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World map in Russian: cities and resorts in Egypt on the Red sea

karta Egipta na russkom yazyke

Egypt is a perfect blend of eternal summer, the best beaches and ancient sites, familiarity with which makes you want to come here again and again. Given that the rest of the country is one of the budget, and the climatic conditions are perfect regardless of the time of year, Egypt has always remained an attractive destination for tourists.

The location of Egypt on the world map and Africa

Strana na karte mira i Afriki

Egypt is of interest not only as a wonderful resort, but also as a state that is one of the most unique parts of the planet.


Frequent travelers ask the question: "On which continent is Egypt?".

Egypt on the world map can be found on two continents. A large area located in the North-East of the African continentand the other small in the West Asia – the Sinai Peninsula. This fact can be shown on the map.

The state itself covers quite a large territory of 1 001 450 sq. km.

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Who is on the border?

The nearest neighbors of Egypt, having borders with the country – the Sudan on the southern border, Libya on the West, and Israel and the Gaza strip in the North-East. In the East, or rather on the opposite shore of the red sea, Egypt is adjacent to Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Check out the video, details about the location of Egypt on the world map and Africa

The sea and the river

Egypt is bordered by two seas – the Mediterranean in the Northern part and Red in the East. Both waters are connected to the Suez canal, which is considered the shortest way from the Atlantic to the Indian ocean.

The main waterway of Egypt – the Nile – the second largest river in the world, enabling Egypt to survive in conditions of constant drought and the almost complete absence of fertile soils. The Nile originates in the East African highlands and making their way to Africa, falling into the Mediterranean sea.

How to get out of Russia?

To get to Egypt in several ways, the easiest of which is flying on Charter flightsorganized by tour companies. Planes depart from all the major cities of Russia. Flight time is about 4.2 h. International flights are in large cities such as Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, or Luxor to Larnaca. However, some Charter flights have a stopover in Cairo.

From Russia followed by regular direct flights on Aeroflot and Egyptair. Most planes depart several times a day from Sheremetyevo airport, and on weekends from Domodedovo.

Purchase plane tickets by using this search form. Enter the city of departure and landing, the date and number of passengers.

Detailed map with cities

Podrobnaya shema gorodov

Egypt is divided into several regions. Traditionally the country is divided into six parts, which include:

  • Lower Egypt (the North of the continent);
  • Middle Egypt (Central territory);
  • Upper Egypt (the South);
  • Western desert;
  • Sinai;
  • The coast of the red sea.

In each of these regions have major cities or resorts with extensive history of antiquity.


The main town of the Egyptian state in Cairo – the capital, located in Lower Egypt. The city is a major financial, economicand cultural center of the country, which houses a lot of attractions. He also is the most important settlement in the middle East, due to the fact that the number of residents approaching 19 million people.

The town is in the valley of the Nile and is a big agglomeration, which includes not only Cairo, but several other major cities in Egypt: El-Giza and Shubra El-Khaimah.

Never here abates the noise of city streets, and guests of Egypt has an incomparable collection of monuments and Museum treasures. For tourists it may seem like a real city of contrasts, where in a large area interconnected historical sites of Pharaonic times, Christianity and Islam.

Right next to the Egyptian capital are a few of the famous historical monuments:

  1. Giza plateau West of Cairo, which are the wonders of the world – the ancient pyramids;
  2. Saqqara – the ruins South of Cairo, representing the remains of the ancient capital.

In Cairo, every hour there are objects of culture and history, which many learned in childhood from books.

Major cities

Krupnaya Aleksandriya

The largest settlements of Egypt are in the Delta or the Nile valley or near the Suez canal.

Alexandria , the next largest city, which is the main sea gate of the country. It is located in the Nile Delta in the middle of the broad Bay, and also has access to the Mediterranean sea. Its Foundation he owes to Alexander the great, who in 332 BC, ordered to build here a large harbour on the site of the small village of Recode.

Due to the location and ongoing trade, Alexandria grew rapidly and in the time of Ptolemy the city became the capital of Egyptand into the center of Hellenistic culture. Here loved to spend time with famous scholars and writers, and soon the city was founded by the Museion, a Library and a University.

Today in Alexandria, you can find an incredibly large number of sites, despite the fact that some of them were destroyed by earthquakes. Also near the town has its own beautiful beaches of sand, clear sea and a wide selection of coastal hotels.

Port said is also the sea gate of the Egyptian state. It is located in the North-Eastern part, between the Mediterranean sea and the entrance to the Suez canal.

In Port said are located the largest textile, construction and food industries, there is an impressive selection of cafés, and on its outskirts, the beaches and hotels.

Unlike Alexandria, Port said was founded relatively recently, in 1859, and the name it received in honour of said Pasha, which the country can be thankful for the Foundation of the Suez canal. The whole life of Port said is inextricably linked with the channel, and most recently the city turned into a free economic zone, where the best duty-free trade.

To other major cities of Egypt include:

  • Suez is a major port on the North-East of Egypt;
  • Rosetta is a town on the banks of the Nile 60 km from Alexandria;
  • Aswan is the hottest city on the planet;
  • El-Minya is a lively town with a rich cultural heritage;
  • El-Fayoum is a wonderful place on the West Bank of the Nile near the ancient lake Qarun.

Finally, Marsa Matruh is a bustling Mediterranean town, located about 240 km from Alexandria. This ancient settlement loved to rest herself, Cleopatra, and today, here I come to leave the inhabitants of the country.

Group the Egyptian resorts

raspredelenie po gruppam

All of the most attractive resort towns of Egypt located on the Mediterranean and Red seas, but a little more quiet and secluded places can be found near the Suez canal and the Sinai Peninsula. Regardless of choice, each designed to create the best conditions for rest.

Resorts on the Red sea

The country of sphinxes and pharaohs features great resorts and wonderful weather, to relax where you can even in the winter months. The swimming season in Egypt can continue all year roundas the temperature does not fall below +23°C, and in winter there are dry and warm winds.

Hurghada is a large resort of Egypt and the red sea coast which is strewn with a variety of accommodation facilities. There is a private airport, where daily tourists from around the world. The tourist season in this place lasts the whole year and swim in the sea even in winter, but it's better to do it in the summer.

Hurghada consists of three districts, each of which will be of interest to tourists:

  1. El-Dahar is the oldest part of the city;
  2. Sakkala is the modern centre;
  3. New Hurghada – the prestigiousarea with beaches and hotels.

The resort has many activities that are sure to appeal to vacationers with children or youth.

Sharm El Sheikh - the second most popular resort of the red sea offers beautiful beaches, a developed infrastructure, as well as the best underwater world – a Paradise for divers. Here come those who want to relax in one of the best hotels of Egypt, enjoying the fresh fruit, friendly service and a buffet.

Also to the popular red sea resorts include:

  • Safaga is a great place for active sports, but the local beaches are not very clean;
  • Makadi Bay is the place for a secluded getaway with sandy beaches and coral bottom, on which it is impossible to walk without special shoes;
  • El Gouna is a young resort, built according to the project developer "Disneyland";
  • Marsa Alam is the best place for those who wish to get acquainted with the legendary world of coral reefs and underwater bottom.

These are all places in Egypt, where there is always great weather, beautiful sea views and luxurious underwater Kingdom, which are the envy of the Caribbean.

Tourists come to these places to relax on the equipped beaches, to go to the inspection sites , or to become a supporter of a large choice of recreational opportunitiessuch as diving, sailing, Windsurfing.

The red sea, where are located the resorts of Egypt, has a unique flora and fauna, and because it is always warm and has great beaches, this place is the best choice for couples with children.

In the Sinai Peninsula

SHarm-el-SHejh na Sinae

The Sinai Peninsula and its resorts, situated between the two gulfs of the red sea, cause no less interest among vacationers, due to better conditions, comfort and safety.

These resorts are well suited for those who wish private relaxation, and for those who can't imagine holidays without active entertainment.

In the list of developed places to stay include:

  1. Sharm El-Sheikh;
  2. Dahab;
  3. Taba;
  4. Nuweiba.

On the Mediterranean sea

The best resorts of Egypt on the Mediterranean is Alexandria, Marsa Matruh, a city where, in addition to the magnificent beaches, the extensive access there is an opportunity to explore some of the most ancient sites of the country. In addition, Alexandria is popular with couples with children, because the beaches here are gently sloping descent, and next to them there is a modern entertainment: water parks, attractions and diving.

On the Suez canal

A small group of Egyptian resorts present on the Suez canal. These include:

  • Suez;
  • Ain Sokhna;
  • Zaafarana.

These cities are not so much like places to stay like the legendary Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, but also has its own degree of charm.

Thus, in Egypt attracts tourists with a convenient locationand the variety of opportunities for an unforgettable holiday.