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The arrival airport of the Seychelles: Mahé international and the names of other

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The Seychelles Islands are 115 Islands of eternal summer in the Indian ocean on the other side of the equator. Seychelles – a Paradise for fans of diving, surfing and underwater fishing. More than 30 inhabited Islands of the country, many of them are hotels and welcome tourists.

How many are there?

On the Islands of the country there are 15 airports, 13 of them although not really the airports in the conventional sense of the word.

  1. International airport, Mahe island

    He is Seychelles international airport, aka Victoria international airport is officially called the Seychelles International Airport.

    It is located on the largest island of the Seychelles mate 10 km from Victoria the capital of Seychelles.

    The airport meets the international requirements, has one terminal and 3-kilometer runway tarmac. Accept large aircraft, and provides all types of internal, external and air freight services. Throughput 700 thousand passengers a year.

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  3. Praslin island airport (PraslinIselandAirport)

    Better known as the Airport of Palm Island, is located in the administrative district of Grand Anse on Praslin island, 40 km from the International Airport of Mahé.

    The airport provides air service to the island of Mahé, has one runway with a length of 1.4 km and serves domestic scheduled and Charter flights operated exclusively AirSeychelles, the only public airline.

    Passenger traffic up to 1,500 people a day.

  4. Bird island airport (BirdIselandAirport)

    Provides air communication with the island of Mahé. Charter flights are organized is located here the hotel and are a national company AirSeychellesmalenkimi airplanes 10-15 man-places. The length of the runway/braking of the aircraft can not exceed 900 m.

  5. Alphonse airport (Alphonse Airport)

    Is an airfield on the island of Alphonse, realizes the communication with the island of Mahé. Charter flights are under the control of the hotel on the island. With Oct in April the flights are relatively regular and are performed once per week by Air Seychelles. The length of the runway of 1,200 m.

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  7. Frigate island airport (Frégate Island Airport)

    Just the flying field with a 500-meter runway. Serves Charter flights by Air Seychelles Fregat-Mae-Frigate.

  8. Airport Farquhar (Farquhar Airport)
  9. This runway length is 1 179 meters on the Ile du Nord, one of the Islands of Farquhar Atoll.

  10. The island's airport Assassin (Assumption Island Airport)

    Has a runway length of 1208 m on the tarmac.

  11. Astove island airport (AstoveIslandAirport)

    A small airfield with a landing strip 1040 m.

  12. Coetivy airport (Coëtivy Airport)

    Located on the coral island, Coetivy 180 km South of Mahé, has a runway length of 1400 m.

  13. D Arroz island airport (D Arros Island Airport)

    Has a kilometer-long runway.

  14. Denis island airport (Denis Island Airport )

    This airport with a dirt runway with a length of 845 m.

  15. Airport Desroches (Desroches Airport)
  16. Located on the coral island of Desroches, the main island of the archipelago Emigrantskoi in the composition of the Seychelles, provides takeoff and landing on the dirt road, which runs across the island, with a length of 1381 m.

  17. The airport of the island of Marie-Louise (Marie Louise Island Airport)

    Is a runway of 540 m, with a concrete floor.

  18. Remir island airport (RemireIslandAirport)

    Has the shortest of all airports in Seychelles runway – 478 M.

  19. The island's airport Platte (Platte Island Airport)

    This airport has an almost kilometer-long dirt runway.

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The airline operates flights to the Seychelles

On whichever island you are going, you are flying to the International airport of Mahé island, where you will have a domestic flight with Air Seychelles to the destination.

Direct flights from Russia there, so get ready to fly reputable carriers in the world with connections in their home airports:

  • Condor Airlines;
  • Etihad Airways;
  • Emirates;
  • Jet Airways;
  • Air Austral;
  • Air France;
  • Kenya Airways;
  • Ethiopian Airlines;
  • Neos;
  • Eurofly.

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