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Brazil on the world map: where to be and detailed the location of cities

Braziliya na karte mira

Those wishing to relax will definitely find a suitable option in Brazil.

It is a huge country contains a different climatic and natural areas, so sports here are countless: from the Golden beaches of Rio and ending with the pristine Amazon jungle, where you can meet wild tribes still do not know the benefits of civilization.

Geographical data

geograficheskie svedeniya: gde nahoditsya Braziliya?

Where and how is the continent on which is situated the Republic?

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world (fifth place) and the largest in South America, occupying most of the continent. In the East it is washed by the Atlantic ocean and to the West is limited from Colombia and Peru to the high Andes.

A hot climate from tropical in the South to sub-Equatorial and Equatorial in the North. The average annual temperature is virtually constant and varies from 20 to 25°C, except mountainous areas.

Climatic zones changes only the level of precipitation depending on the season. In the West at the foot of the Andes and in the Amazon jungle humid with lots of rainfall throughout the year in the East and Southeast of the wet season (winter) alternates with the dry (summer).


The territory of modern Brazil was discovered by Portuguese, or rather the sailor Pedro Cabral in 1500. Later the country was colonize for centuries and were imported to work on plantations of coffee and sugar slaves from Africa.

Independence from Portugal the state received in 1822, after the coup and became known as the Kingdom of Brazil, and in 1889 form of government was changed to Republic, and it remains so today.

istoriya gosudarstva

The population

The population today is more than 200 million people. This "explosive" mixture of all the peoples of the world on the basis of the Portuguese, Africans and native Indians.

In Brazil, there live representatives of almost all known ethnic groups, as in the 19-20 centuries here there was a large influx of immigrants from all over the world, including from the Russian Empire and the USSR.

In big cities there are communities of the Soviet countries. Racial composition varied, mostly mixed people (mestizos and Creoles), whose share is around 53%, Europeans less than 46%.

The official language is Portuguese, it is the most common. In addition to it being used in different regions: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Asian languages and languages of local Indians. A large part of the population is Christian, mostly Catholics, whose share exceeds 67%.

The main cities of the state

Brazil is vysokoobrazovannym government with the share of urban population of 85%. This is due to the high concentration of cities on the Atlantic coast, where the climate is most favorable.

Capital (1960) and heart of the country — Brasilia (2.6 million people). This artificially constructed for these purposes, the city, as the previous capital Rio de Janeiro was crowded, which caused an increase in crime (favela). Besides, Rio was at a disadvantage as military and geographical. Needed a city in the Central part, and this region was not inhabited.

The capital is built strictly according to plan according to the most modern architectural traditions with lots of green and water areas, making the city, despite the high density, very convenient in terms of quality of life.

glavnye goroda Brazilii

Municipal building located evenly throughout the area. The style is impossible to determine, it is unique, so tourists will be something to see.

Other important cities are mentioned, Rio de Janeiro (6 million) and Sao Paulo (11 million). It's a huge metropolis, both located in the South-Eastern part of the country on the coast of the ocean. That's two economic center, where are the offices of major companies and factories. They define the economy of the country.

The two cities are similar: on the background of modern skyscrapers you can see the miserable hovels with the poor (favelas).

City of contrasts, where luxury coexists with poverty, which is one of the problemsall of Brazil. In them it is possible to trace the history of Brazilian architecture from the Portuguese colonial to modern. And of course the endless sandy beaches that are famous the world over for its picturesqueness and beauty of local women.

Attractions and events in Rio:

  • The Statue Of Christ The Savior;
  • oceanfront Avenida;
  • the carnival schools of Samba;
  • Portuguese Royal library.
  • the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana;
  • the maracanã stadium (the largest in the world);
  • City theater.

dostoprimechatelnosti gorodov Brazilii

Attractions and events in são Paulo:

  • Museum of art;
  • Zoological Museum;
  • Paulista Museum (in honor of independence);
  • Theatre Of São Paulo;
  • March in the name of Jesus Christ (the annual festival);
  • The annual festival of electronic music and art.

It is necessary to highlight the heart of the Amazon city of Manaus (population of approximately 2 million people). He became famous all over the world in the mid 19th century during the "rubber boom", when there arrived thousands of migrants from all over the world in the hope of earning.

It was a Golden time for the city in a literal sense, and then it was built a large number of unique buildings, including the Amazonas Opera house.

Manaus was called "the tropical Paris" for unusual for those times spending on cultural facilities. "Rubber boom" soon passed, and the unusual architecture of the city has survived to the present day, attracting thousands of tourists.

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Where to relax - the popular resorts in the country

In the country thousands of resorts for the active and beach holidays. Everyone will find a suitable option for themselves or their families.

  • It is recommended that young people stay in Rio, but rather the Copacabana beach, where life does not stop even for a second. Regular parties and discos, new friends and new feelings will long remain in memory and will beckon you to return again and again.
  • Couples will get more comfortable on Ipanema beach in Rio. This beach is home to more than a quiet and measured life. On a beautiful promenade with many cafes and restaurants of high level, where you can taste national cuisine of almost every country in the world.
  • gde luchshe otdohnut v Brazilii?

  • Fans of excursions have the option to choose from hundreds of tours in different parts of the country. The main tourist routes pass through the capital of Brasilia and "the immortal" Rio de Janeiro, but this is the standard suggestions for newbies. More experienced tourists heading into the country, in cities such as Pelourinho, Recife, Manaus and other.
  • The peculiarity lies in the individuality of each of them, as the country created by migrants and different cities reflect the culture of different eras and peoples who have found refuge in Brazil.

  • For active guests, the search for thrills and natural beauty must visit the Amazon jungle. Many types of plants and animals that will not see anywhere else, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, picturesque Indian peoples who do not know the benefits of civilization. All of this — the Amazon, hundreds of kilometers deep into South America.

    Here you can hunt for crocodiles, piranhas or tapirs. To Canoeing on the rivers always flowing, in General, to feel like a real Robinson Crusoe of modern times.

Important details

vazhnye detali pered otpuskom

Before you visit is recommended to see the important features, to avoid trouble and get maximum pleasure from your stay in this heavenly place:

  1. Money. In major cities, you can use cards or travel cheques, but it is better to have cash in local currency, the Brazilian real. Euros and dollars are also accepted, but not everywhere. Can be exchanged in banks or hotels. Tipping in restaurants is standard 10% of the amount.
  2. Hotels. Quality of service in the major cities at the highest level. Even three-star hotels offer excellent conditions. In the hinterland the situation is slightly worse, but the problems should not arise.
  3. Weather. Coast available for holidays all year round. Winter as such does not happen at all, with the exception of high clouds and small rains that do not interfere with rest.
  4. Custom. The amount available for the import of foreign currency is not limited, you only need to declare it. The export is limited to the imported amount. To export the national currency only with the permission of the Central Bank, without permission, her simply confiscated.
  5. Transport. Between the cities buses. Long distances use planes. There is also the possibility to rent a car need an international driving permit and credit card.

Without a doubt, Brazil will satisfy any desire, even the most passionate lovers of travel,due to the huge diversity of natural and climatic zones and requirements of local color, as each city is unique and not like anything else. It is important to observe local traditions and listen to the guides, not to get into a sticky situation.

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