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Poisonous and dangerous fish of the red sea: photo with names and description

ryby Krasnogo morya - foto s nazvaniyami

Summarizing all of the information and research that managed to get on the Red sea, the researchers came to the conclusion that it appeared, at least twenty-five million years ago. On its banks there are eight African and Arab States, including the most popular with tourists from Egypt, Israel and Jordan.

What fish are found in the Red sea?

In the Red sea does not fall into any of the riverswhich is probably why it remains the warmest and saltiest of all. It also has crystal-clear water, due to the fact that there is no additional inflow of sand, silt and other fluvial contaminants. Almost all the sea coast is situated in tropical zone.

Podvodnyj mir Krasnogo morya

Even in the coldest time of the year the water temperature it is kept at twenty degrees, and in summer rises to twenty-seven.

The flora and fauna of the red sea are very diverse and unique. A comfortable climate and rich underwater world today has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Snorkeling and fun fishing in the Red sea will leave a vivid impression for a long time.

Currently found and described about a thousand different species of fishliving in the warm and clear waters of the red sea. They have the most diverse, sometimes unusual shape and color. However, many of them endemic, which cannot be met in other water bodies. Moreover, scientists believe that only a little more than half of the inhabitants of the fish Kingdom, and many deep-sea fish that exist in this sea remain unexplored.

Catalog with photo and description

Foto podvodnogo popugaya s opisaniem

The most popular and safe for human types include the following:

  • Parrot fish. It owes its name to the knot in her jaw, which resembles the beak of a parrot. The coloring is always bright and colorful, and a wide body in the middle reaches fifty centimetres in length. She doesn't attack people, but we should not provoke, as it has a very powerful jaw and their bite can be quite painful;
  • Antis. This is a very small schooling fish that live in coral reefs. The length of its bright red, orange or green Taurus ranges from seven to fifteen centimeters. The pack can be up to five hundred instances at the same time;
  • Dernocracy Croaker (the black-spotted sladkogo). This big fish of a yellowish colour with fine black specks were named as such for specific grinding, which she publishes and big, thick lips. Loves to be photographed with the drivers.
  • Napoleon fish (wrasse, Maori). This is the most favorite driver, the inhabitant of the red sea. Despite the impressive size (up to two meters in length), it is a very friendly and trusting fish with thick lips and a kind of growth in the frontal part. This appearance gives it a greater kindness;
  • Fish Napoleon so highly intelligent that she swims up to the individual to explore and play.

    katalog - foto Napoleona

  • Butterfly fish (fish-moth). The body of these fishes in length from fifteen to thirty inches in form and brightness of colour, in fact, reminiscent of colorful butterflies. All their kinds are absolutely safe for humans;
  • Duopoloy amphiprion. Very active and harmless to humans fish, although in relation to some marine life may exhibit aggression. She is not afraid of swimmers who love to take pictures because of the bright and unusual color. Its bright orange body decorated with vertical stripes of white colour, which are black stroke.

The most dangerous and poisonous inhabitants

In additionharmless and peaceful fishes in the Red sea there are a large number of dangerous and poisonous species:

  • Surgeon fish. Their habitat are often the coral reefs. In people, the data of fish is called "fish-scalpels" because of the very sharp spines located on the caudal fins. They are used for protection, so it is not necessary during scuba diving to try to pet these seemingly peaceful and beautiful creatures, they can cause quite serious injuries.

    opasnyj obitatel hirurg

    Surgeon fish have an average body length of about twenty centimeters. The coloring is very vivid and varied, you can see bright blue, lemon, reddish-pink and brown copies. At the same primary color may be the pattern of contrasting color;

  • A lionfish. Fish has a very striking and unusual appearance. Its pectoral fins do have similarities with wings of birds. And her second name – "Zebra fish" due to the striped, often brown-red color. Body length ranges from twenty to forty centimeters.

    The main threat of the lionfish is covered in poisonous needles that are hidden in a very long, exotic ribbon-like fins.

    In this regard, lionfish refers to a very dangerous fish of the red sea, a shot which can cause a convulsive reaction, loss of consciousness and inflammation of the skin;

  • Fish-needle. The narrow body of the fish-needle has a cylindrical or hexagonal shape and a length of from thirty to one hundred centimeters. Its color can be silvery-green, reddish, brown or gray. To humans the danger of its long thin jaws which it can easily puncture the skin and soft tissues that sometimes ends in death.

yadovitaya igla

Dangerous fish in the waters of Sharm El-Sheikh

In marine waters near Sharm El-Sheikh you can meet many types of dangerous fish living in the Red sea. So for those of you who are not familiar with its underwater world, it is recommended to purchase and study the relevant literature. In addition to the above types by visiting Sharm El Sheikh, you may experience the following:

  • Tiger shark. This is the most common and dangerous species of shark-the cannibal. Their unpleasant feature is that they are without fear you can swim in the Bay, the harbour or beach area. The length of these fish is from two and a half to seven meters, the back's color is gray, and the belly is light yellow. Of young specimens the sides are tiger stripes, which disappear with age. The feature of the structure of the head of the tiger shark allows it to detect prey and hunt even in complete darkness;
  • Fish-stone (borodavchenko). One of the most insidious venomous marine fish. If during the first hours after the injection of its poisonous spines is not the provision of appropriate medical care, is often fatal. But even if the victim survived, he will need several months to restore full health.

    Fish-stone reaches a length of about twenty centimeters and has an unpleasant, repulsive. Borodavchenko very treacherous appearance. It has a very dull, inconspicuous color, and warty growths that cover the entire surface of her body, in fact, make a fish very similar to the stone;

  • kamen v vodah SHarm-el-SHejha

  • An electric ray. This cartilaginous fish having electric organs are located on the sides of the body and are used for protection. Body color ranges from light green to dark brown, often on the skin are large dark spots.

    Some species can reach over one meter in length and to produce a current with a voltage of about two hundred volts. It should be noted that the fish are quite aggressive and do not attack people.

The discharge current can be obtained only touched the Stingray with your hand or accidentally stepping on it. Deaths by contact with electric ramp is not fixed.

Hurghada - the most insidious types

Hurghada is a great place for fishing. But at the same time, each fishing tour is accompanied by an experienced instructoras to injuries from dangerous fish not only in swimming, but also when fishing for such species as:

  • Barracuda. Form of the fish's body resembles a normal river pike, its length can reach two meters. The meat of young barracudas have a good taste, but you should not eat large individuals, in the body which can accumulate the poison in connection with peculiarities of their nutrition.

    In relation to the person fish often showing aggression, and wounds received at the meeting it can lead to death. So, seeing Barracuda, swimmers are advised quickly removed to a safe distance, and the fishermen, before bring her in the ship, something to stun;

  • Moray. The original taste of the meat of this fish species was valued by the ancient Romans, the dishes with its use popular in our days. The body of the eels is characterized by a serpentine shape, its length depending on the species reaches from fifteencentimeters to three meters. The fish are not poisonous, but can cause serious lacerations, which account for a long time to heal. During the attack her jaw is often impossible to open without assistance;
  • Kovarnaya murena v Hurgade

  • The sea dragon. Fish appearance resembles widely known harmless bull. A distinctive feature is the dark spots on the skin. Body length usually no more than forty-five centimeters.

    In the region of head and gills of a sea dragon are very poisonous spines, an injection which causes severe pain.

    In the future, may develop swelling, paralysis, and heart failure to occur death.

    The evil fish is that, once the bait, she quickly hides the spikesthat can weaken the vigilance of the fishermen. You should also know that the venom in the spines remains even after death of the fish within a few days.

Tips for security

Despite the fact that in the Red sea found a large number of poisonous dangerous fish, in most cases, the proper behavior of a collision can be avoided. For this you need to follow simple guidelines:

  1. Do not swim far from the shore;
  2. Do not approach an unfamiliar fish and try not to touch them with your hands;
  3. Do not swim at night;
  4. Not to go into the water, with open wounds, so as not to attract aggressive types smell blood.

Edible fish

Sedobnyj okun

From the wide variety of edible red sea fish, of commercial importance have the following:

  • Tuna. The fish is characterized by a dark pink or red color of meat and great taste. It contains a large amount of nutrients which contribute to normal functioning of the heart and brain. To date, there are about fifty species of tuna, among them sometimes you can find specimens of three and a half meters long;
  • Of trevally. This is a very valuable percoid fish of the family Lavrinovich. Its flat body has an oval shape and length, depending on species, ranges from forty to one hundred and fifty centimeters;
  • Fish meat of karanka has excellent taste and is suitable for frying, roasting, stewing, and canning.

  • Sea bass. All kinds of sea bass are not only delicious but also very healthy fish. Its regular use restores the metabolism, lowers cholesterol and calms the nervous system. The structure of the body with very hard scales, these fish are very similar to normal river perch, but differ from them in form of a head and very large eyes;
  • Marlin. Very large percoid fish related to maslinovim. Some individuals can reach more than four metres in length. Feature of the fish's appearance is the wing spear shape and head, resembling a sword. Besides the fact that Marlin is valued for its delicious meat, it is also a popular target of sport hunting.
  • sestnoj marlin

  • Fish Wahoo. This is a bright representative of the family skumryev, featuring a slim body at a sufficiently large length, which can reach two and a half meters. Its surface has the original brindle colouring, and delicate white meat and eggs is very pleasant to the taste;
  • Dorado (Dorado, sea bream). A very popular tropical fish, prized for white meat diet and the absence of large bones. It has a flattened body, dull frontal part and a long dorsal fin. Its blue-green color drastically fades after death. The most delicious are considered to be individuals from twenty-five to forty centimeters in length, entirely cooked;
  • Sargan. Fish characterized by an elongated body with a length of one meter and the peculiar jaws, which are more like a long beak. Color of skin and bones body has a greenish tint. This type of fish, cooked in any way, has a very interesting, pleasant taste.

Popular dishes of the inhabitants of the red sea

Many species of edible fishes of the red sea have a very good taste and texture of meat. Besides the fact that they just fried, stewed and canned, and they also cook quite complicated dishes, as they combine perfectly with most fruits and vegetables, rice, pasta, as well as garlic and various herbs.

To popular dishes with sea fish include: stacks of tuna in sesame crust; sea bass stuffed with mushrooms; Dorado, baked in salt; Marlin Hawaiian.

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