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Marsa Alam on the map of Egypt: weather, 5 star hotels "all inclusive" the reef

Marsa-Alam oteli 5 zvezd vse vklucheno

Small resort town of Marsa El Alam enjoys among tourists very popular. Until recently it was a small fishing village. Now it is the fastest growing Egyptian resort on the Red sea.

Many tourists come for holidays in the region due to the high level of service. They appreciated the 5 star hotels with all inclusive in Marsa Alam.

Marsa El Alam on the map of Egypt

kurort na egipetskom atlase

Geographically, the resort is located on the African continent. Search on the map of Egypt have on the coast of the red sea.

From the popular resort of Hurghada Marsa al Alam is at a distance of 270 km.

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Looking for a place to stay in Egypt tourists often confuse the resorts of Marsa El-Alam and al-Qusayr. Resorts are close, but very different from each other. The distance between these two resorts is 131 km away and Marsa El Alam located South of El Kuseir. The geographical coordinates of Marsa El-Alam:

  • 25°03'46" North latitude;
  • 34°53'24" East longitude.

How to get there?

kak doletet?

The most convenient way to travel to Marsa El Alam - airfare. This is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Direct Charter flights to the resort 2 times a week makes from "Domodedovo" company "Kolavia". Charter flights are doing to the resort "Ural airlines" and "Orenburg airlines". Flight from Moscow to the airport of Marsa El-Alam is 4 hours 50 minutes.

The bulk of the tourists get to the resort with transit transfers. Most often they selected the route via Hurghada. From the airport to this resort Marsa El Alam can be reached by Shuttle or bus.

There is also the option of transit flights via Berlin or Brussels.

You can fly to the resort from Russia via Cairo. From the city of Marsa El Alam buses are poisoned every day at 23:00. To the resort from the Cairo airport, there are regular flights. Flight time 1 hour 25 minutes. The distance between the cities is 728 km by bus it is covered in 8.5 hours.

Plane tickets you can find using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

The airport of Marsa El-Alam has the status international. The throughput of air Harbor is 1500 people per hour.

Marsa Alam International Airport is a private airport, put into operation in 2003.

Air Harbor is equipped with modern equipment. It created the conditions for comfortable stay of passengers. They are provided with a full range of servicesset by the international standards.

Photos and description of the resort

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Marsa Alam - a young and rapidly developing resort. Its development began in 2001. This is a unique place to stay.

Here is beautifully preserved beauty of marine flora. This attracts the resort drivers from around the world.


Since ancient times occupied modern resort area famous for its deposits of precious metal ores, gold and lead. In the third century BC by Ptolemy II, a road was built connecting the coast with the city of IDFA, located in the valley of the Nile. It pushed in the region the development of gold mining. She was actively conducted until the British occupation of the region.

The fate of Mars-El-Alama tied to fishing. Prior to its development as a resort small village was a usual fishing village. Currently, the resort is actively developing and has become international.

General information

The numberthe population of the resort is estimated at 10 thousand people. The resort is constantly growing and the number of residents is increasing, but data from the latest census of the population remained at the level not exceeding 5 thousand people.

Almost all the residents of the resort are employed in the field of tourism. The official language of the region, Arabic. It communicates all the local people. This greatly complicates the stay of Russian tourists in the region.

A small part of the residents of the resort are fishing, working in the local mines and engaged in the construction of resort facilities. The length of the resort area is 70 km away.

Weather conditions


Marsa El-Alam is the glory of the warm resort of Egypt. The average water temperature of the red sea and air in this region is always higher than other resorts in the country to 2-3°C.

The most favorable time to stay in Marsa al Alam is the period from may to October.

In the holiday season the water warms up to 25 to 29°C. Daytime temperature reaches +35-42°C. the coldest weather in Marsa al Alam in January and February. But in this period, the air warms up in the afternoon to +25-30°C and the sea to +21-23°C.

In winter and spring in Marsa Alam very often blow hot wind "Khamsin" and the case of a sand storm. The humidity in this period can be below 10%.


kurortnaya infrastruktura

The resort area has well-developed infrastructure. But it is still under development and very often ends just behind the fence of the hotel. The resort has its own international airport. Every year in the city, new hotels.

Currently in Marsa El Alam the construction of sea Harbor, designed for simultaneous Parking of 250 yachts. At the end of construction in the Harbor will be able to enter up to 2000 light ships. The resort has a railway.

To get around the resort by taxi and rented cars.

Shopping on the resort is a tourist destination of special interest. This is due to the fact that the resort is still poorly developed trade. Shopping tourists travel to Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurghada. In Marsa El Alam can only find small kiosks of local merchants. A small souvenir and beach shops can be found in hotels in the port area.

Unlike trade, the resort has a well developed network of restaurants and cafes. You can try national cuisine, Arab cuisine and enjoy a special brewed local coffee recipes.


The main direction of tourism in the resort - beach rest and diving. The latter can be found almost everywhere. They come to admire the beauty of the depths of the red sea. In coastal waters you can meet dolphins, hammerhead sharks, turtles, stingrays and even manta rays. All bottom along the coast covered with coral reefs that give the sea an unusual attractive appearance.

The resort is popular for Safari. They are a Quad ride to a hilly area. One of the attractions of the resort are excursions. The trips will be in the Bay of Abu Dabab, Kulan island, Luxor and the valley of the kings and other places.

Lovers boat cruise can make a cruise on lake Nasser, designed for 3 days. Each hotel resort has its own diving school.


gde ostanovitsya?

Hotels of a resort of tourists does not cause serious complaints. The level of service is at a very high level. Mandatory for all hotels of 4* and 5* is the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, safe, Slippers, bathrobes and hygiene items. All rooms are equipped with televisions, satellite or cable TV.

All hotels have Wi-Fi, you can rent a car and Shuttle service.

Best 5 star hotels with "all inclusive"

The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort (Three Corners, Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort). The concept of residence is included. Near the Port Ghalib, famous for its sandy beaches. The distance from the hotel to one of them is 100 m. 9 km from the airport of the resort.


  1. 471 comfortable room;
  2. 2 outdoor pools;
  3. diving-center;
  4. 4 restaurants and 4 bars.

Shops, souvenir shops, spas, currency exchange and much more is also available on site.

The hotel is surrounded by gardens, has its own Parking. The grounds and building are guarded round the clock.

Hotel guests can use during your stay in thishotel to learn horse riding.

Calimera Habiba Beach Resort. Located at a distance of 28 km from the airport of the resort. Consists of one - and two-storey bungalows. The service is conducted according to the principle of "all inclusive". All 300 rooms have a balcony or terrace. The hotel has:

  • 2 restaurants and a bar;
  • stores;
  • Parking;
  • currency exchange;
  • 3 pools;
  • Spa.

pyatizvezdochnye gostinicy

The distance from the hotel to the sea is 100 meters. The hotel has a large list of entertainment, you can book a taxi or Shuttle service.

Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort. The hotel is 35 km from the international airport and 30 km from the cities of Marsa Alam and Port Ghalib. The beach is across the road from the hotel. The hotel food was the diving, because these places are famous for the beautiful reef.


  1. 395 rooms of the categories standard, Deluxe and suites;
  2. business center;
  3. diving center;
  4. stores;
  5. beauty salon;
  6. Luggage storage Luggage;
  7. Laundry and dry cleaning;
  8. currency exchange;
  9. Internet in rooms is paid, in the lobby free of charge.

On site there is 1 main restaurant and seven bars. The hotel provides food on system "all inclusive". For children there is a kids club, a Playground and a special table.

If your choice was a five-star hotel, please use this search form to reserve. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Hotels 4* and 3*

trehzvezdochnye i chetyrehzvezdochnye oteli

Star House. Located in the city of Marsa El Alam. Interest to tourists, this hotel may not only cause optimal balance of price and quality of the accommodation but also the fact that it allowed Pets. Features:

  1. Wi-Fi;
  2. restaurant;
  3. children's Playground;
  4. free Parking.

All rooms air conditioned, TV, private bathroom.

The Three Corners Sea Beach Resort. The hotel is 8 km from the airport and 10 km from the Marsa El Alam. The beach has a wooden pier. Hotel:

  • 1 restaurant;
  • 5 bars;
  • 2 pools;
  • 14 stores.

Guests can learn scuba diving, Golf, horse riding and much more.

For vacationers is a great entertainment programme. Here are created all conditions for various Spa treatments, exercise classes and sports, and passive recreation.

See the overview of Marsa Alam in this video: