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What can you bring from Morocco from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti iz Marokko?

Morocco is a country for centuries, inspiring visitors with its contrasts, fascinating stories and dazzling blend of Arab, European and African influences.

Thanks beauty, stability and security, Morocco is perfect for travel.

Many tourists admire traditional hospitality, generosity and openness of the citizens of this country, as well as an abundance of unique goods and handmade Souvenirs.

If there is a sufficient amount of time, it is best to spend it on buying authentic thingsbelonging to the colorful and fragrant Moroccan culture.

Souvenirs from Morocco

In Morocco there is a lot of interesting items worthy of attention. Among them, the most popular cosmetics, spices, jewelry, carpets, clothes and, of course, Oriental sweets.

However, going on a trip to Moroccan cities, it is important to understand that the religion of the Muslim countries do not support the sale of alcohol.

The best places for shopping in Morocco is a traditional trading markets (Souk). Walking along the winding maze of the Bazaar of FEZ or Marrakech, you can discover a great variety of interesting and exotic treasures.

Many tourists recommend certainly to bargain for the possession of a particular thing. In this country this approach is not condemned but rather appreciated.

Cosmetics, perfumes

Argan oil is a unique Moroccan product, featuring rarity and high cost.

Due to the fact that this plant grows only in Algeria and Morocco, as well as with oil production, there are significant difficulties, you can buy it only in one of these countries.

Many girls don't know how useful this product for cosmetic purposes. Oil is still produced according to old recipes, eliminating the addition of harmful ingredients in its composition.

Therefore, to buy a bottle of argan oil or get it as a gift is a real pleasure.

The hype that causes this product, makes unscrupulous traders to sell low-quality fake or diluted product. To distinguish the real argan oil from the fiction can be due to a characteristic nutty smell.

In addition, it is important not to confuse cosmetic to culinary. The sale also includes argan oil meant for cooking food.

Suveniry iz Marokko: kosmetika i parfumeriya

The least popular all kinds of means to care on a natural basis (olive, argan, rose, lavender, rosemary and peppermint oil).

Moroccan Soaps, shampoos, gels and creams – it's a real godsend for those who want to make a gift to my skin, feeling luxurious natural aroma. Once you try this remedy, will not want to use other cosmetic products.

Natural Moroccan cosmetics include kits for Hammam. It includes black soap, henna, mitten to remove old skin and healing clay. Such a purchase to let to arrange a real Moroccan Hammam in the home.

Well as cosmetic products belong to aromatic substances – dry the cubes with the smell of musk, Jasmine, amber, sandalwood and roses. In fact, the list of flavors is endless.

To select one or more of the cubes will take a lot of time and effort. Persistent smell lasts for many years, so you can use them as potpourri or air freshener of the room.

Foods and spices

Calling card Morocco – various spices of excellent quality. On the market there is a variety of the best in the world, cumin, saffron, black pepper, paprika, cinnamon and ginger.

Also prepare traditional Moroccan meals (tajine) you can buy unique RAS El-hanut.

In addition to spices, in Morocco it is common to buy:

  • kupirovanii Moroccan tea;
  • coffee beans;
  • a box of homemade cookies;
  • olives of hundreds of varieties;
  • dried fruits and nuts.

All of these products are way cheaper, have better quality, especially if you buy them in the bazaars and in specialized stores and shops.

Clothes and shoes

Moroccofamous for the production of leather goods. Especially popular among tourists leather handbags, unique belts, purses and charming national leather shoes.

Thanks to ancient methods of processing, the product obtained is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch. At the same time to buy them is pretty cheap.

It is impossible to ignore traditional shoes with curved toes – babush. Apparently, it was the Aladdin.

Suveniry iz Marokko: obuv i odezhda

Usually at the markets and shops there are models of white or yellow, but especially for the girls, the grandma's are made in many different shades.

Such fine shoes carefully decorated with embroidery, beads or stones. Each pair of babush unique and does not repeat any other model.

Also from Morocco carry:

  • traditional hat-the FEZ;
  • colorful scarves and shawls;
  • national outerwear "galabia".

If you have a little more money, you can afford to buy kaftans and takchita. In each city, enough Studio where visitors can create a personalized design any thing.


It is impossible not to mention the other wonderful Moroccan goods – carpets, decorations and kitchen utensils.

Arabic and Berber carpetsmade from natural wool by hand, are popular among travelers. The difference between them only in contrast pictures and patterns.

These products are sold in every city, but in Morocco there are entire specialized markets in large cities of Medina, Rabat and Ouarzazate.

The same vivid, colorful and authentic as the country itself, Moroccan dishes. Among them there is demand:

  • copper bowls;
  • silver teapots;
  • ceramic tableware;
  • hookahs;
  • pitchers;
  • Cup;
  • the cups for tea.

Only the national dishes – tagine – a clay pan intended for cooking the same dish.

Travelers have the opportunity to purchase a tagine is a traditional size or buy miniature pans for storing spices.

Suveniry iz Marokko: vsyakaya vsyachina

What to bring as a gift?

Such an abundance of gifts, which Morocco provides its guests envy any other country.

Among this variety, be sure to find a unique item designed for a particular case or trinket that is sure to appeal to girls, men or child.


Regardless of age, tastes and preferences, all the girls will love leather goods, shoes and colourful national dress. Particularly valued things made by hand according to individual design.

Due to the fact that each specialized store has its own Atelier, to acquire such a gift is not difficult.

Lovers of unusual sweets can enjoy the Oriental – baklava, dates, biscuits. Hardly a piece of this pleasure can ruin the shape. This contributes to the natural composition of the products.

Also quite popular among the girls used spices, stunning decorations and unique cosmetics.

No woman can resist the charming acquisition of articles of gold and silver.

Sold everywhere a kind of decorating in Moroccan design, the distinctive feature of which is the large size of the product.

Massive rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants with large stones and enamel look incredibly beautiful and colorful.


As gift men should consider options such as packing of aromatic coffee, shoes or a local Moroccan clothing.

Also among men there is many a sweet tooth, so this product it is necessary to pay close attention and not to spare money.

Only in special documents of the country can take a rare jewelry for a strong half – vintage knife, musket or sword.

CHto privezti v podarok: muzhchinam?


Toddlers and older children will just love edible gifts, colorful rugs and toy Souvenirs made of leather or wood. Wooden products are created mainly from TUI and sold in Essaouira.

A list of the perfect Souvenirs from Morocco is endless, so it's best to come alone to this country and see everything with your own eyes.

If to buy such products directly to Morocco, it will be so much cheaper.