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How long is the flight to Morocco from Moscow and St. Petersburg?

Skolko letet do Marokko?

Morocco is located on the Northern edge of the Sahara desert - the biggest desert in the world, its surface covered with hot sun sand, gravel and rocky soil.

This is not the most friendly landscape gives way to favorable weather and mild climate of the Mediterranean coast and ranges of the Atlas mountains, inhabited by Arabs and Berbers.

The area of Morocco - 458 730 square miles, the capital is Rabat. They say it's mostly in Arabic, Berber and Tamazight languages, and paying the price of its national currency - dirham.

Russian citizens do not need visa to Morocco, if they are not going to be there more than 90 days.

Travelers should remember that the circulation of foreign currency was prohibited in the country, and to exchange money in advance. In addition, it is prohibited to take out of state currency.

How long is the flight?

How many hours to fly to Morocco from Moscow? Journey time is 8 hours 5 minutes, during which time the aircraft will overcome the distance in 4 is about 150 km.

From St. Petersburg (SPb) to Morocco to fly about 7 hours and 25 minutes, the plane will fly 4 030 kilometers.

From Yekaterinburg flight will be 7 hours and 30 minutes, a distance of as much as 5 680 kilometers.

Is there a time difference?

The time in Morocco is lagging behind Moscow and St. Petersburg for two hours, and the difference in Yekaterinburg - five hours.

Est li raznica vo vremeni?

How to get there?

To fly to the Islands in several ways:

  1. Direct flights to Morocco from Moscow (it's the only direct flight).
  2. Flights with one change:
    • Moscow - Frankfurt am main – Casablanca;
    • Moscow – London – Casablanca;
    • Moscow – Dubai – Casablanca;
    • Moscow – Paris – Rabat;
    • Saint Petersburg – Paris – Casablanca;
    • Saint Petersburg – Frankfurt am main – Casablanca;
    • Saint Petersburg – Geneva – Casablanca;
    • Saint Petersburg – Zurich – Casablanca;
    • Saint Petersburg – Barcelona – Tangier
    • Saint Petersburg – Paris – Rabat;
    • Ekaterinburg – Istanbul – Casablanca;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow – Casablanca.
  3. Flights with two changes:
    • Saint Petersburg – TallinnAmsterdam – Casablanca;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow - Munich – Casablanca;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow – Amsterdam – Casablanca;
    • Yekaterinburg – Moscow – Paris – Casablanca.

Search for cheap flights

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Kak dobratsya?

The planes are what airlines fly to Morocco?

List of airlines operating flights:

  1. Russian companies:
    • Aeroflot;
    • Ural airlines;
    • Transaero.
  2. Foreign air carriers:
    • Royal Air Maroc;
    • Lufthansa;
    • Air France;
    • Turkish Airlines;
    • Alitalia;
    • Etihad Airways;
    • British Airways;
    • KLM;
    • Vueling Airlines;
    • Iberia;
    • Air Algérie;
    • Royal Air Maroc;
    • Brussels Airlines;
    • Austrian Airlines;
    • Swiss;
    • Air Berlin;
    • TAP Portugal;
    • EgyptAir;
    • Air Algérie;
    • Norwegian;
    • Condor;
    • Qatar Airways.

Samolety kakih aviakompanij letaut v Marokko?

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in the Moroccan economy, focused on the coast of the state, culture and history.

For a relatively large number of tourists the country can thank the location, Morocco is close to Europe and attracts visitors for its beaches.

Morocco has an excellent road and rail infrastructure, which unites key cities and ports and cities with international airports.

The inhabitants of the country profess Islam, and this means that necessarily respect for religious norms, as well as banned the import of pornography, and material contrary to Islamic norms, as well as weapons and drugs.

Not allowed out of the country for objects that are of historical or artistic value,without any special permission.

A place that must to visit the market. Take the bag stronger, so as not to be robbed, and remembering that you have to haggle, you will be able to plunge into the world of leather goods, ceramics, textiles, rugs, handkerchiefs, chests, spices, sweets and other exotic with local flavor.

From entertainment, in addition to the tours, you can select Spa procedure, talasoterapia and the famous Hammam is a traditional steam baths.

The Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea Morocco can compete with the height of the waves on the exotic and more expensive resorts, so it's a Paradise for surfers with good infrastructure and affordable accommodation.

Morocco through the eyes of a tourist.