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Antigua and Barbuda on the world map: where is how to get from Moscow?

Antigua i Barbuda na karte mira

Antigua and Barbuda — is a solid white beaches with turquoise water of the Caribbean sea and sun 365 days a year. This heavenly place attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world wishing to enjoy the spectacular sea views or the beauty of the coral reefs.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be able to break away on the never-ending parties and discos, dive under water diving and see the beautiful underwater world, to feel like Robinson Crusoe on a desert island or to conquer the sea on a luxury yacht. Here is everything you need for a vacation any person, regardless of age and status.

Antigua and Barbuda on the map

Karta ostrovov

Exotic state of Antigua and Barbuda is located in North America on the same island in the Caribbean and is part of the lesser Antilles.

Geographical data

The state is bordered by the Caribbean sea to the West and the Atlantic ocean on the East and North. Natural borders with other countries has not. South of Antigua and Barbuda is located in Guadeloupe (overseas territory of France), in the South-West Montserrat (British overseas territory) in the West — the St. Kitts and Nevis (also UK) and the Dutch Antilles.

A large part of the country is on the two largest Islands O. O., Antigua and Barbuda, the distance between which is 48 km away

Also includes several small uninhabited Islands. The basis of the landscape is lowland. The highest point of the country — hill bogie (Alt. 402 m) in the center of O. Antigua, here is the capital and largest city is St. John's.


The Islands are dominated by tropical climate with nearly constant temperature values during the year. The average January temperature is +28°C, July +31°C. the driest period is from February to April, the wettest from September to November. Although, a little rain even in the rainy time.

Permanently in the Islands is dominated by easterly winds from the Atlantic, which reduces the heat of the tropics and brings freshness. That is , the period of winds (September-November) and a little rain is considered the most favourable for rest.

Islands are often exposed to strong hurricane-force windsthat can cause serious damage to agriculture and ships.


To enter the country you need to have:

  1. A passport, valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country;
  2. Return ticket;
  3. The hotel voucher;

To get to Antigua and Barbuda visa is not required. But the period of stay is limited to 30 days.

If you want to stay longer then the visa is issued.

How to get from Moscow?

Samolet iz Moskvy

From Moscow to Antigua and Barbuda can be reached in two ways:

  • Flights of British Airways with a stopover in London;
  • Direct flights from Lufthansa—Condor via Frankfurt .

International airport Antigua VC Bird is 6 km East from the capital of St. John's, depart daily 20-minute flights in airport Codrington on the island of Barbuda.

From the airport, no buses to drive to the hotel only by taxi. Some hotels provide free Shuttle service.

To choose a suitable flight on a plane , you can use the search form of tickets. Specify the city of departure and arrival, date and numberpassengers.

General information

The country's capital is the city of Saint John on the island of Antigua. It is the largest city and port in the country, as well as the economic and cultural center. The population is about 31000 people. In the capital are all major municipal buildings, the many attractions of the colonial era and beautiful sandy beaches.


The main Islands of the country O. o Antigua and Barbuda were discovered by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage in 1493 At that time there lived the Caribbean, which was soon entirely exterminated by the Europeans.

In 1632, the Islands became part of great Britain as overseas territories. Soon there was founded the first trading post and there were plantations of sugar cane.

To work on the plantations in the colony began to import slaves from Africa, which formed the basis of the population.

In 1958 Antigua and Barbuda joined the West Indies Federation, separated from the UK. In 1962, the Federation collapsed, and since 1967 the state was back in the UK as an associate member with broad autonomy.

Since 1981, Antigua and Barbuda declares independence, however, and today is under great influence from the British crown, which appoints a Governor. Form of government — a constitutional monarchy.

The state system

Gosudarstvennyj gerb

Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the British Commonwealth. The functions of the head of the country performs , the British monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II, whose representative is appointed by the Governor-General.

The state is divided into 6 districts (island of Antigua) and 2 dependencies (Barbuda and Redonda).

The total population is about 90 thousand people. Most of them are descendants of the African slaves and mixed with them the Europeans (the Antilleans). English is the official language or Creole (a mixture of English and other languages).

The majority of the population professes Christianity, and of all possible forms, the largest share of which (25%) owned by the Anglican Church. Although at the official level no religion enshrined as the state.

State currency is the East Caribbean dollar (equal to 100 cents).

The coat of arms consists of a shield and a pair of deer, which symbolize the wild nature of the Islands. At the top are: pineapple, sugar cane, hibiscus, and Yucca, are found on the Islands in abundance.

On the shield you can see the sunrise over the blue sea, illuminating its rays sugar factory. The sun is on a black background, which symbolizes the black skin color of Africans who came from across the sea.


Attractions in the country a bit and they are mostly connected with the capital city of St. John's. Here you can see:

  • National Park "Nelson's Dockyard" is the largest national Park in the country. Covers an area of 26 km2.

    Pearl of the Park — the shipyard, built in the 17th century and it is still functioning. Named after the great British sailor Horatio Nelson. Here you can also see the Governor's Palace and the 18th century fortress of Bastion of the 19th century

  • Dostoprimechatelnyj park

  • Museum of history — located in the colonial court. The oldest existing structure on the Islands (1747). Here are all the historical artifacts and exhibits related to the history of the island. Life-size replicated dwellings and life of the first inhabitants of the Islands, the arawaks.
  • Cathedral of St. Johns — built in 1845 by the Anglican Church in the Baroque style.
  • The estate Battis hope — an old sugar plantation. Here you can see the estate itself, the house-Museum and the windmills. Structure fully reflects the spirit of the colonists-settlers of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Shirley heights (military complex) — built in 18th century for military training and protection of the island. Now here is a Museum dedicated to military Affairs. A very popular place among tourists and residents of St. John's due to the unusual surroundings.

In addition to the capital the country has no large cities. The rest of the population evenly distributed around the coast of the Islands in small villages and towns, built in a Caribbean style, from which emanates an exotic and heavenly life.

There are a lot of picturesque bays, and the waters near the island of Barbuda is truly teeming with diverse marine fauna that is a valuable gem for diving enthusiasts.

Holidays in Antigua and Barbuda

The economy of Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most prosperous in the region duetourism and gambling. On Islands about 300 well-appointed sandy beaches with many resorts and hotels of different level.

Moreover, all this applies mostly to the island of Antiguain the Northern part of life doesn't stop for a minute, even at night, and in the South peace and tranquility.

This flavor is created purposefully, so that everyone can find a resort for the soul as hungry for "drive" with the young and seeking privacy for a couple.

The island of Barbuda is usually deserted, although they also have resorts, but they are not for a beach holiday, but rather for nature lovers, thanks to coral reefs and a huge number of species of fish and other marine life.

The main resorts

  • Buckleys. A small village near the capital, built in the 18th century. A very picturesque place where you can enjoy the local flavor. The place is perfect for couples which can be immersed in a world of slaves of the colonial era and experience all the joys and sorrows of life at that time.
  • Otdyh v gavani

  • The bolans. The village on the island of Anguilla. Was once one of the centers of agriculture, but gradually turned into a tourist base. Here are the famous beaches:

    1. Jolly Beach;
    2. Boatyard;
    3. Jolly Harbour Marina.

    The resort is aimed at people of all ages. Everyone will find something to do. Although special emphasis is placed on a beach vacation and entertainment.

  • Jolly Harbor. A city in the South-Eastern end of the island of Antigua. A high end resort. Here you can see the luxurious hotels and restaurants, luxury villas and yachts, Golf courses and a variety of shops for every taste. There are a huge variety of entertainment, from water parks to walking on the boat or helicopter.
  • Johnson Point. Lonely beach on the island of Antigua with white sand. A hallmark and highlight of the resort is the rich and various water world. The site is aimed at nature lovers, first and foremost divers.
  • Johnson point is created by nature and everyone will be able to appreciate this Paradise. The disadvantages include poor infrastructure and the lack of entertainment.

  • Dickinson Bay. The beach on the North island of Antigua, where life is not always going on. A huge number of bars, restaurants and Nightclubs, an ideal place for young people who will be able to party. This is the most popular resort on the Islands with a wide price range in hotels, so everyone can choose the desired level of comfort.

    The elderly and couples too active leisure may not come to mind, however, there is an opportunity to move to one of the uninhabited Islands close to the coast and spend a romantic holiday in an exotic environment.

  • English Harbour. This small village is the center of the boat rest on all the Islands. The resort is used by sailing, primarily sailing, thanks to a convenient harbours.
  • Mamora Bay. Another popular resort with a large range of services where everyone will find something for everyone. Although most of the local infrastructure is designed for people with high incomes, so the prices accordingly. The best option for the wealthy.
  • Freetown. A quiet town on the South island of Antigua. The resort is balanced with enough entertainment and reasonable prices, but no surprises. Basically the place is designed for a beach vacation. Though there is the opportunity to visit the art Gallery or enjoy the colorful local cuisine. A quiet cozy place. Suitable for couples and families with children.

The local beaches are absolutely safe. There are no sharks or other predators because the Islands are isolated coral reefs.

Entertainment and excursions

All activities and linked to the exotic nature of the Islands:

  1. Cruise on a pirate ship "Dolly Roger";
  2. Sightseeing flights by helicopter around the Islands and the active volcano;
  3. Jeep Safari deep into the island of Antigua;
  4. The catamaran to the uninhabited Islands;
  5. Swimming with dolphins;
  6. Yachting;
  7. Diving.

Podvodnaya ekskursiya

On the Islands you can visit festivals: folk festival Caribana on the island of Barbuda (in winter), the August carnival and Jazz festival (September) on the island of Antigua

On the Islands you can travel by bus or taxi between the Islands is by boat or plane.

The country is very popular gambling business, because the legislation, this business is officially licensed. Antigua and Barbuda has about 32 casinos, so fans will not be bored.

Advice and tips

Before traveling to the country should know a few important points:

  • If you have an international driving license, it is possible to take a car rental;
  • Traffic — left-hand drive vehicles;
  • There are no restrictions on the import/exportcurrency;
  • Citizens of the Russian Federation a visa is not need;
  • The difference with Moscow is -7 hours;
  • Everyone leaving the country must pay a fee of$20.

Antigua and Barbuda is the only country in the world where the world trade organization officially allowed not to comply with lawrelating to intellectual property. This is due to blocking of Internet casinos by the government of the United States and the subsequent damage of more than $ 20 million. As a result, today on the Islands it is possible to buy "pirated" goods quite legally.

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