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What could be brought from Brazil, from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti iz Brazilii?

Exotic Brazil is a great option for recreation and educational travel. Naturally, people who have been there, I want to share experiences, bringing gifts and Souvenirs to relatives, friends and colleagues.

The choice is great in shops and stores, you can find products for all tastes at various prices. Do not be limited to the standard things for tourists looking for interesting and unusual Souvenirsthat will definitely please the recipient.

What can you buy in Brazil?

A big advantage of shopping in Brazil – the possibility of selection of items in every price category.

Here you can buy products of local craftsmen, crafts made from natural materials and semiprecious stones, machine-made Souvenirs or branded items that are difficult to find in other countries.

When buying gifts, choose things with a pronounced local flavor. According to surveys of travelers in the list of the most popular gifts fall:

  • local alcohol and products;
  • cosmetics and perfumery;
  • beach shoes and clothing;
  • Souvenirs football;
  • jewelry;
  • products with inserts from precious and semiprecious stones;
  • DIY wood and stone.

Souvenirs from Brazil:

Food and drinks

The authentic bottle of alcohol – a great gift for lovers of cocktails and connoisseurs of the exotic. From Brazil often bring a local brew – rum.

A variety of options of any size from different manufacturers. It is important to remember that through customs you can bring only 1 liter of alcohol.

In the list of food souvenir, you can include this Brazilian coffee. It is best to buy the product in the beans locally roasted, it retains the flavor longer. Tea lovers will love the invigorating Yerba mate in a gift box.

Gift for lovers of cooking can be a set of spicesthat you can buy ready-made or build it yourself on the local market. Complement the food list cane sugar and high-quality local chocolate.

Eda i napitki

Cosmetics and perfume

In Brazilian stores, you can find gorgeous cosmetics based on natural oils: olive, coconut, almond, eucalyptus.

They sell a good scrub with cane sugar and sea salts, creams for body and face with fruit acids and extracts of guarana, green tea, hibiscus.

Noteworthy and perfumes, which can be purchased in small cosmetic shops. For small Souvenirs you can find essential or base oils in a small vial, a sachet of aromatic herbs or local funds to enhance the tan, which is full of all the local shops.

Clothes and shoes

Brazil is the country of beaches. That's why the best gift would be accessories for recreation: candid bikini, pareo made of cotton, decorated with ethnic ornaments, beach tunic and shorts, straw hats and bandanas.

Don't forget beach sandals-flip-flops-one of the local firms. Light bright shoes is cheap and the quality is always on top. Of accessories is very popular beach umbrellas cheerful colors.

Popular souvenir t-shirts and scarves with the image of the Brazilian flag. Demand and football gear with emblems of the national team.

Lovers of local art, you should pay attention to the traditional lace, which is manufactured in the Northern and Eastern provinces of the country.

Odezhda i obuv

The goods for the house

Brazil is famous for Handicrafts. Here you can buy beautiful figurines of stone or dark polished wood, a variety of copper utensils, cushions and bedspreads decorated with ethnic ornaments, doorway mats woven from sisal and palm leaves.

Experienced travelers advise to buy excellent durable hammocks of bleached cotton, which are suitable for villas and city apartments.

A very beautiful souvenir figurines of birds and animals made of wood or metal, mounted oncrystals of rose quartz or raw amethyst. Such products can find markets, stalls and small shops and in special shops for tourists.

For home worth to buy jewelry from the wings of tropical butterflies, a picture with a Brazilian touch or bright carnival paraphernalia.

Jewelry and jewelry

Tourists are willing to acquire braided bracelets, necklaces, pendants made from colored cord, beads, plant fibers.

In shops you can find a variety of beads and pendants of semiprecious stones, copper, colored glass, crystal, precious wood. A very stylish souvenir – amulet of mahogany that brings good luck.

Those who are ready for more serious expenses, you should pay attention to the local jewels. In major jewelry stores you can choose products with gorgeous amethysts, opals, topazes, sapphires, aquamarines or emeralds.

Sold and faceted stones of various sizes. The price range is amazing. If you are unable to purchase a set of luxurious black sapphires, buy cute earrings with aquamarine or opal ring. The quality of the stones is confirmed by certificates.

Bizhuteriya i dragocennosti

What to bring as a gift?

So as not to upset anyone close to you, in advance, make a list of who is waiting for your gift.

Colleagues you can present funny refrigerator magnets, tiny bottles with local oils, trinkets from Copacabana or candy with guarana and coffee. More close friends deserve thoughtful personal gifts.


Kids can bring their local puppet: Indian from the Amazon riverbed in a traditional outfit or a lady from China Quinceanera dresses Princess. Will delight children and local sweets: fruit pastilles, jelly beans, chocolate.

The older girls often give a beautiful carnival mask and a variety of braided bracelets. Teenage boys will delight a full football outfit or a ball autographed by one of the most popular players.

The girl

Girls should give a variety of beach accessories, suntan oils and wicker bags to bikinis and pareos. It is worth considering, local swimwear is very open, so that the pattern is better to look in the shops for tourists.

Be sure to bring beach Slippers in bikini. Noteworthy are the bright mini-tops, scarves, tunics and mini skirts all kinds of colors.

Wife or girlfriend is present in a set of jewelry made of semiprecious stones, and local natural cosmetics brands.

Mom or grandma will appreciate the high-quality dishes of burnished brass and a large set of exotic spices in fancy jars.

CHto privezti v podarok?


Father, husband, brother or best friend gave a bottle of cachaça, which will enhance any bar. It can be supplemented with a can of fizzy drink from guarana and organic key lime syrup for cocktails.

Coffee lovers treat natural Brazilian grain with a recognizable bitter taste. Combine copper Turka or set of cups.

For those who prefer mate, you can present not only the tea itself, but also for its preparation.

A good gift would be quality things made of llama wool, a relaxing hammock, beach Slippers or computer keyboard, painted with local motives.

Lovers of exotic will delight ritual masks made of wood, handicraft items, Amazonian Indians, shamanic drums with mallets.

When planning a purchase, do not be guided by the price of things. It is important to choose original gifts with a local flavor.

Note that in the shops and markets you can bargain, but shopping centers often offer interesting seasonal discounts.