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World map in Russian language - Africa: where is Tunisia and its tourism?

Tunis na karte mira na russkom yazyke

Tunisia is the perfect choice for travelers who decided to spend your vacation, surrounding himself with a magical Oriental tale, alternating sunbathing with independent hikes through the colorful stalls of the market, tasting delicious local cuisine and acquaintance with thalassotherapy.

Tunisia on world map

Karta gosudarstva Tunis

Being a unique country, unlike other African States, Tunisia is always what stood out for its location and climate.


Due to the geographical location, since ancient times, Tunisia was considered the boundary between Asia and Europe – a small country located in the Northern part of the continent and is considered the northernmost point of the continent. Not far from her Italian Islands – Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Malta.

Almost half of Tunisia is the Sahara desert – a favorite place for excursions. In addition to the mainland, composed of the island – Carcano and Jarboe.

The state has borders with Algeria to the West, in the South-East – with Libya.

Find out absolutely the exact location of Tunisia on the world map and Africa of the following video:

Nature and climate

What sea washes Tunisia and any river flowing within the state?

Part of the Tunisian border runs along the Mediterranean sea there are all the famous resorts of the country. On the territory of the state runs only one major river Majorda, which flows into the Gulf of Tunis.

Throughout the year, Tunisia is a smooth , warm weather, and the debilitating heat is palpable only in August. The average temperature in the spring and summer – 29°C, winter – 11°C.

Many tourists believe that if Tunisia is Africa, so there is always hot, and the rest is possible at any time of the year. In this country reigns the Mediterranean climate, which means perfect time for relaxation is may-July and September-October. At this time the weather is ideal for a comfortable stay in the streets, beaches and visits of excursion programs.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to Tunisia to go on airplanes of such airlines as Nouvelair and Tunisairfrom Moscow to the capital. In Sousse and Hammamet deliver planes "Transaero", and in the holiday season travel Charter flights to Monastir. The journey time takes approximately 4-6 hours.

Buy a ticket to Tunisia right now, using this search form of tickets on the plane. Enter information about the cities of departure and arrival, date of departure, number of passengers.

Information about the country

Interesnoe o strane

This small but very attractive country has a very rich history, which can get closer during the holidays.

A bit of history

Tunisia has a very ancient history, which began before the occurrence of the Sahara. The territory that is now the country, claimed the Phoenicians and Rome, the Ottoman Empire, and France, but to subdue a small nation, they failed. The constant interference of neighboring Nations greatly affected the culture of the country and its way of life.

State arrange

Tunisia – the eponymous capital of the country – white city, which absorbed part of the Arab, European and African culture. He immediately enchants visitors with its French architecture, the noise of the bazaars and the smell of flavored coffee coming fromhome café.

The city is situated on the Mediterranean shores of the Gulf of Tunis, is divided into old and new part.

The vast majority of the population of Tunisia are Arabswho profess Islam. In addition, it is home to a small part of the Berbers and the Circassians.

Tunisia is divided into 24 provinces or governorate managed by the governors. At the same time, the provinces are divided into 262 districts – mutamadiyat, which are divided into saihati.

Mainly Tunisians communicate in Arabic (approximately 97%), but also perfectly fluent in French, as during the reign it became almost a second official language. Rare to meet someone who speaks English.

Tunisia is a Republicin which the President is elected for a period of 5 years.

gosudarstvennaya valuta

Today in Tunisia use Tunisian dinars, but the local residents are willing to accept euros and in some places – rubles.

The coat of arms of Tunisia depicts the ship, Libra and Leo, who holds a sword and an inscription in Arabic "Freedom, order, justice".

Major resorts and their attractions

Lovely stay, laced with pleasant weather and the chance to go on exciting excursions – all this is directly related to the main resorts of Tunisia.


The Tunisian island of Djerba compared to Tahiti, thanks to the excellent weather, warm sea and exotic species, which gives its guests the resort.

In Djerba a lot of interesting places to visit in between a beach holiday:

  • Synagogue El Mushroom. The most important Shrine of the Jews, which has more than 2 thousand years. Despite the age, the building is well preserved. According to legend, it was built on the spot where fell the Paradise stone. Now stored inside a Torah scroll and power of one of the authors of the Talmud;
  • The fortress of Borj El-Kebir. Fortification, built in the XV century on the site of the old destroyed fortress. After an unsuccessful siege by the Spaniards, one of the towers was paved with their skulls;
  • Travelers who choose to vacation on the island, is worth visiting the Museum of folk traditions in Gallala and the Lagoon of Djerba, where a large number of collected pink flamingos.

Kurort Dzherba


Recently became a prestigious beach resort, bustling and youth Sousse for many years been a repository of ancient relics.

In Sousse will be interested to visit:

  • Great mosque – building 851 of the year is an architectural complex with spacious rooms and Roman columns;
  • Catacombs of the Good shepherd – the former quarry with a total length of 5 km, which Christians used as a cemetery (to view opened small part);
  • Ribat – a former fortress-monastery, where well-preserved walls and the monks ' cells;
  • Tourists will definitely enjoy a detailed familiarity with Greco-Roman and Christian mythology in the halls of the Archaeological Museum.

No less exciting will be a visit to the Museum Dar ESSID, where luxurious old house with a high tower Observatory for a viewing of interior items, clothing, and utensils of past centuries.

After reviewing the story, each visitor can climb to the top of the tower Museum, offering a scenic view of the city.


Calm and conservative Hammamet has to offer a lot of attractions, from the Arab fortress of the IX century to the luxurious mansion of the Romanian tycoon.

  • The cultural centre. The former home of a millionaire Romanian with columns, pool and Roman tubs reminiscent of an ancient tale where you can just wander through the cypress grove, picking peaches, or grapefruit right off the trees.
  • Ruins Pupput. Archaeological monument was once the city where sailors stayed for a while to replenish the food and water.
  • Fort. An ancient place, serving as a protection against the raids of pirates, today gives you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the city and the sea.
  • Will be interesting to visit the Museum of the history of Hammamet, where a small exhibition, which is an exciting form acquaints with the vibrant life of the city.

How to relax?

For recreation in this country has everything, from highly developed tour programs and to interesting entertainment.

Plyazhnyj otdyh

Beach vacation

The beaches of Tunisia – is a pristine sandy coastline, is equipped to produce chocolate skin tone and enjoying the warm sea. They are all beautiful, but depending on the resort, stay on them, maybe a little different.

Perfect family vacation on the beaches of Monastir. They are well equipped, have a gentle slope, and near the coast is possibleto try diving.

Youth beaches with many seaside cafes and infrastructure are in Sousse. Here many water parks and attractions.

Quiet and peaceful beaches of Djerba, Hammamet and Tabarka attract fans privacy and relaxing holiday.

All the beaches of Tunisia belong to the coastal hotels, each of which is responsible for their purity.

Entertainments, excursions and holidays

Holidaymakers have a great opportunity to diversify leisure water sports – Snorkelling, diving, windsurf. The underwater world of the Mediterranean sea can not be compared with neighboring the Red sea in Egypt, but those who will stop at Tabarka, you should definitely go for coral viewing.

Tunisians, according to tradition, celebrate the New year (December 31st) and Labor day (1 may). On the holiday period we have Independence Day (25 June), women's Day (August 13). In June in Tunisia is the festival of falconry – a very entertaining event.

Quite popular tours inland to the Sahara desert. This unique location is able to surprise tourists and sand dunes, scenic lakes and oases.

For leisure trips in Carthage , the ancient capital of Tunisia, as well as ancient monuments, concentrated in Mahdia, Sfax, Monastir and Kairouan.

Interesting facts

  • Tunisia – the smallest country in North Africa;
  • The country belongs to the Maghreb countries along with Algeria and Morocco;
  • Tunisia ranks second in the number of beautiful places on the planet;
  • The main fruit of the country – the cactus, whose fruits are used for food;
  • In the capital there is a metrothat is more similar to the light rail;
  • All roofs flat country, so they produce less heat;
  • Men are forbidden to wear a beard without a mustache.

Location of Tunisia have significantly influenced culture and history of this country, making it attractive and accessible to travelers.