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Tunisia on the world map: where is the island of Djerba, top hotels in December

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Search for Djerba island on the world map of need in the Gulf of gabès. He belongs to the basin of the Mediterranean sea. Few people know that the island gebra is a legendary Olivia, which over 7 years was a prisoner of the nymph Calypso Odysseus.

Over 130 km of coastline of the island consists of beaches covered with white sand. On Djerba was filmed many episodes of the movie "Star wars."

Djerba on the map of the world and Tunisia

ostrovnaya territoriya na atlase Tunisa

Djerba is considered the largest island of North Africa. This is one of the best resort areas of Tunisia. To relax on the island all year round. The average annual temperature is in the range of +20°C.

The largest city on the island — Houmt Souk, its population is 65 thousand people.

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Where, and what the sea washes?

Find the island on the world map difficult. This is due to its small size in relation to the continents. The width of the island is only 22 km, and its length is 28 km away and you can clearly see the island on the map of Tunisia. It is just 5 km from the southern coast of the country. On the mainland it connects the dam with the total length of 9 km In its construction participated the ancient Romans.

The island of Djerba has a flat terrain. The maximum height of its surface above sea level is only 50 metres away. The main source of water on the island are artesian wells. It is widely developed agricultural activities. Here grow olives, cereals and fruit. The island's shores are washed by the Mediterranean sea.

How to get there?

sposoby dobratsya

The most convenient way to travel to Djerba — air flight. International airport Zarzis is located in the Northern part of the island. To get to the island from Russia by plane with 1-2 transfers.

Direct Charter flights from Moscow to the island fly in the period from April to October.

The most convenient flights from Moscow to Djerba via Munich and from St. Petersburg via Paris. Flight time is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Buy a plane ticket, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Zarzis airport has only one runway. It takes domestic and international flights. The distance from Houmt Souk is 9 km away to Find a taxi at the airport right at the entrance of the terminal.

Information about the island


Very often Djerba is called the Island of pink flamingos and thousands of palm trees. It involves a lot of romantic legends.


Djerba has always been a tempting prey for different peoples because of its good geographical position. At different times, the island belonged to the Arabs, the Spanish and even pirates. Island the indigenous people are the Berbers. It's African tribes took part in the VII century, Islam. They have preserved their customs and traditions. Their acceptance of Islam was transformed over time, ibadism.

The main romantic legend about the island associated with the name of Homer. In his "Odyssey" he described the departure from Troy, Ulysses had reached in his journey on the island of Djerba, which in the "Odyssey," Homer calls Olivia.

In reality, the first inhabitants of the island were Phoenician merchants, they brought to Djerba crafts and trade.

A major boost to the economic development of the island was in the heyday of the Roman Empire. It is the birthplace of the emperors Valerian and Gallienus. In the XVI century the island was ruled by pirates. This period in the island's history is associated with the name Reis. Draguta. There is a legend aboutthat the island is famous for you have hidden your treasure.

The islanders traditionally lived in seclusion on a small farm. Large settlements were formed around large markets. The name of the capital of the island Houmt Souk is translated as a "market quarter". For a long time on the island lived a large Jewish community, much of which was forced to leave. In memory of this on Djerba in Hara-Seguire left the synagogue, whose age is estimated at more than 2600 years. Currently, Djerba is part of Tunisia.

General information

The island has about 140 thousand people. Large part of the island's population consists of Arabs and Berbers. The area of the island is 514 km2. The main income of the island are agriculture and tourism. It is a well-developed infrastructure, there are many hotels, restaurants, clubs. The difference with Moscow time is 2 hours.



Temperature on the island of mainland is always higher by 2-3 degrees. Despite the inherent heat of Africa, Djerba has a "dead season", it falls on December, January and February. The air temperature in this period is held on the island within +15-17°C. the Best rest time periods are considered, which are called the offseason. The average temperature of these months is +22-26°C.

Additional warmth is brought to the island the winds from the Sahara desert. This makes the climate of Djerba is soft and warm. High season starts on the island in April. The average temperature of this month is +22°C. the high season Ends in November. The low season lasts from December to March. The air temperature during this period remains within +15-17°C, water - +17-20°C.


Tourists come to the island in search of a quiet beach holiday. Here well-developed water sports, a one of the best in Africa Golf clubs. For gamblers there is a casino. In the famous shooting of the movie "Star wars" village Ajim saved the scenery. This is the best on the island place to catch scallops.

Working on the island the tour Desk can arrange excursions to the mainland and journey through the Sahara. One of the types of services on the island is thalassotherapy.

In the process of healing the body in Djerba used thermal sources.

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What to do?

kak i gde razvlechsya?

Djerba is a unique place in Tunisia. Here intertwine different culture and beliefs. It allows tourists to open on a small plot of land, traditions and customs of different peoples and religions. The neighborhood streets are filled with the spirit of the middle ages, modern hotels.

While traveling across the Sahara is possible to see the lifestyle of the Berbers. Can not help but delight tourists on the island of picturesque landscapes. In the reserve "Lotus" grow whole fields of these plants, which walk pink flamingos. No less fascination cause the lunar landscapes of Matmata.


One of the most popular places to visit is the fortress of Gazi Mustafa. It is located in Houmt Souk. In the summer in its amphitheater hosts a variety of performances. The building belongs to the IX century. It was built to defend the coast from pirates.

Among the popular attractions of Djerba:

  • Synagogue La Mushroom. The building was erected in the year 586 BC arrived on the island by the Jews who fled from Jerusalem after its conquest by Nebuchadnezzar. According to the legend the construction of the synagogue was used by a huge stone fell from the sky. From it came a woman, who commanded to build a house for Jewish prayer.
  • Lagoon Of Djerba. Is a Bay, which from the height of bird flight all year round it seems pink. This color is given to it by living in these places pink flamingos. The lagoon is an ancient lighthouse of RAS-Thermes and the amusement Park "Djerba Explore". There are various attractions and museums, opened the crocodile farm.
  • The fortress of Borj El-Kebir. The building belongs to the XIII century. A large part of the structure preserved to our days in its original form. Is the fortress near the port of Houmt Souk and the Museum.
  • The Village Of Guellala. Is a village of potters, preserving the ancient tradition of making pottery. Here is an ethnographic Museum where you can get acquainted with national traditions inhabiting the island peoples.
  • The Village Of Ajim. Preserved in the settlement of the scenery of the film "Star wars" allow to plunge into the atmosphere of space battles. Here you can become a member of the fishing of sponges andoctopus in large earthenware jugs.
  • A Roman road. The Romans built an embankment connecting the island with the mainland, has a length of about 9 km.
  • Currently, the road is a paved Causeway but is of interest to tourists the history of their construction.



Local hotels designed for tourists with different financial capabilities and requirements to provide the level of service. Most of the hotels are located in the Northern and Western part of the island. The most numerous of the hotels has 4 stars. The quality of service of the Tunisian 4* significantly superior to Turkish 5*. The best hotelsworking on system "all inclusive":

  1. Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba 5*. The hotel is on the beach of Sidi Mehrez near casino and Golf club. The hotel area is more than 11 thousand square meters. It 219 rooms of different class, ranging from 90 to 320 m2. For meetings and conferences the hotel has a special room and meeting rooms.

    The hotel has:

    • Laundry;
    • currency exchange;
    • Parking;
    • Thalasso centre and much more.
  2. The hotel Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba has a swimming pool, several restaurants and bars created a barbecue area.

  3. Djerba Plaza Hotel 4*. The hotel is in Midoun, surrounded by palm Park. It has beach access, has a pool, tennis courts, sauna, Turkish bath and a place to play squash. The Windows of the restaurant overlook the sea. The rooms have balconies and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.
  4. Cedriana 3*. The hotel is located in the Northern part of the island near the beach. Garden, swimming pool, Spa, sauna, massage salon. The rooms can accommodate 1 to 5 people. The hotel has 2 restaurants and bars, Parking, children's playgrounds and rooms, and Thalasso centre.

See also the video about staying on the island of Djerba: