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Park ticket Disneyland: pictures, videos, what city is?

Disnejlend v Amerike

For all time of existence of the first Disneyland Park was visited by more than 600 million tourists. And now this Park, which is more than 60 years, remains one of the most popular places for entertainment and recreation throughout the world.

Disneyland in Anaheim

park v Anahajme

For relatively little money, you immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales created by the great animator.


Disneyland opened on July 18 1955 himself Walt disney, head of the eponymous company and the famous animator. On the creation of Disney inspired numerous fans wishing to visit the animation Studio of the company.

During the construction of a new amusement Park, its creators were inspired by the famous Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen and de Efteling Park in the Netherlands.

The original Park was intended to be in close proximity to animation studios, but in the course of development ideas, Disney realized that his plans are not consistent with the small area available. Then Disney acquired the territory with the size of 65 hectares in Anaheim, where they were placed the new Park. Construction began in 1954 and lasted one year.

In what city is?

In order to get into the magical world of Walt Disney cartoons, just to come to the city of Anaheim.

Disneyland is on the West coast of the US in Anaheim, California, 50 miles South of Los Angeles.

Disneyland in Anaheim is the first of the rest areas, open company "Walt Disney" and dedicated to the world of Walt Disney cartoons. Besides him, there is also one in the United States - in Orlando, one in Paris and two in Asia: in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

How to get there?

dobratsya na disneevskom avtobuse

In the United States can be reached by plane to Los Angeles or to airport and John Wayne in orange County.

From the airport Los Angeles to Park and go special buses of the company "Walt Disney", different-colored color. When traveling to the Park from Anaheim or Los Angeles, you can use city and intercity buses, the travel time from Los Angeles will be approximately 1 hour.

You can also order a taxi or use a car, in this case, the travel time from Los Angeles is about half an hour.

A plane ticket to the magical world will help you to acquire this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

When is the best time to go?

A visit to Disneyland is possible throughout the yearbut the best time for this summer and the period before and after Christmas. It is also recommended to visit the Park during the holidays, devoted to memorable dates of the Walt Disney company, during which it held special performances and parades.

On the other hand, this time attracts many visitors, so for smooth visits to attractions it is better to visit the Park in the "low season", which lasts from November for March, except Christmas holidays.

Where to stay?

If you wish to stay in Los Angeles, Anaheim or another city in California, located near the Park. But for immersion in the atmosphere of Walt Disney world recommended to stay in hotels Disneylandoffers not only accommodation, but also specialized services when visiting the Park. For example, for hotel guests of Disneyland there is a special schedule when visiting the Park.

The Park - photo

The territory of Disneyland is part of a large complex for recreation and entertainment, also includes Disney's California adventure parks, hotels Disneyland, downtown Disney and numerous restaurants and entertainment venues.



American Disneyland consists of 8 zones, also referred to as "countries", each of them is decorated in individual style and contains unique for Park rides.

  1. Main street USA, which resembles the street of a small American town at the junction of the 19th and 20th centuries.

    The basis of streets laid childhood memories of Walt Disney about his hometown Marceline.

    This is the first Disneyland that greets visitors. On the Main street are:

    • theater;
    • the old city hall;
    • fire station;
    • railway station;
    • cafes and shops in the style of the early 20th century.

    At the end of the street is the Central square, which is the Palace of Sleeping Beauty.

  2. Town Mickey mouse — the habitat of the most beloved and famous characters of Disney cartoons:

    • Mickey and Minnie mouse;
    • Goofy;
    • Roger Rabbit;
    • Donald duck and other cartoon characters.

    Zona - Gorodok Mikki Mausa

    Town Mickey mouse is closely connected with cartoon-style 30-ies — the "Golden age" of the company "Disney".

    In town, Mickey has a breathtaking roller coaster.

  3. A world of adventure. In this area, designed to remind you of distant travel and exotic countries, there are the following attractions:

    • "The Amazon Jungle";
    • "Tarzan's House";
    • "The World Of Indiana Jones";
    • "Journey through the jungle".
  4. Country animals with the most favorite tourist attraction "Singing mountain" from the top of which you can go by boat on water and fall from a height of 15 metres.
  5. Area of New Orleans is designed to give you an idea about this city in the 19th century. This is one of the favorite tourist destinations of the Park, primarily because of the attraction "pirates of the Caribbean".
  6. The land of make believe is designed primarily for young children and performed in the style of the villages of Bavaria. The most spectacular attraction of this area is the "Flight of Peter pan".
  7. The country of the future specializiruetsya on the rides technical subjects such as:
    • "Finding Nemo";
    • "Space mountain";
    • "Star wars: the adventure continues".
  8. The border country is made in the style town of the Wild West of the 19th century. Visitors entertained here, with cowboys, Indians and the first settlers. Border country — the most famous area of the Park, you can ride on the "Great mountain railway", ride in a stagecoach or take a river cruise on the steamboat "mark TWAIN" around the island of Tom Sawyer.


Theatrical performances — another kind of entertainment offered Park Disneyland. Unlike the rides, they are offered not on a regular basis, and are held on certain days of the week or times of the year.

  • On the stage of the "Terrace of the Country of the future", you can witness the representation of "the Jedi Academy"where children will be taught to use a sword of the Jedi. Here everyone can converge in a fight with the main villain of "Star wars", Darth Vader.
  • Multimedia night show with special effects "Fantasmic" is available on Tom Sawyer's island in the Border area of the country, the scene of representation is the attraction of the "Rivers of America".
  • nochnoe predstavlenie

  • The saloon "the Golden horseshoe" accepts submissions in the style of the Wild West, where the audience entertained by guitarists and banjo players.

Also in the Park are held every weekend launches fireworksduring holidays launches occur daily.

Another popular type of submissions are parades that are held both day and night. Usually timed to coincide with festive dates in the history of the company "Walt Disney" or the new movie. In our time the most famous parade is "Mickey's Soundsational Parade".

Opening hours

While working Disneyland depends on day of week and seasonal factors. On average, during weekdays the main area of the Park is open for visitors from 9 am, closing is at 20 hours. Magic Kingdom is open until 10 PM. On weekends and during holiday season, for example, before and after Christmas, the Park opens at 8 a.m. and is open until midnight.

For visitors staying at the Disneyland special "magic hours" before the opening and after the closing during which to visit the Park only they can.

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For visitors to the Disneyland resort offered manyservices to facilitate the visit. In addition to accommodation in the theme hotels of Disneyland, tourists may:

  1. rent a baby carriage;
  2. take advantage of the children's room;
  3. to leave a pet in a special room;
  4. to use the service, delivering made-in Park purchases to the exit or to a hotel of the Disneyland resort;
  5. to use the machines, issuing special stamps quick access without queues to the rides;
  6. take advantage of the numerous cafes and shops.

The Park operates a pay car Park, which costs $ 18.

Transport inside the Park

transportnaya sistema

Getting around the Disneyland resort can be called one of the attractions of the Park. Visitors can ride the following vehicles:

  • Railroad Disneyland resort, operating since the Park's opening. The narrow-gauge road runs throughout the Park, making stops in each zone. The railroad served by five steam locomotives, three passenger carrying trains. The trip by rail to Disneyland is a separate tour devoted to the overview of the different zones;
  • The monorail system operates Disneyland since 1959 and connects the area "Country of the future" with Disney. The road served by modern trains Mark VII;
  • Along the Main street of Disneyland can move in the appropriate time transport, for example in vintage cars, buses or horse-drawn carriages.

How much is the ticket?

Since 1982, apply a single price for the entrance to the Park and use the rides. By purchasing a ticket, you can visit any attraction in the Park.

The cost of passage to the Park depends on the day of the week, the number of purchased tickets, the age and number of days for which the ticket is purchased.

The cost of one day ticket for adult admission to the Park is $ 80, for a child from 3 to 10 years — 74. Entrance for children under 3 years free.

Disneyland in Orlando

The opening of the Park took place on October 1, 1971. The official name of the Park - Entertainment complex Walt Disney World (The Walt Disney World Resort). It is through this area of Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Territoriya Disneya v Orlando

Scheme Park

The territory of more than 8000 hectares. consists of two water parks, twenty-three resorts, several Golf courses, more than one hundred restaurants and shops and the four theme parks:

  1. Magic Kingdom (Magic Kingdom). The name "Disneyland Orlando" many immediately associated with the Cinderella castle and the Magic Kingdom. Castle disney Princess is a hub in Magic Kingdom Park that is decorated ring. This Park consists of 7 zones with 47 rides;
  2. Hollywood studios Disney's (Disney's Hollywood Studios). This Park was originally planned as a working Studio, but it was not to happen. It is the smallest Park among the four areas of Disneyland. It is not made in the form of a wheel, and is mixed with each other streets and buildings. Six thematic areas included in the design of this Park:

    • The Streets Of America;
    • Hollywood Boulevard;
    • Animation Studio;
    • Echo Lake,
    • Boulevard sunset;
    • Pixar Territory.

    In the Hollywood studios can not find a large number of attractions, but shows that are very popular among visitors, will not leave indifferent. Marked the most famous roller coaster and the terror Tower, where the simulated free fall in the Elevator;

  3. EPCOT (Epcot). EPCOT Experimental prototype community of the future is on the territory of 120 hectares. the Park is divided into two zones.

    The first - "World of tomorrow"represents a fun fantasy theme, for example, can be in space, or even better - in person. Another area of"Windows of the world", consists of 11 pavilions representing many countries:

    Shema EPKOT

    In the area of each country you will be met by its representatives, who will help to explore the history and architecture of the represented state.

    There is also the opportunity to try the national cuisine, to purchase goods submitted by the country concerned.

  4. Animal Kingdom (Disney's Animal Kingdom). This Park can be called the modern zoo with a unique design. Here are animals from all over the world. The Park consists of seven themed areas:

    • Island discoveries;
    • Oasis;
    • Asia;
    • Africa;
    • Camp Minnie and Mickey;
    • Rafiki''s Planet Watch;
    • Possessions of the dinosaurs USA.

    It shows live performances, for example, "the king's Feast-lion", is based on the famous cartoon "the lion King". You can also go for a forest walk to explore endangered species.


uslugi otelej

At the disposal of tourists there are 24 types of accommodation for different budgets. You can stay in a five star hotel and simple camping. In the cost of lodging also includes many privileges for visiting of the Park.

Besides all this grandiose splendor there are two entertainment areas: Disneys Boardwalk and downtown Disney, where you can find a variety of restaurants, bars, cinemas and different views.


For adult and child 10 years and the Park entrance will cost $ 85, children 3-9 years is $ 79, and young travelers under 3 years - free of charge. The pass is valid for seven days costs $ 267, but it is designed to visit a day in only one Park.

Annual subscription will cost 552,74 dollar people of 10 years and boys from 3 to 9 years - in 509,7 dollars.

Travel tips

  • Select to visit any Disneyland all day. Huge parks, attractions and interesting things very much, so count your time, so that nothing is missed.
  • Combine trips to Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney's California adventure parks. Tickets they can be purchased together, the price will be lower than buying separately. But to visit both parks in one day is not enough, so better to buy a three day ticket.
  • Visit the parks on a school morning, if they are able. The best days to visit are Monday through Wednesday. In the evening, weekends and holidays the number of tourists is so large that most of the time will be spent standing in queues.
  • Buy tickets to the parks in advance, using the electronic services, otherwise there is great risk to stand for a long time in line at the cash register.

See this video as a fun in Disneyland Park: