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Attractions The Federative Republic Of Brazil: Brasília, São Paulo

Dostoprimechatelnosti Brazilii

Brazil is a country on the opposite side of the globe. This country is extremely attractive for tourists because of its natural and man-made attractions. Here only the beaches eight thousand kilometers.

And yet - amazing nature, which it is impossible not to admire: tropical forests, striking in its power waterfalls (Iguazu, one of which is width of the flow is three kilometers, and the vortices of water droplets light up the sky with rainbow), majestic rivers, vast austere plateau, beautiful ocean Bay.

Brazil - where is it?

Federative Republic of Brazil (that's the official name of the state) is located in South America and occupies its Central and Eastern parts.

Area (8,512 m) and the number of residents in its population is the fifth largest in the world. And on the continent holds leadership as the most economically developed country.

Brazil was a Portuguese colony from 1500 to 1822. Now, according to the state structure is a Federal Republic, it brings together 26 States and five and a half thousand municipalities. The capital city of Brasilia.

Braziliya - gde eto?

Area called Amazonia is the third part of the total area of the country. In the forests more than one million different species of animals and plants. To the delight of fans of extreme tourism is preserved settlements of indigenous people, the Indians, whose way of life has not changed for centuries.

The capital of the Amazon (Manaus) in its history has experienced UPS and downs. Today it is industrial, commercial and financial center.

Here is carefully preserved the monuments of history, and proud of the local people have something – for example, the country's first tram line appeared here.

And Brazil is called the world capital of carnivals and of course football. From the writers of the world level, the Brazilians are proud of Jorge Amado (in his masterpiece film "the sandpit Generals") and Paulo Coelho (in Russia, the famous "Alchemist").

Brazilian cinema is known worldwide as an exporter of touching "soap operas".

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese (by the way, the country is the only one in the North, South and Central America, Portuguese-speaking state).

And in the course of German and Spanish, plus French and Italian languages and a "lingua Geral" (understandable for all Indian tribes adverb).

Brazil, vacation in Pipa

The main attractions of Brazil


The city will take to the main attractions of the country, not only because it is the capital. The fact that this is a very unusual modern city, they even gave him the definition – city of the future. It is built in the middle of the last century in the art Nouveau style.

If you look at it from a bird's eye view, resembles the shape of a plane. The city is divided into sectors depending on their destination: sector, embassies, hotels, banking and other.

Without a car in Brasilia will not be reached. And not because the city is very large, just there are no pedestrian sidewalks – that it was conceived and built (despite the criticism of opponents), the architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Architectural monuments of the capital of Brazil – works of human genius of the twentieth century: the Itamaraty Palace with the aquatic garden (it is a man-made pond with a bulk Islands in the form of the flower), it is the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country; the Cathedral, reminiscent of folded praying hands, or a crown of thorns – that's who he sees.

In the city center - square of the Three powers, with the up heading into the two skyscrapers-twins.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Brazilia

Rio de Janeiro

Until 1960 Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil. The city is the second largest in the state. His cultural capital, economic and financial center.

His "calling card" - the 38-meter statue of Christmounted on the Corcovado mountain (at a height of more than seven hundred meters). It is believed that this is not just a sculpture, it is the guardian of the city.

Rio de Janeiro is located in the Bay of Guanabara, and there is another attraction – the so-called Sugar loaf mountain in amazing shape.

Today it is already quite firmly entrenched in the sphere of tourist business to the "head" stretched cable car (although Hiking is not forbidden), there are bars, souvenir shops.

The city is proud of its Botanicalthe garden, founded nearly two hundred years ago. Scientists gathered in the garden for more than seven thousand plants from different parts of the world. In addition to the scientific interest of all these representatives of the flora give people a rest from the heat of city streets and from the heat of numerous beaches.

By the way, the beaches of Rio de Janeiro is a huge, well-functioning system, where everything is meticulously designed and oriented to person.

Rio de Janeiro – the heart of the culture of the country. In his National library – a unique collection of rare books and ancient manuscripts (two million units). There are historic and art museums.

The tours in Rio de Janeiro offer include... a football match. Brazil is a football country and all tourists – football fans.

The fact that he is the maracanã stadium is a landmark of the city. Built six decades ago and today he is admired for its architecture and amazing originality of the project and implementation.

And for visitors to the city provides helicopter tours, not just day and night: the city that never sleeps, and is decked with lights, it is really wonderfull.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Rio-de-ZHanejro

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is dubbed "Latino Chicago". This city of records: it is considered the third-largest metropolis. The urban city is beautiful (an Amateur) beauty. Here skyscrapers, glittering with steel and glass, offices, factories, residential neighborhoods.

The population here – thirteen millions! Moreover, the population is very uniform – this assortment of cultures, mores, religions, customs, races.

Of cultural attractions in Sao Paulo is a Museum of contemporary art, art gallery, historical Museum.

But the most unusual zoo, which presents a unique collection of birds – bright, tropical. And there is a reserve for reptiles.


About Salvador, saying: it is "the key to Brazil." Scientists say that here began the history of the country, as well as the history of the main Brazilian "chips" - carnival and football.

The city appeared on the map of Brazil in 1549. It is built in two levels. Below, at sea level, boils business life. Local woman in traditional Brazilian outfits sell sweets made from coconuts.

The "upper city" is built in a colonial style and complemented by buildings of modern architecture. There are government agencies, different organizations, offices, banks.

El Salvador is one of the largest cities in Brazil. There is an international airport, there are hotels, resorts, built with the most high world requirements.

Moreover, it resorts not only for the rich here have taken care to accommodate tourists with different levels of wealth – most importantly to come and support the tourist business of the country.

The beaches of Salvador are known for their white sand and palm trees that give a heat saving shade.

For Souvenirs , guests usually go to the Modelo market is the largest in the entire country, the market of Handicrafts.

El Salvador, inter alia, considered one of the centers of capoeira – Brazil's national dance-fight. The art of this ancient dance strongly cultivated and encouraged.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Salvadora

Other cities

Recife – the so-called "Brazilian Venice". The picturesque seaport to the North-East of the country. This place is interesting with the abundance of canals, bridges, narrow streets, in which there may be only one-way traffic.

But the similarities end there: Recife is a very business city. Here are in the business of export of sugar and canned tomatoes, cotton, paper products, leather products. On Recife converge many important trade sea route.

Costa de Sauípe, the largest resort city in Brazil, located near Salvador. There are natural reserves of rare beauty.

Paraty – in the old days through this town lay on the trade route which carried precious stones and gold. Today Paraty is a national treasure, a city-monument, preserved classic examples of colonial architecture.

Fortaleza is a large modern entertainment center. This city is a surprising combination of the bold in concept and embodiment of the structures and nature – trees, sea.

This place has long been popular with surfers. Among the local population many fishermen.

Ouro Preto – literally every building is a monument of architecture. There are many interesting museums and beautiful old churches. For tourists and runs a train with real steam engines.

Dostoprimechatelnosti drugih gorodov Brazilii

A faraway country about which Tatyana and SergeyNikitin sang: "I wanna go to Brazil!", long attracts tourists with its unusual, colorful, distinctive beauty.

The most amazing thing is that whatever point on the map of the country you choose, any city is worthy of attention.

Cultural and historical monuments – not a load of exhibits, and personality traits, through which each city – its unique character.