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Where is the island of Mauritius on the world map and how long is the flight from Moscow?

gde nahoditsya ostrov Mavrikij?

Mauritius – island, where one international airport. Despite that go here every year thousands of tourists to the island year-round is clear and warm weather. Due to these and many other positive qualities, the flow of tourists to its resorts is constantly growing.

Mauritius on a detailed map of the world in Russian language

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Mauritius is incredibly attractive in terms of tourism, and its good location, delicious cuisine and good-natured people make it especially interesting for tourism.

A bit of history

Mauritius was built in the tenth century, Arab and Malay seafarers. But, unlike neighboring countries, the island has never tried to colonize. Later, in the XVI century, its territory was well-known Portuguese sailor Pedro de Mascarenas.

After that, the group of Islands was named the Mascarene archipelago and became part of the Dutch East India company.

Uninhabited Mauritius was used as a transit point. Its territory did stop the Dutch crews EN route to India. This allowed the ships to replenish stocks of fresh water.

In the next century Mauritius several times colonized:

  • France. The first owners of the island were the French. They have brought into its territory of slaves from Africa and Madagascar, and then ran it as a plantation economy that allows them to grow sugar cane and coffee;
  • England. In 1810, the island passed to the British, and they continued to grow cane, but the black slaves were replaced by the people of India and China.

In 1957, the island finally gained independence, becoming an Autonomous state.


mesto raspolozheniya

Mauritius is in the Indian ocean near famous and popular resorts like the Seychelles and the Maldives Islands. On the map it can be found in the Western part of the waters in the part of the Mascarene archipelago. This island and several surrounding plots of land are also part of the same Republic. The largest of the Islands of Rodrigues and Agalega.

Not far from Mauritius is the largest island on the planet, Madagascar, and several States in the Eastern Africa.

Data on state

The island is incredibly popular among fans of quiet and relaxing holiday, because you can forget about everything.

Characteristic of the island

Mauritius is of volcanic origin – its territory is composed of basalt, dolomite and tuff. It has elevated surface, and along the coast there is a small strip of plains. From the coastal area and inland territory gradually becomes elevated plateau.

The highest point of Mauritius is the extinct volcano Piton (826 metres) and the mountains are a picturesque remnants of volcanoes.

What stands out in the island – a characteristic band of reefs, located in the ocean. In high season they are attracted to Mauritius many tourists. Thanks to him, the island did not come in too strong waves, and tourists don't bother dangerous predators.

The state system

gosudarstvo iznutri

After Mauritius gained its independence from Britain, it was hailed as a state within the British Commonwealth. After 24 years, the island turned into a Republic, and its firstbecame President Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. The inhabitants of the country now has its own President, elected for 5 years.

Due to such dramatic events in the history of the island, the population of Mauritius has become a colorful mix, and this point is particularly captivates tourists. The inhabitants are Europeans, Asians, Africans, and all the inhabitants speak different languages:

  • French;
  • English;
  • Creole;
  • Hindi;
  • Mauritius.

The country has no official language, but that no one suffers. It also has its own currency – the Mauritian rupee.

If in the days when Mauritius was a French colony, its population amounted to only 70 thousand people, today that number has grown substantially. Today, its territory is home to 1,294 million inhabitants, and every year this number grows. In this country the birth rate exceeds the death rate, and life expectancy is 70-75 years.

Do I need a visa for Russians?

One of the main advantages of a holiday in Mauritius – no need to do a visa for residents of the Russian Federation.

Throughout the country, the Russians can be up to 60 days, but to extend a visa up to 3 months, it is enough to visit the Embassy in Port Louis.

Immigration form for tourism can be obtained directly from the aircraft during the flight, but you must have a passport that has an expiration date shall expire not earlier than six months from the date of arrival in the country. In addition, customs officials can request return ticket.


klimaticheskie usloviya

Despite the fact that Mauritius is located far from the equator and is considered to be a tropical resort, the climate on this island is not so extremely hot as in neighbouring countries. In summer the South wind brings heavy rainfall, and the temperature rises to +30 degrees. Winter is considered the holiday season because this period is pleasant weather – +22-25 degrees.

Many say that in the winter time in Mauritius can be cool at night the air cools down to 15 degrees so that the "to the bone". But this point does not affect beach tourism, as the Indian ocean never fade and in the daytime the temperature allows you to swim.

Thanks to the great weather, in Mauritius, tourists always have something to do. On the island is available:

  1. A fascinating excursion programs;
  2. Hiking to natural places;
  3. Active types of tourism – snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, yachting and fishing.

Mauritius is the biggest center of kitesurfing, here you can find schools to study, and also to rent all the necessary equipment.

How to get there?

Due to the fact that resort Mauritius every year is gaining popularity among tourists, the number of flights in this country is constantly growing.

How long is the flight from Moscow?

Flights direct flight from Moscow to Mauritius – a rarity, as even the quickest flight is not less than 11-16 hours. The fastest way to get to the island if you use the services of carriers: Emirates Airlines, Aeroflot and Air Mauritius. With a short stopover in Dubai , the total journey time takes about 16 hours. This route is not only the best but also the cheapest.

vremya v puti iz Moskvy

Quite popular flights European airlines, planes that do dock in Zurich, Paris and Frankfurt. These companies include Lufthansa, Air France, KLM and Condor.

The planes of these companies depart from Sheremetyevo airport, making a stop in Europeand then have an 11-hour flight to Mauritius.

The advantage of this method of flight is that it is made by the same company, so visitors will not have to worry about how to get from one flight to another.

All international flights are in the Mauritius airport, located near the town of Mahébourg. It is large enough and modern, so it is possible to find cafes, recreation areas, shops, delivery services, and currency exchange. From the airport to any city you can go by bus – the country's well-developed long-distance transport.

Upon arrival, the time difference is only 1 hour more. Therefore, discomfort due to temporary shifts in Mauritius will not.

And to check the availability of airline tickets and purchase them online, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

How to fly from St. Petersburg?

perelet iz SPB

Tourists who decided to go to Mauritius from SPB, choose connecting flights, making stops in Dubai, Paris, Rome, Milan and Frankfurt. The total flight time will take anywhere from 17 to 27 hours, depending on the carrier, and how long delayed stop.

  • Transaero – this company offers Charter flights.
  • Emirates Airlines – frequent daily flights.
  • Air Mauritius , the Mauritius company that brings tourists in cooperation with Aeroflot and Air France, with stops in Milan and Paris.
  • KLM and British Airways – the company whose planes make a connection in Amsterdam and Paris.

More recently the island began to run the airplanes of Turkish Airlines. The flights of this company are also considered the bestas they make a stop for 2 hours in Istanbuland then goes directly to Mauritius. The ticket price is very attractive.

Features of stay

Mauritius is a luxury resort – all local hotels are of high quality and pristine sandy beaches and azure sea with a pleasant temperature ideal for relaxation.

Strictly prohibited

The people of Mauritius is a peaceful and friendly people who are never in a hurry, for this reason, many tourists, getting to the island a few days later lost in time, giving the calm and measured rest.

The only forbidden subject which should not be discussed with Mauritians – religion. Having started the conversation, you can run into rudeness and misunderstanding.

Other prohibitions it is necessary to highlight the following:

  1. On the island is strictly prohibited bathing Topless;
  2. Fishing is only allowed on special boats;
  3. Objects from the seabed is forbidden to export from the country;
  4. For the collection and breaking of corals followed by severe punishment.

zaprety v strane

A distinctive feature of Mauritians – restraint, for that reason, the local population rarely hears "no." Many tourists use it, violating the culture of the country – taking pictures of the temples without the permission of the clergy or forget to take your shoes off at the entrance to the sanctuary.

In the last fit on the beaches of Mauritius, the sellers of shells illegal to sell substances which are prohibited for use. If Ministers about catch tourists, for it will be punished and fines.

Guidelines for visiting

Besides the mainstream beach and active holidays, Mauritius offers travellers a fascinating shopping. In 2005, the country has become a zone of free trade, and the large number there were shops with jewelry, clothing and other items. The island itself is famous for Souvenirs like cashmere products, vessels with colored soil, as well as jewelry with precious stones.

In terms of the security of Mauritius occupies a leading place. On the island there is almost no crime, and bad situations can happen through the fault of irresponsible and careless tourists.

In Mauritius, there are unique opportunities for tourism, which is recommended to try to all who came to the island. Here you can visit the beautiful sightsas well:

  • Pat hand-Lviv;
  • Swim with the dolphins;
  • To see the seven coloured Sands;
  • Feeding the eels at lake Grand Bassin;
  • To visit a secluded spot – a Vortex;
  • To stand on the cliffs of Gris-Gris.

If you choose a place for a beach holiday, you should know that almost the entire coast of the island is stony.

Only on the North and West of Mauritius you can meet sandy beaches and hotels that have everything for a perfect holiday. The best beach is located on FLIC-EN-FLAC beach – there are no private beaches, so you can rent an umbrella and enjoy the sun.

Not just choose Mauritius as an attractive touristdirections for vacation – on this island has everything for the holidays were fabulous, and the close location and the lack of a large time difference will make this ride even and comfortable.

See the exact location of Mauritius on the world map: