What can you bring from Tunisia from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto kupit v Tunise?

Tunisia is the most westernized country of the African continent.

Arab tradition here side by side with the French and Spanish customs. This is manifested in everything: in manners, in dress and even in the traditional crafts.

Tourists visiting Tunisia, you see this eclectic and local items. What to bring back from Tunisia?

What can you bring from Tunisia?

Their products offer a bustling Arab markets and expensive boutiques in the European style. Tunisian markets are filled with attractive items that you just want to take home with them as a reminder of this Sunny country.

Often their quality leaves much to be desired. And if you want to buy first-class goods, then you need to go to the expensive shops. Here you will find exclusive handmade items and products of famous brands.

Cosmetics and perfume

Tunisia is famous for its natural cosmetics. It is made of olive or argan oil , and thanks to the floral and fruity additives becomes excellent flavor.

In the vicinity of the capital there is even a research centre dedicated to the study of useful properties of Mediterranean plants. The result of the work of scientists – a bright fragrant jars with useful creams and lotions.

You can buy:

  • the hair mask;
  • creams for the face;
  • cosmetic clay;
  • natural soap;
  • shampoos;
  • massage oil.

Each lady will like and local "fragrant water". It is done in a distillation apparatus made of natural flowers.

Buy perfume at any time of the year, but the best flavors are created in the spring, when nature generously shares with the Tunisians flowers and herbs.

The fragrant bottle no need to go to perfume shop: it is enough to visit the grocery shop or spice merchant.

CHto mozhno privezti iz Tunisa: kosmetika i parfum

Foods and spices

Tunisia is famous for its figs: sweet fruits with light green rind and sugar-crystal flesh, through which is visible a dark stone.

Fresh or dried figs can be bought in any city. On the markets, the fruits are sold whole bunches, like grapes.

You can't leave Tunisia without olive oil. Everybody will find their own oil to taste: yellow or bright green, with a mild flavor and savory bitterness. Fresh produce appearing on the shelves in late autumn during the ripening of olives.

Be sure to try the hummus: macrod, baklava, halva and Turkish delight. If you like it, feel free to buy a treat with family and friends: sweets have a long shelf life and easily take flight.

Do not forget about the original delicacy sold here on every corner – pickled lemons.

Demand from tourists and Tunisian condiment harissa is a mixture of garlic, hot pepper, olive oil and many spices. Tunisians put this burning additive to any dish.

If you prefer a more traditional spices, then you are on the shelves there ready-made kits.

Clothes and shoes

If you want to bring from a trip clothes with the Tunisian national ornament, you can buy any thing on the market. But we should not expect from it high quality.

For really valuable things go to the shops or to the cities where professional masters are engaged in the manufacture of textile products.

Where to buy the best clothing made from natural fabrics? It will have to go to Hammamet or Mahdia.

Mandisa quilters ready to offer the tourist stylish clothes made of natural silk: scarves, stoles, bags, shoes and dresses, richly embroidered with gold thread. In Hammamet you will get luxury linen garments with cut embroidery.

CHto mozhno privezti iz Tunisa: odezhda i obuv


The most famous alcoholic drink of Tunisia Fig Buch – you can buy in any market. It's a strong brew with a thincitrus scent that will appeal not only men but also beautiful ladies.

Another legend of the Tunisia – date palm liquor. Why legend? Yes, because to find it on the shelves of conventional shops it is almost impossible. And the price is so high that one wonders what heavenly taste lies in a slim transparent bottle.

Do not forget about wine! The technology of manufacturing the Tunisians took over from the French, so the local fine wines are distinguished by their impeccable taste and quality.

Shopping walk in the city of Nabeul in Tunisia


Every city of Tunisia boasts masterpieces by local artists. To meet the rest of handicraft products of Tunisia, you need to visit a few large settlements.


Residents of Kairouan will ask you to buy homemade carpet. They are created by hands of the best masters and bring comfort to any home. In the souks of Kairouan can be found:

  • silk carpets;
  • carpets with traditional ornaments;
  • striped mats;
  • Berber rugs.

In the southern regions of the country you can buy bright African Mat with a juicy orange-red-black pattern and a schematic view of the people, trees and camels.

And in the town of Sidi Bouzid you'll find textured panels of multicolored wool.


In Nabeul for sale best ceramics of Tunisia. Here you can buy everything:

  • bowls and plates;
  • decorative dishes;
  • flower pots;
  • candlesticks;
  • cookware sets;
  • pitchers;
  • ashtray.

On the shelves there are a variety of items of unknown purpose but of great beauty. They are brightly painted small Oriental pattern in blue, orange, blue and red colors.

To break away from these things is impossible. But be careful in the markets: cunning merchants put their products that unwary tourist is sure to break anything.

CHto mozhno privezti iz Tunisa: keramika

Straw products

Master of Gabes and nebula sell cute straw mats, baskets and lampshades. At your request, here can manufacture a whole set of straw furniture.

And in mountain oases you can buy elegant trunks and boxes of dried herbs.


Calligraphy in Tunisia is considered a real art. Tunisian artists sell letter patternswhich, from afar, are formed in the shape of animals, people and objects.

Custom they can write any line that asks a tourist.

Copper products

And how many on the Tunisian markets copper products! Here found not only the traditional reddish copper, but also silver. From it create tableware, candle holders, decorative dishes with fanciful ornament.

Fans of the Hammam can purchase elegant sets of Turkish baths: a carved bucket with a scoop. Will not leave anyone indifferent Turks and kettles for traditional Tunisian beverage is mint tea.

CHto mozhno privezti iz Tunisa: mednye izdeliya

What to bring as a gift?

From each trip you carry a lot of Souvenirs to friends and family? Tunisia is no exception. There are cute knick-knacks and useful favors that will please your loved ones.


Sesia. In the capital you can buy cute FEZ – sesiju. The technology of its manufacture came to Tunisia from Turkey, and so popular that even residents of Istanbul do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy here a bright red cap.

Incidentally, this color is achieved with no artificial colors, and a natural cochineal.

If you are interested in sesijami, in a bookstore can buy the book about the history and manufacturing of this accessory.

Leather shoes. Men can bring Tunisian shoes:

  • closed embroidered shoes Belga;
  • open sandals with curved toes.

Clothing. Will delight the young person and details of Tunisian wardrobe:

  • Juba – large shirt to mid-calf;
  • zerouali – free pants to the knee.

Hookah. In the bazaars of Tunis are sold decorative options and real Smoking devices. Here you can buy hookah accessories: metal lid and tongs for coals.


Cages for birds. If your child has a parrot or a Canary, he will be happy with elegant home for your pet. In Sidi Bou saïd sold the amazing beauty of cage birds: white or blue-bellied products with small Oriental designs.

Desert rose. What can you buy in Tunisia cheap? Baby will be delighted by the "flower" of the desert – sand and salt crystal. Tunisians consider them completely useless, so sell to tourists for mere pennies.

Drum. Real African drum will delight any kid. Perhaps, this souvenir will not be happy his parents are forced to listen to their child all day has stretchedskin.

CHto privezti v podarok: rebenku

The woman

Beautiful ladies will be delighted from the products of the Tunisian jewellers and weavers. So the list of possible gifts is great.

Products of camel leather: bags, belts, wallets, clothing. If you buy these things in the store, their quality is up to par.

If you bought the thing at a nearby shop, make sure it does not smell. The specific "flavor" of a camel would not add to the gift appeal.

Natural cosmetics. Buy the girl a sweet-scented oils and creams – she will appreciate a useful gift.

Jewelry. In Tunisia, you can buy fine jewelry made of gold 750-th sample: 585-th sample will cause local jewelers only smile.

But stones used: cubic Zirconia, corals, pearls, amber. Young ladies can form massive silver ornaments and ethnic ornaments.

Tunisia - amazing African country with a unique culture. Here you can buy traditional clothes and shoes with ethnic patterns, cosmetics, alcohol, sweets...

And, of course, the shelves of Tunisia is littered with magnets, plates and figurines that are in great demand among tourists. But it is better to pay attention to more valuable gifts: clothes, jewelry and products by Tunisian artisans.