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Dominican Republic on the map: the weather and photo in Boca Chica and Punta Cana - which is better?

Boka-CHika na karte Dominikany

Unlike Punta Cana is only gaining the attention of tourists to the Caribbean resort of Boca Chica (Dominican Republic). On the map it is located in the South-East of the country.

Its undoubted advantage lies in the fact that staying in Boca Chica requires much less financial cost than in the capital or popular tourist region of Punta Cana.

Resort on the world map

gorod na mirovom atlase

Those who choose to stay on the Islands year-round sunshine and emerald waters of the Caribbean sea, you should pay attention to the Boca Chica Republica Dominicana.


One of the most beautiful resorts of the Dominican Republic – Boca Chica – located on the southern point of the island of Haiti, just one hour drive East from the capital Santo Domingo (the distance between them is approximately 32 km away).

From the popular Northern resort of Punta Cana, Boca Chica separates 155 kilometers.

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How to get there?

To get to the resort of Boca Chica is only possible by car from two international airports of Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo airport ("Las Americas") or in Punta Cana.

It should be noted that direct flights to Dominican Republic from the Russian Federation there (the departure from the airports of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg). Transplant have to do either in Paris or in Miami (travel time is 14.5 and 15.5 hours, respectively).

Book a plane ticket, you can use this handy search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

From Santo Domingo or Punta Cana to Boca Chica tourists get into a taxior hire a car at the airport. Bus service in the direction of Boca Chica is missing.

It is washed by the sea or the ocean?

omyvaetsya morskimi ili okeanskimi vodami?

Itself the Dominican Republic is bathed by the Atlantic ocean to the North and in the South is located the Caribbean sea. Since Boca Chica is located on the southern point of the island, it is washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean sea.

Caribbean sea, by the way, is much warmer and calmer Atlantic ocean in terms of waves.

The resort is called "big bath" due to the fact that on all sides surrounded by coral reefs, which do not allow to come in big waves.

Weather by month

The climate in Boca Chica (and in all Dominican Republic) – humid tropical. In Boca Chica the average temperatures are kept at around 30 degrees (the difference between summer and winter period is only 2-3 degrees, in winter it can be around 27-29 degrees) and the humidity reaches 90%.

pogodnye usloviya na god

Not all tourists are well resistant to high humidity (acclimatization can last about a week), but due to the sea breeze the humidity is not so much.

Temperature (average) months:

  • January-February – 28.5°C;
  • March – 28,9°C;
  • April-may – 29,6°C;
  • June Is 30.2°C;
  • July-August – 30,7°C;
  • September At 31.4°C;
  • October – 30,6°C;
  • November Is 29.6°C;
  • December Is 28.6°C.

The night temperature is equal to 20-23 degrees abovezero.

Water throughout the year is warmed up pretty good and even at night does not drop below the mark of 25 degrees, and the average water temperature is +27-28 degrees.

However, we must not forget that this region is situated in the zone of hurricanes, which are frequent in the period from June to October. A strong hurricane bypassed the resort side, but the storm wind and rain can become a nuisance this time of year.

Best hotels

Hotels of Dominican Republic is designed for any category of tourists – from simple three-star with minimal amenities to luxury hotels with maximum comfort. By the way, the price of hotel rooms does not depend on the location of the hotel itself – whether it is on the beach or in the Central part of the resort.

The price of accommodation in hotels of Boca Chica affects only the set of services and the star rating of the hotel.

Five star

otel 5 zvezd

The hotel, awarded five stars in Boca Chica just one.

Be Live Experience Hamaca (5 stars) is a high quality hotel with the maximum level of comfort. To services of visitors business centre and meeting rooms, SPA-complex, a private beach and free Parking.

Food type "All inclusive"with 5 restaurants offer a selection of Mexican, Brazilian, Italian and international cuisine.

Four star

  1. Be Live Hamaca Beach 4* and Be Live Hamaca Garden 4* to constitute a single complex of hotels and is located on the 1st beach line in the heart of Boca Chica beach. Power on the principle of "All inclusive", a private beach area with free service. Recommended for family holidays or for small gatherings.
  2. Quality Real Aeropuerto Santo Domingo (4 stars) is located close to the city beach. Restaurant with international cuisine, comfortable rooms, private Parking and a year round pool. There is a Shuttle to the airport.

Three star

  • Don Juan Beach Resort 3* is located right on the beach. Great for a family holiday, especially families with young children. Here you can stroll through the Botanical gardens, play Golf and even to hold a wedding ceremony, which is being used by guests.
  • BelleVue Dominican Bay 3*. The price includes only Breakfast, but this should not be an inconvenience for travelers around the hotels are many restaurants and cafes to any taste and affordability.
  • Aparta Hotel Azzurra 3* is located 45 metres from the public beach. It offers accessories for picnics and barbecues, an outdoor terrace for sunbathing, the Spa Studio.

The charm of the holidays - photo

dostoinstva otpuska

Vacation at this Dominican resort is a great opportunity to relax on the white sandy beaches and explore all that is connected with the history of this city.

A beach holiday and entertainment

Beach vacation – the main advantage of Boca Chica. The main beach has the same name as the town of Boca Chica. It occupies almost the entire coastline in the city.

The beach is equipped with changing cabins and showers, and umbrellas and sunbeds are free.

The sand is fine and white, entrance to the sea smooth and gentle, making it a great vacation option for families with children. However, on the beach you may come across stray dogs, which are fed by the tourists themselves. If you do not consider yourself to animal lovers, you should choose beaches away from the center.

Just West from the town beach is "Andres" is a real Paradise for lovers of yachting and sailing. Sail along the turquoise waters of the Caribbean experience are the most delicious. If someone is not familiar with such entertainment, there is a sailing school.

otdyh i razvlecheniya na plyazhe Andres

This beach is less crowded, but here prefer to relax by local residents, so it too should be considered. Sunbeds here, but there are wooden chairs where you can rest. Changing rooms and showers on the beach there.

Beach "CARIBE" is famous for its waves – it was here that the lovers of "catch the wave". Many come here with their equipment (from nearby regions). For those who come light, rental of special equipment.

The city is perfect for those who like noisy night life and beach activities. A very popular beach party under the open sky, when the sounds of incendiary salsa or other Caribbean music can have a great time with friends. Many bars and discos on the coast will add "zest" to the measuredrest.

Punta Cana or Boca Chica – which is better?

Each resort has its own characteristics and advantages. Boca Chica is located in the South of the Dominican Republic, unlike Punta Cana, and the sea is much warmer and calmer. Therefore, the Boca Chica find so attractive families travelling with young children – the beaches here are much quieter and safer.

In terms of financial costs to the rest of Boca Chica is also preferable for tourists: the prices are much less than in more popular resort of Punta Cana, and the attractions and beaches are not inferior to other resort towns.

But if Punta Cana is truly the tourist district where all the infrastructure is aimed at the development of tourism and the desire for every tourists satisfied immediately (of course surcharge), Boca Chica in this plan are more simple.

Hotels in Boca Chica side by side with ordinary houses, and instead of quiet walks in the grounds of the hotel tourists walk by the street with houses, shops and catering establishments for her.

In Boca Chica is much better you can feel the atmosphere of the city, plunging in head first.

What to see?

chto posetit?

As the history of Boca Chica as the resort is very short (the city began to develop only with the 60-ies of the 20th century, and before that it was just a quiet fishing village), and the sites as such in the city. But excursion and tour Desk is available for guests of the resort all the opportunities for recreation, in particular, the nearby Spa towns and districts.

Those who missed the Russian language, can order a trip with a Russian or Russian-speaking guide.

Tour of architectural sights

  1. San Pedro de Macoris is another interesting place for visitors to the island (located 30 km from Boca Chica). Here is located the sugar factory and on the tour to watch the process of turning sugar cane into a sweet treat.
  2. Fishing village, Guayacanes located near Boca Chica. Here you can fully experience the local atmosphere and to see the culture and lifestyle of local residents.
  3. Church. Archangel Raphael – the only Church building in the city. The temple is a simple one-story white building with a red roof. Inside the decoration is quite simple: there is no gilding and luxury, the walls are plain, with no paintings.

The temple is open all days except Monday and Wednesday (this weekend), from 9 to 18 hours. Visiting the Church is free.

Natural beauty and other adventures

  • Isle La Matika – natural landmark of the resort. A small island opposite the city beach is famous for being right in the middle grows a large mangrove tree, through the thicket where you can swim on the boat.

    Because of shallow water here can be reached by boat from the main beach, or sail on a boat-the kayak. Lie on the island will fail, because it consists entirely of mangroves, but you can see the beautiful birds that live on the island.

  • Island Los Pineios (Isle of pine cones) also is a natural attraction. It is an artificial island made of coral in front of the beach "Andres".
  • priklucheniya na ostrovnyh krasotah

  • Central Park – a common place of citizens. There are no attractions and entertainment, only a small play area for children (ideal for those who are settled in the hotel without the children's play zone). The Park is open round the clock and you can visit it for free.
  • The national underwater Park La Caleta is a very popular tourist marine reserve. In the waters of the reserve are flooded several old Spanish ships, making the lagoon is very attractive for divers. Ships were sunk specifically for the purpose of distribution of marine life.

    Divers descending to the sunken Galleons (especially to the ship "Hickory") can feel like a treasure hunter, but also to explore the amazing underwater world of the Caribbean sea. The Park is open daily from 10 to 19 hours.

The cost of the dip is discussed individually (independent dive instructor or guide).

For traveler

  1. It should be borne in mind that English (and especially Russian) language in the Dominican Republic are not owned by all, more or less fluently can speak some hotel staff and official institutions. So I have to take a trip of the Russian-Spanish phrase book or learn a dozen phrases of the chassis.
  2. Boca Chica is a place where not only you can feel the atmosphere of the Caribbean, but a place where one should especially watch out for his wallet and pockets and theft are very common. Therefore, particularly important documents and valuables are best left in the safeat the hotel.
  3. Russian money exchange here is quite difficult, so before you go better to take care of is to exchange rubles for American dollars. In Boca Chica in the course of both dollars and Dominican pesos, and you can easily pay them, or exchange them for local currency.

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