurrence of this unusual place. According to their estimates, millions of years ago the wall of underwater corals, reaching a height of two meters, it stopped its growth, but at the edges it still continued through this later, hundreds of thousands of years rounded "wings" of the wall was found and connected. It formed some semblance ofthe well diameter in the upper part is quite wide and tapers down.

The depth of the well exceeds a hundred meters to conquer this "height" can only the most experienced divers. The names of the first brave souls lost to history. As for the discovery of underwater caves, the open championship, most likely, belongs to Israel – it is believed that they are using sonar equipment examined the body of the reef and found it void.


Underwater "architecture" amazing Blue hole. He Grand reef is protected from the sea by a lagoon, which has an oval shape. In the wall of the reef "cut" the tremendous arch, arches that are tilted in the direction of the sea: the shortest distance from the surface of the sea to the arch is 49 m, maximum - 54 m.

"Foundation" of the arch is also quite a steep slope. Starting in the shore area with a depth of 90 m, it falls in the direction of the outer side of the reef up to 120 m. Below it is easier to imagine the dimensions of the underwater structures, it is useful and this figure is the thickness of the reef in the upper part of the arch is 26 m.

Optimal from the point of view of safety is the mark of 6 m, from which start many times spent by professionals underwater route. But in order to overcome the distance required for the exit of the cave into the open sea, you need special training and sufficient diving experience.


otlichitelnye cherty

Especially the Blue hole near Dahab is primarily due to the uniqueness of the red sea. It is the salt (after the Dead sea) and the warmest on the planet. If in normal waters the rule – the deeper, the colder everything is the opposite.

At greater depths the water becomes warmer, so all the living organisms in it comfortably, including, of course, and the person performing the dive.

And this sea has amazing water claritythat allows you to fully enjoy its beauty. Clean it because the Red sea does not fall into any one river, and, as a rule, the rivers carry the sand and silt.

As for the Blue hole, thanks to its unusual "architecture", the impression is particularly vivid, and the reputation as a dangerous place adds adrenaline – what actually come here from all over the world daredevils.

And another amazing thing: the sea here is always calm and on top, and at great depths. It is very convenient as the fact that the dip in the hole is carried out from the shore.

The attractiveness of underwater arch

By the beauties and mysteries of the Blue hole in time has not passed, the famous traveler, author of films about the underwater world - Jacques Cousteau. And this is the best recommendation.

Than it attracts scuba divers?

In the Red sea is home to 400 species of fish and countless other living beings – about 800 species. Many of them can watch the scuba divers diving into the Blue hole. It is noteworthy that those species of flora and fauna hard to find elsewhere. Experts call them endemic, i.e. animals and plants living in a rather geographically restricted areas.

Up to that time, had not yet been laid, the Suez canal, the fauna of this place is considered unique. Today some representatives of flora and fauna, are represented in the Red sea listed in the Red book.

chem privlekaet dajverov?

Here is a small list of those who meet divers in the underwater world of these places:

  1. parusovaya butterfly fish;
  2. parrot fish;
  3. octopus;
  4. turtle;
  5. glass fish;
  6. triggerfish;
  7. Royal angel;
  8. surgeon fish;
  9. clown fish;
  10. striped Sergeant;
  11. goldfish (scientifically – pseudanthias).

A Grand impression is made and a vertical wall, where you found refuge gorgonians, alcyonaria, black corals, around which scurry tirelessly reef fish.

Among the highlights of coral polyps called "elephant skin", they have in contrast to similar sea creatures no distinct tentacles, they are like carpet lined part of the wall, which thanks to them looks wavy, and its structure is reminiscent of the skin of the earth giant.

For reviews of divers during a dive they feel like in a huge aquarium, so many strange and colourful inhabitants.

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The main routes for divers

marshrut dlya akvalangistov

The route is chosen depending on the experience of the diver. Beginners start diving 200 metres from the Blue hole, moving along the reef wall and go in the hole through the so-called Saddle Arch (upper or isthmus). At this point the depth is from 6 to 7 m. Then, without deviating from the wall, you can go to Blue hole, plunging thus into the sea more than 20-30 m.

Experienced drivers provided by the dive at 55 m and exit through the arch into the open sea. To possible deep-sea dangers here is added the risk of meeting with a very dangerous fish – a shark-a hammer.

Record dive

Records Blue hole belongs to divers – those who fall to great depths without special equipment. The only woman who managed to sink to a depth of 100 m, holding for 9 minutes, breathing in and out of the arches in the sea, was Russian Natalia Molchanova.

Among men a similar success was achieved by the Russians Konstantin Novikov, Yury Shmatko, the son of Natalia Molchanova Alex, a diver from Austria Herbert Nitsch, new Zealander William Trubridge (he, unlike his colleagues, in a free dive was done even without fins).

Secrets of the deep sea

Terrible secret Blue hole is the death of many divers. As a rule, wanting to challenge myself, they threw the caution, and then their journey ended tragically. Victims of the Blue hole are more than hundreds of divers.

Why drown the humans?

Many have destroyed the"deep air" - a situation that happens to a diver when he is submerged at a depth not provided by the capabilities of his underwater vehicle.

If the balloon is filled with air mixture, which has nitrogen, it must be borne in mind that at greater depths, where the pressure exceeds atmospheric, the nitrogen begins to sedate the person, and the more remains over the head of the diver meters, the faster and deadlier acts of nitrogen.

The danger comes at around 70 m, and if the swimmer is asleep, his feet automatically continue to operate and dangerous the dive continues.

One of the possible causes of death in the Blue hole – a loss of orientation in the transition from the arch to the sea. The lack of sufficient light leads to the fact that the man begins to panic and rowing in the wrong direction, often toward the bottom.

Cemetery divers

kladbishe nyryalshikov

The names of the dead can be seen at a makeshift cemetery near the coastal cliffs. It is believed (although in fact this figure), the Blue hole consumed 40 lives.

And while tragedies continue, the authorities of Egypt have forbidden to expand the mournful memorial, so as not to escalate the situation.

Egyptian legend

Residents of Egypt's Blue hole in the Red sea is one pretty scary legend. In these places a long time ago lived the Emir, the father of an adult daughter. And then he went on military campaigns, and the daughter gave myself complete freedom – was invited by the Cavaliers and played with them.

Before the return of the father of the unfortunate drowned in the sea to hide from the Emir of everything that happened. However, as you know, all secret becomes clear: to learn the truth the Emir commanded to execute a daughter, and she decided to commit suicide by jumping into the Blue hole.

Why, after justice is done, here people continue to sink? The fact that the young woman before you decide on a terrible pitch, swore that he will drag him to the bottom of everyone who will be there, where she died.

It turns out that innocent people have, according to legend, to pay for the sins of others.

However, there is another version, which is shared by researchers of different natural anomalies. Based on the stories of the divers almost died in the Blue hole, but miraculously saved, they claim that live on the bottom resembling mermaids creatures that ruin and find themselves on their territory reckless daredevils.

We encourage you to watch a video about the Blue hole in Dahab: