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Photos of the sights of Morocco: Casablanca, Marrakech and other cities

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Morocco is a country in North Africa, where every year a large number of tourists not only to see the local sights, but also relax on the shores of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea.

In the southern part of the country is the Sahara desert. Arabs make up about 60% of its population, and according to this indicator, Morocco — Arabic-speaking third country in the world. However, the tourists do not feel pressure Eastern norms and practices.

For a country visit need only passport of the standard sample visa upon entry for a period of less than 3 months is required. Time behind Moscow for 3 hours.

What to see?


Casablanca is considered the economic center of Morocco. Here, traditional houses coexist with high skyscrapers, and its rhythm of life like a European.

Here is the largest airport in the country - international Mohammed V.

Tourists usually come here for sightseeing, but you can swim. However, for a beach holiday still need to choose other places. The most common language is French.

The old Central part of the city called Medina. Here is an unusual building, "Mahama du Pasha", which attracts large number of tourists.

Regularly conducted tours, in the inner part there is a small courtyard to relax. In the same area is the Church of Notre Dame de Lourdes, richly decorated with magnificent stained glass Windows.

Major Muslim landmark — the great mosque Hassan II, which is now a national Museum.

A popular place is the tomb of Sidi Abderahman — a local resident who had the ability to heal people from the most complex diseases.

For entertainment in the evening, you can choose the Corniche, which is a large number of restaurants, discos and dance clubs.

Here you can find souvenir shops, antique shops. A large number of spas attract a variety of Wellness treatments.

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Marrakech is the fourth largest city of Morocco. Its another name is "Red city" - due to the characteristic shade of the walls of buildings.

Usually tourists come here to buy Souvenirs and to explore the available attractions. It is not recommended to live in hotels located directly in the Medina — hotels of the new town cleaner and safer.

The Central part of the city is the Medina, the oldest, the red part of Marrakech. Here narrow streets, a huge number of markets. This place is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

In addition, here you can find the Djemaa El-Fna, which is "zero kilometer" of the city. There is always a variety of live shows, including acrobats, snake charmers, wandering musicians.

The Koutoubia mosque is the main religious relic of the city. It was built in the 12th century. The Central minaret is decorated in Hispano-Moorish style and has a height of 77 meters, making visible from afar. However, to visit it will be only those who dressed appropriately.

Menara gardens are the perfect place for indigenous residents and tourists. They were defeated in 1130. The total area of this Park is over 100 hectares.

Immediately at the entrance you can see a beautiful stone gazebo with a pointed roof, and in the center is a small pond with olive groves all around.

Always a lot of tourists visit the tomb of Saadi, Dating from the 16th century. In three spacious halls, richly decorated with wood and stucco, buried approximately 60 members of this dynasty.

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Rabat is the capital of Morocco with a population of over 1.5 million inhabitants. The architecture is dominated by blue and white paint. Due to his status in the city a large number of cultural institutions that are worth visiting to get acquainted with the history of the country.

The Central landmark is the fortress of La Kasbah des Oudayas. Its name was created by a tribe that lived in these areas before the advent of the Arabs.

The building itself was built in the 12th century, and is located on a hill above the rest of the city. The main gate is a masterpiece of architecture of the pre-Arabic time.

Inside the fortress a lot of greenery, houses built of white limestone, and the bottom part is painted in blue color. On the towers of the fortress you can see the gun mounted here at that timeprotection.

The most favorite place among the tourists is the large observation deck, which offers excellent views of the Atlantic.

The mosque of Yakub al-Mansur and located here Hassan tower — another symbol of Rabat. Its construction was started in the 12th century, and it was supposed to be the largest structure in the Islamic world of that time.

Before the death of the Sultan managed to install 360 massive columns, which were to keep the roof and half to raise the 80-meter tower. Then the construction stopped, and the whole structure stood until the 20th century.

Royal Palace — the official residence of the king of Morocco, is located in the Medina. However, the entrance to the territory, protect the metal gate and high walls.

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Fes is the oldest city in Moroccowhich is the center of Islamic culture and education.

Thousand-year history of Medina divided into two parts. In the old, originating in the 13th century, includes the Royal Palace, Jewish cemetery and other buildings. The new part of the walled UNESCO world heritage site.

The Central attraction of the city is the medersa Bou Inania. It has two doors. Through the front visitors can enter without taking off shoes. Secondly, the prayer, you can go entirely barefoot.

The inner part of the madrassah is richly decorated with mosaics, as well as poetic quotations from the Koran. The courtyard and flattering marble, onyx and pottery. The entrance to the prayer hall to non-Muslims is prohibited.

Medina consists of a large number of narrow streets where it is very easy to get lost. But also there are various workshops of local craftsmen — tailors, Tinkers and tanners.

Square Negari you can find a large fountain of the same name.

Bab-BU-Jeloud is the "youngest" gate of the Medina, which was built in the 20th century (other buildings date from the 13th century).

Tourists often come here not only to see the sights, but to eat nearby you can find many cheap and varied cafes.

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Agadir is a city located in the southern part of the country, on the Atlantic ocean. Is the main resort for a beach holiday, the number of tourists coming here, the city is second only to Casablanca.

Beaches and hotels located here are well protected from the wind, and the climate is renowned for its mild temper.

The main attraction of Agadir is its beaches, which reach a length of 10 km On the berths can simultaneously accommodate several hundred yachts.

A specially equipped promenade loved by tourists as a place of regular walks. In addition, it offers excellent views of the ocean. You can also enter the port, which is always hard at work.

The Kasbah is an ancient fortress with thick walls and winding streets. However, in 1960 there was a strong earthquake which destroyed most of its buildings.

As a result, today we can see only a part of the long walls and gates. Night on the mountain, which is a fortress, there was a glowing inscription in Arabic, "God, Fatherland, King".

Medina city is restored in 1992, Berber townwhere there are shops of Souvenirs, handicraft shops, restaurants offering national dishes.

This historical centre was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960.

Morocco, Agadir the eyes of a tourist


Tangier is the oldest port in the country, built in the Northern part near the Strait of Gibraltar. It combines three cultural layers — African, European and Moroccan.

Visitors often come here in search of a beach holiday. However, it should be noted that the city beaches are quite dirty, it might be a little off to the West from it.

The main attraction of the city — the Medina, where you can find the fortress of the Kasbah. The latter was built by the Portuguese in the 18th century.

The observation deck offers a magnificent view of the ocean and the Strait of Gibraltar. Here you can also find museums and extensive gardens.

In the modern part of the city is the area of Francewhere there are cafes and restaurants with national cuisine.

Palace Dar-El-Macsen was built in the 17th century. Its interior is decorated with mosaics, carvings, colored paintings. Since 1922 it houses a Museum of archeology and Moroccan art.

Pillars of Hercules — natural attractionthat can be found within 18 km from the city. In fact,to see only a single rock located in Morocco, since the other mirror is on the other side of the Strait.

At the bottom you can find a lot of caves, filled with water during high tide.

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Morocco is North African country, a city which combines three cultures.

The capital is Rabat, it is possible to see the Royal Palace, the official residence of the ruler. Agadir — the southern host city every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists on a beach holiday.

In each of the cities is the Medina — the oldest and Central part, with narrow winding streets. Many of them are listed in the lists of UNESCO.