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Where are the Cape Verde Islands on the world map and Africa - photos

Ostrova Zelenogo Mysa na karte mira

Phrases from the Cape Verde Islands and breathes romance and adventure. Cape Verde sounds prosaic, although it is called a state located in the archipelago of these Islands. But still persists the image of unusual places, full of mysteries and secrets.

And although the pirates have not stormed the local FORTS and valiant sailors do not sail from the ports towards the discovery, Cape Verde will not disappoint you.

Cape Verde on the world map and Africa

Kabo-Verde na karte mira i Afriki

Cape Verde is an archipelagoconsisting of 10 large and 8 small Islands located in the waters of the Atlantic ocean. The larger Islands are divided into two groups — the Leeward and the Windward.

Now the Cape Verde Islands attract those who want to relax from civilization in the pristine nature and solitude.

And in comparison with a trip to Southeast Asia or Egypt, vacation in Guinea-Bissau will remain a small adventure to be envied by friends and acquaintances.


Cape Verde Islands are located in the Eastern part of the Atlantic ocean about 570 miles off the coast of Africa, West of Senegal. Geographically included in the African continent. Its name they received because of the Green Cape — Peninsula in Senegal, located on the same latitude with the Islands.


The climate of Cape Verde is tropical dry , with hot summer, warm winters and low rainfall, from 100 to 300 mm per year. The average temperature in winter — from 22 to 24 degrees in the summer — from 26 to 29 degrees above zero. On the Islands is almost always the sun shines, only in August-October is coming short rainy season. For Guinea-Bissau is characterized by constant moderate winds.

The temperature of sea water is almost identical to the air temperature and depends on the time of year.

How to get there?

To get to Cape Verde is possible only by plane. Direct flights from Moscow no, but you can make a flight with a stopover in Lisbon, Madrid, Frankfurt or Casablanca.

There are several exotic way to be in Guinea-Bissau to reach the capital of Senegal Dakar city, where the island runs a ferry 1-2 times a month.

Plane tickets can choose using this handy search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

Where to stay?

Any inhabited island of Cape Verde is quite suitable for travelers. Even in a remote village will be able to find one or two hotels or Guesthouse, in extreme cases, you can rent an apartment. For convenience, guests can stay in large by local standards the city and outlying Islands to visit with excursions.

  • The island of Sal is the main tourist center of the country. The island has an international airport with regular flights from European countries. The main feature of Fat is the almost complete lack of vegetation — the entire surface is covered with white sand and rocks. At the same time, the beaches of Bacon — the best in Cape Verde. My name is Sal received due to the Deposit of salt produced on the island.
  • The country's capital Praia, located on the island of Santiago, has a lot of hotels and resorts. Near the town are two beautiful beaches. Moreover, Praia transport hub, easy to travel and day trips to other Islands.
  • Boavista isthe third largest island of the archipelago. It is especially attractive for fans of surfing and diving.
  • The city of Mindelo on the island of Santa Vicente attracts lovers of active nightlife. Also, tourists are impressed by the cosy beach with views of rugged mountains.

Data on state

Svedeniya o strane

Until 1986 the name of the state translated into Russian language as the Cape Verde Islands, after which the local government has decided that Portuguese naming a geographic name and requires no translation in other languages. Since we know the name of this state as Cape Verde.


The Islands remained uninhabited until some of them had not been opened in 1456 by the Venetian Luigi Cadamosto. The rest were visited for the first time in 1460, Portuguese explorers Diogo Gomes and antónio de Noli. In 1462, the island of Santiago received the first Portuguese immigrants, and in 1496 the Islands of Cape Verde, become an official colony of the Kingdom of Portugal.

Since the 16th century for over 300 years the Islands of Cape Verde, was a transit point for the delivery of slaves from Africa to colonies in the New world.

After the ban of slavery in 1876, the population growth provided the workers coming from other African colonies of Portugal. In 1973 the overseas province of Portuguese Guinea-Bissau became independent.

The population

The population of Cape Verde is more than 500 thousand people, of which 70% mulatto of European and African origin, while others belong to the Negroid race. The official language is Portuguese, 90% of the population is Catholic.

Visa information

For citizens of Russia visa is available during the passport control at the airports. The validity period is 30 days, costs 25 euros.


In Guinea-Bissau is free import and export of currencies, art treasures, jewelry, cigarettes and alcohol. For importing Pets required veterinary certificate.


On a separate island, you can travel via minibus or taxi. If desired, it is possible to rent a car to move around the island on it. When moving between the Islands will have to use the local airlines which provide daily flights to each island. There are ferries, but they are not all Islands.


Local currency — the Cape berdiansky Escudo, is pegged to the Euro. The course is about 110 Escudos per Euro, the exchange rate is about 60 cents per 1 Escudo.

National cuisine

National cuisine of Cape Verde is famous for its seafood and dishes from them. The main national dish of the country — of cachupa, which is prepared by the "rich" or "poor" recipe. This dish can be made up of many ingredients: fish, meat, olive oil, beans, maize and variety of vegetables. The more components the better is the recipe.

Holidays in Cape Verde - photos

otdyh na ostrovah

Tourism is the main source of income for Guinea-Bissau.

The main advantage of the local resorts — the clean ocean, pristine nature and a complete detachment from civilization.

And all this in compliance with European level of service.

What to see?

Cape Verde can boast an abundance of historical and architectural attractions. The most interesting thing here is nature.

  • Definitely worth a visit Fogo island and relax on the local beach of black volcanic sand. Here you can conquer the current Fogo volcano, which last erupted not so long ago — in 2014.
  • The extinct volcano Top de Coroa , on the island of Santo antão impresses with its austere beauty and lunar landscapes.
  • Interesting enough salt development Vincent Pedra the Lume on Sal island, located in the crater of an extinct volcano. On site you can swim in the multi-colored salt lakes or mud puddles.
  • Here on Sal island is a 25-metre natural swimming pool with sea water, located near the volcanic cave of Buracona. The arches of the cave reach 10 meters, and it has the nickname "blue" because of her bottom reflected sunlight.


Cape Verde has many powerful and, importantly, deserted beaches on different Islands. Their length can reach several tens of kilometers. All beaches on the Cape Verde Islands is sandy. The best beaches in popular locations:

  1. The beach of Santa Maria in the samecity on the island of Sal;
  2. The beach in Santa Monica on the island of Boavista;
  3. Beaches Praia Prainha and Cebra Canela in the capital of Cape Verde, Praia;
  4. Beach Tarrafal on the island of Santiago.

Not to mention the volcanic beaches of black sand on the island of Fogo.


razvlecheniya na poberezhe

Entertainment on the Cape Verde Islands not so much, after all, this place implies solitude and rest from civilization. But to die of boredom fail. In addition to the mandatory excursions and diving here, you can:

  • To visit the February carnival, held in Praia and Mindelo;
  • To join the local musical culture at the monthly festivals in Praia, Mindelo and the island of Fogo;
  • To do Windsurfing;
  • To fly a hang glider in the mountains of the island of Santo antão;
  • To practice "volcanic snowboarding" on the slopes of the volcano of Fogo island.


It is worth noting that in Guinea-Bissau extended Siesta, so in the afternoon from 12 to 15 hours stores are closed. As a souvenir you can buy jewelry and figurines out of clay, straw, coconut or wood, sold in abundance the locals.

You can visit the fish market and to buy the gifts of the ocean, types of seafood abound here.

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Cape Verde Islands — great place for diving enthusiasts. Divers are drawn here by the diversity and uniqueness of the underwater fauna, numerous coral reefs, wrecks and the opportunity to dive in caves. The water in the ocean is very pure, the visibility is 30-40 meters.

The perfect time to dive starts in April and lasts until November. The most suitable places for diving:

  1. The Island Of Boavista;
  2. Sal;
  3. The Island Of Santiago.

I advise you to watch informative videos about the Cape Verde Islands: